8 Best Vietnam War Movies On Netflix. Enlisting Musy-Watch Films!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve have already come their way and are approaching soon, where along with them, many holidays do come along. But here the question arises of what to plan for these holidays. It scorching winter in areas, where people find it crazy to go out and celebrate. While you can do one thing, watch movies. This can be the best leisure time activity for everyone in your family. And when it comes to action movies, of course, none can resist. Thus, to clear all your confusion, after many searches, we are back again with an amazing list of 10 films which is a must-watch for everyone this holiday. All of this is available on Netflix and is based on the popular Vietnam War, which you must have heard for sure.

So without even wasting a moment, let us head towards the list and quick recap of the film’s plot. 

1. The Deer Hunter (1978)

A very clear definition of friendship is what can be clearly seen here in this film. the film gives a tragic scenario Of a city in Pennsylvania, that how it looked during the time of the Vietnam War. the film is set in the small town of Pennsylvania, telling the story of three friends, who symbolize the civilians. They led a very happy and carefree life before the war started. they used to end up laughing, fighting, and having trips around the globe, and everything they did themselves to keep their life a jolly place. 

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But their life broke off the day, they were given an insight into the Vietnam War, and when they all were struck in the war. Out of those three, one of them was Steven who lost his both legs in the war, while another of them, Nick was drastically affected by this view and went into a trauma and tried destructing himself. when the war was over, the two Michael and Steves moved back to their native town, but Michael was still in search of the third member of the group. The film however terminated with Nick attempting to suicide while Michael stopped him from doing so.  

2. First Blood (1982)

The film released in the year 1982, very clearly shows the undiscussed and unknown topic of the society, which tells the mental treatment of the veterans. They have been lately taught to live in a manner of strictness and boldness, but when they return back to town after war they have to face a lot of insults and enforcements, like Rambo in this film. He is a retired veteran of the Vietnam War, and after the war when he returns to town, he has to face many challenges.

Rambo was unable to accept his original life and was under mental trauma, which led him to live in forests in a way of junglee. The policemen men his hometown, felt Rambo was a terrorist and that the city had some threats against him. Later as Rambo’s senior command got to know all of this, he reached the town and let everybody know of his military charms, But the film ended with Rambo and the policemen turning into a great fight, with Rambo winning the fight, and despite of chances and tricks, he didn’t kill anyone. 

3. Forrest Gump (1994)

Apart from telling you a tale full of wars, battles, fights, guns, and armed men, you will be happy to hear this film’s story. This is the story of an extremely jolly person on earth, residing in America’s town. He isn’t an intelligent person but has a great command in every other activity else than academics. All of his curricula have thus made him, a great person and of course his personality. But this man Forrest Gump is madly in love with a lady, Jenny who is busy doing shots in her life.

Forrest’s life takes a U-turn when he has to join the Vietnam War, but his life changes upside down after it ends. Generally, we have seen people losing everything after the war but here it’s different. As the war ended, Forrest married his long love, Jenny, he had a stable financial business in the name of Bubba her companion in the war who died, and Jenny and Forest had a son whom he had to raise as a single father. 

4. Word of Honor (2003)

 This is an extremely regretful film, where a soldier named Ben is seen regretting all the decisions he took in the war of Vietnam. Although in the present day, he is living a luxurious life with all attornies at the same time, Ben is frustrated with his decision in the wars that he took. He feels as if all these destructions and loss of innocent lives are all because of their decisions. Ben feels if he had stepped back from his ego, all of this war and destruction would have been stopped then.

Well, the film shows the life of a maximum of soldiers who after the war live but regret. Regret of their decision, their words, and everything. The film shows the journey of war men, a soldier from being the bravest of all and heading the team, to living his entire life in guilt and unable to confront himself even out of guilt. This not only shows the life of Ben but also of many other soldiers. 

5. Hacksaw ridge (2016)

Hacksaw Ridge is a recent release, that is growing with the support and love of its fans even today. If you truly are a fan of military films you can’t miss watching it. This film revolves around the life of a retired army officer, Desmond which is a real-life event. It tells the story in two halves, where first depicts the life of Desmond from his childhood, to love and marriage while the other shows his golden period, the time when he was recruited as an army officer. 

6. First They Killed My Father (2017)

An amazing film made in memory of a young girl Lpung who was born a smooth and soft girl, but her conditions and life made her live like a superhero. Where, she and her family were forced to leave their hometown and move to another place, leaving their father. all of them were exempted from the village to a place with forced labor, starving people, and every bad condition seen by each human out there. 

Loung however, knew that now she had to be in the condition only and had no chance to move away until she grew old. hus, Loung stopped sobbing and instead took care of her family as well as trained herself to be a soldier. One day, she stood as an army officer and fled her family to another safe place. She got injured in a war and died on the spot, serving for her country. 

7. Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019)

This is a true story-based film, where a team of young and untrained soldiers were in a group under the lead of Major Harry Smith. though the troops were unskilled and inexperienced, still they had the courage and bravery due to their leader, to behave courageously in even bad conditions like in the Vietnam WAr. When all the team member feared their leader gave them strength. 

And know what happened last. These young troops won the war against those, large numbers of soldiers on the opposition side, and were even armed more than these youngsters. However, the film shows how calmness, positivity, and hard work can result in a better result which none of the ruling or the opposition party ever thought. The story is the best example of perseverance and persistence.  

8. Da 5 Bloods (2020)

This film is based on the story of a group of five ex-military soldiers, who were during the Vietnam War, and now in the present day, they have returned back to Vietnam to get the remains of their lost companions and the gold buried by them at the time of war. Well, they didn’t find their goal easily but came through many unexpected but obvious challenges on their way. Along with the blood on the ground somewhere, remembers them of home many lives must have lost in the war, and on their way entirely, they reconcile those days and feel it is just a waste to search for gold, as many golden lives are already lost due to them. The film like the earlier ones also has the same plot of justice, thought reconciliation, and of course the feeling of guilt and regret in the hearts and minds of the soldiers after war. 

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