10 Anime Horror Movies On Netflix: Curated List For You!

There is something for every taste among the greatest anime films that Netflix has to offer right now. A good portion of the anime component of the streaming site consists of films. It ranges from new releases to spin-offs of well-known series to classics. These films provide an excellent evening’s pleasure for viewers who refuse to commit to a longer series. Like its television show library, Netflix’s anime movie selection varies widely by genre. It encompasses everything from romantic drama to terrifying horror to epic fantasy. Both new releases and old favourites can be caught up on by viewers. 10 Anime Horror Movies On Netflix have been covered below!

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

The story is set in a strange post-apocalyptic world going through an industrial revolution, including the Kabane. The narrative centres on Ikoma, a young engineer who develops a potent piercing cannon to combat the Kabane. Ikoma boards a train and travels to the Iron Fortress. It is the final bastion of mankind, with a group of survivors that includes the enigmatic Mumei. But the party quickly learns that there are formidable adversaries both outside and inside the stronghold.

As previously stated, the Kabane are similar to zombies, which are a horror genre’s mainstay and adapt quite well to horror. Their bright crimson eyes stand out as a striking design element. They have a frightening appearance and act accordingly. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is renowned for its horrific action, breathtaking animation, and examination of subjects. It includes trust, loyalty, and the battle to survive in a harsh and cruel environment. This may sound a lot like Attack on Titan, another well-known anime. Even while there are many similarities, there are enough differences for it to stand alone.

The End Of Evangelion Is Famously Horrifying

In a reimagining of Evangelion’s conclusion, Third Impact opens with SEELE and NERV contending for control of the world’s destiny. However, Shinji Ikari, who has been traumatised throughout the series, will ultimately decide the matter, leaving him stunned. Shinji must ultimately choose to either give up on life and take mankind with him. Or accept life for what it is and muster the courage to continue.

This film acts as a substitute for Neon Genesis Evangelion, the alternate ending to one of the greatest anime series ever. For many viewers, it represents the satisfying conclusion to the character arcs that have been developed during the programme. Evangelion’s psychological issues are explored bizarrely in the show’s finale. But End of Evangelion amplifies these themes in its third act.

Flavors Of Youth Is A Comforting Slice Of Life

Flavours of Youth (2018) is a joint production of Chinese Haoliners and Japanese CoMix. The main themes of this slice-of-life anime anthology film are clothing, food, and shelter. Flavours of Youth, a brief and charming 75 minutes, is divided into three short films that focus on each need and their significance to the main characters.

China is the setting for all three of the shorts. Across the ages, young people have always entered adulthood with uncertainty and terror. But they are given the courage to go forward by the simple joys and loves of their early years, like a bowl of noodles from Grandma!

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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Tells A Cute Romance Story

For a relationship to start and continue well, communication is essential. When two apprehensive, anxious kids discover they have affection for one another, what should they do? For Cherry and Smile to ultimately find happiness together, they must fight to get past the obstacles they’ve put in their way.

This film features not only elegant animation but also a narrative that centres on the idea that art can unite people. Cherry and Smile first cross paths at the neighbourhood mall. But their friendship deepens as they work to locate a rare record for an elderly man who wants to hear one last time before he passes away. Cherry, in particular, uses poetry to convey his emotions and is driven to do so flawlessly to tell Smile. Thanks to all of this, fans of anime romance will find Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop to be a charming experience.

Parasyte: The Maxim

A parasitic extraterrestrial infects Shinichi Izumi, a high school student, and his right hand is the focus of this story, which is adapted from the manga of the same name. They must cooperate with Shinichi as they fight off other parasitic aliens that are invading human bodies to feed on humans because of Migi. The question of what it means to be human. Whether or not they can trust one another arises when Shinichi and Migi band together to survive and defend their loved ones.

Combining elements of science fiction, mystery, action, drama, and body horror in equal measure, Parasyte. Its complex concepts of identity, morality, humanity, and other such topics are what set it apart from other fighting games. The other characters are multifaceted and fascinating, and Shinichi’s character path is intriguing. Because of all of this, Parasyte: The Maxim is a fantastic horror anime that is highly recommended and should create an impression.

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In the dark fantasy world of the narrative, humans live side by side with humanoid creatures known as Yoma, who consume human flesh. The narrative centres on Clare, a young Claymore a hybrid of a human and a demonic Yoma. They serve to save humanity from the full force of the Yomas. Clare, who became a Claymore after losing her loved ones to a Yoma and being labelled a renegade for adopting a stray child, is seeking retribution. Her life is devoted to fighting the Yomas and exacting revenge on them for the betrayal and murder of Teressa, her strongest Claymore mentor.

Known for evoking a spooky, dark atmosphere that permeates many of the episodes with a strong sense of dread and foreboding, Claymore also incorporates horror themes through the Yoma, who are frightening creatures that devour humans. In addition, the anime delves into issues of power dynamics, grief, retaliation, ethics, and preserving humanity and virtue in the face of evil and darkness.

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate, the second vampire anime on our list, centres on Integra Hellsing and her centuries-old vampire servant Alucard. These include other vampires, a hidden organisation that remains a mystery, and Nazis under the command of a deranged scientist.

Like Castlevania, Hellsing Ultimate has a lot of stylized violence, blood, and gore, as well as extravagant fight scenes. It is different, though, in that it takes place in a somewhat current setting and has almost constant action. In addition to having amazing combat choreography and animation for its era, it also manages to create a moody, almost gothic atmosphere. Even though it’s not quite mainstream, Hellsing Ultimate has amassed a substantial fan following over the years. It is particularly among action, vampire, and horror enthusiasts.

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In the narrative, a high school boy named Miko has the extraordinary capacity to see and communicate with otherworldly beings that are unseen by humans. Even though Miko first tried to ignore the creatures and live a regular life. She quickly discovered that monsters were always around her. Choosing to put on a brave front and do her best to keep on with her daily routine, she chooses not to run away or confront them.

A unique blend of comedy and horror, Mieruko-Chan can occasionally be both humorous and frightening at the same time. Beyond the fact that there’s a good deal of fan service, which some people may find offensive. Some of the ghosts and monsters Miko encounters have unsettling designs. In general, Mieruko–Chan is an intriguing fusion of the paranormal and slice of life.

Devilman Crybaby

Akira Fudo, a teenage boy, transforms into Devilman, a formidable demon-human hybrid, to defend humanity against an approaching demonic invasion. In his struggle to prevent the end of the world, Akira faces up against government plots, magical entities, and personal tragedies.

Devilman Crybaby, which combines 2D and 3D animation, is arguably the most unusual anime on this list. It frequently shocks viewers and consistently tests the limits in terms of how it depicts sex, violence, gore, and drug use. Devilman Crybaby is a deep, subtle story with some surreal imagery as Akira struggles with his humanity.


Last, but certainly not least, the anime is based on the same-titled graphic novel published in the Philippines. Set in Manila, where legendary creatures from Philippine folklore lurk among the populace, Trese tells the tale of Alexandra Trese. He is a teenage investigator facing up against a criminal underworld made up of evil supernatural entities. Trese must traverse the perilous realm of Philippine mythology with the help of her dependable companions, the Kambal. A pair of twin brothers, discover the truth about the paranormal crimes she is up against.

For the sake of this list as well as anime in general which rarely travels outside of Japan for its mythology. This setting is distinctive due to its potent fusion of urban noir and Filipino legend. Trese has monsters with unique skills and talents who engage in a great deal of brutal violence when battling the supernatural. It is clean and sharp, sometimes rigid, like the animation in the new DC animated films. This horror action series may be finished quickly, with only six episodes.

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