12 Best Mature Anime On Netflix: Curated List For You!

With its extensive anime content, Netflix has made it hard to keep track of how many anime series it is creating or licencing. This is especially true when balancing long-running franchise blockbusters like Pokémon with standout one-season shows like Cowboy Bebop. Regardless of your taste in action, romance, psychedelic fantasy, or cyberpunky sci-fi, it has grown to be a significant anime player. Despite the occasional shuffling of individual titles on and off the service, the category of anime is still growing.

Perhaps more than any other year, audiences experimented with new entertainment mediums in 2020. Millions of individuals confined to their homes felt the need for something fresh and engaging to detach from the anxieties brought on by the epidemic. They perused a variety of content, including documentaries, Korean dramas, Broadway plays, and musicals on film.

Even while anime had a sizable fan base before 2020, its appeal skyrocketed in the previous year, with Netflix watching in the United States rising by more than 100%. 

1. Attack On Titan

For a century, people coexisted peacefully inside a 50-meter wall that kept out the gigantic, man-eating “titans,” who were humanoids. When an unusually big titan suddenly materialises and breaks the wall, allowing the terrifying animals to pour into civilization, that tranquillity is completely annihilated. Eren Yeager enlists in the Scout Regiment after seeing his mother die. the branch of the military assigned to fight the Titans. Attack on Titan moves at full speed during each arc, giving you very little time to breathe. It’s a tale about clinging to the desire to live freely, not merely to survive. One of the most stan-worthy characters in the series is Captain Levi Ackerman, the cool-headed ace of the Scout Regiment.

2. Death Note

Becoming a deity is Light Yagami’s goal. The high school kid finds out that everyone whose name is inscribed in “Death Note”. A notebook that a genuine god of death threw into the human world and dies after discovering this information. He starts writing down criminals’ identities right soon in an attempt to establish a paradise free of evil. Soon after, worldwide law enforcement agencies begin their hunt for the person(s) responsible for the unexplained spate of deaths. 

Alongside them is a well-known but unidentified investigator by the name of “L,” and as the plot develops, Light and L try to outsmart one another at every opportunity. The questions of what justice is and how Light’s acts vary from those of the criminals he murders are immediately apparent topics in Death Note. Beyond the societal satire, however, the show keeps viewers interested in the cunning plans Light and L come up with to reveal one another’s identities while keeping their own private.

3. Dorohedoro

There’s something strange about Dorohedoro. Caiman awakens from a sorcerer’s spell with no recollections and a lizard head in lieu of his human visage. Given that he lives in the barren and tragic “Hole,” where magic users frequently cast curses on non-magic people, leaving them dead or deformed, it isn’t very unusual in many respects. Caiman sets off on a quest to track down and kill the sorcerer who cursed him in order to break the enchantment. Black comedy mixed with a vengeance story, Dorohedoro is violent, gruesome, and hilarious all at once. Its greatest appeal lies in its creation of a cast of dangerous but wacky villains that are as bit as charming. If not more so, than Caiman.

4. Erased

The “Revival” power, which allows Satoru Fujinuma to travel back in time just in time to avert calamity, has always baffled him. When he discovers his mother dead in his flat and finds himself thrust eighteen years into the past, his bewilderment and sorrow only deepen. Satoru returned to elementary school in 1988. 

He quickly learns that his mother’s murder may have something to do with an abduction case from the same year that resulted in his classmate’s death, and he makes an effort to stop the two incidents from happening. The excitement of this murder investigation is further increased by the huge stakes in both times. Beyond the mystery and time travel aspects, Erased captivates the audience with its portrayal of a man who is first reclusive but gradually discovers meaning in friendship and family.

5. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

One of the most popular anime series of the past several years is Demon Slayer, which is highly recommended for everyone searching for a good action anime. It checks off a lot of the same boxes: well-drawn battle sequences by the anime studio Ufotable, a clandestine battle against demons, and a familial tragedy that instantly lets the young hero relate to that conflict. For the benefit of American readers who may not be familiar with the genre, the sequel to Demon Slayer, Mugen Train, broke many records to become the biggest-earning movie ever made in Japan, including those previously held by Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

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6. Monster

Throughout its 74 episodes, this slow-burning neo-noir mystery series explores the underworld of global crime and politics through the eyes of a brilliant young physician. Not to give too much away, but it revolves around this surgeon’s search for and murder of the “monster,” whose life he previously rescued on the operating table. It’s good to have the entire series available as Monster was difficult to obtain legally in the United States for a long time. It’s frequently regarded as the greatest anime ever produced.

7. Devilman Crybaby

Having a demon take possession of you is the purest reflection of male puberty, yet that setup is mild compared to Devilman Crybaby’s ultimate use of ultraviolence. Expect depravity and cruelty from both humans and demons throughout its ten-episode run, all beautifully portrayed in a subdued colour scheme and with exquisitely hideous character designs. Akira Fudo, the cool adolescent who is the Devilman, wants to utilise his demonic abilities to protect his friends, family, and mankind as a whole. Though sometimes all you can do is cry, so he might not be able to.

8. High-Rise Invasion

High-Rise Invasion, a deliriously lethal good time, is an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba. Viewers should expect a lot of blood and gore as schoolgirl protagonist Yuri Honjō runs through a maze-like tower complex, evading enigmatic masked assassins. As we follow her through her ordeal, identifying and eliminating her adversaries and making allies in the process, we share her fears with the viewer.

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9. Inuyasha

In this epic anime, historical and mystical elements come together when a high school student named Kagome is transported hundreds of years into the past and meets Inuyasha, a half-demon. Their exploits take them around Japan, where they gather pieces of a mystical gem while the country’s turbulent Sengoku era rages. As they go, they make a merry group of companions who accompany them on their mission to locate the shards and defeat any obstacles in their path. Inuyasha is a long story, spanning 193 episodes, yet it is mostly focused on character development and the defeat of evil monsters.

10. Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball, like its Production I.G. sibling programme Haikyu!!, is a sports anime that will captivate your interest in sports. When the work concentrates on the inner lives and interpersonal dynamics of its characters, in addition to the strategies they employ to succeed in high school basketball, it truly shines. Shunsuke Tada, a former member of the animation crews for Legend of the Galactic Heroes, The Prince of Tennis, and Samurai 7, is the director of Kuroko’s Basketball).

11. One Piece

One Piece has a massive run of 981 episodes and growing, so it’s not surprising that several of its seasons are now available to watch. Netflix is presently creating a live-action adaptation of this enduring anime classic. The plot of One Piece centres on the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man with magical rubber legs and a straw hat who aspires to be the most infamous pirate in the world. Additionally, the show’s large ensemble of pirate players—many of whom Noboru Koizumi skillfully developed in the first several seasons—make it consistently entertaining to watch.

12. Romantic Killer

Teenage heroine Anzu Hoshino, in contrast to many rom-com heroines before her, feels compelled to fall in love. The protagonist of Romantic Killer is a wizard who gives up video games, chocolate, and her cherished cat to surround herself with suitors and courting. As Anzu competes in a 12-episode mental war against this so-called “love cupid” supernatural being and his ilk, who are out to ruin her blissful single life, hysterical otherworldly adventures follow.

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