Is Love Lies Bleeding Based On A True Story? 

It’s not unusual to develop feelings for someone who you see on daily basis. The movie Love Lies Bleeding starts it’s story on this same note. In this article, we will see – is Love Lies Bleeding based on a true story?

The movie is set in the 98 is but delivers and extremely electric love thriller. Since Kristen Stewart is starring in it, the movie has already developed a buzz among the netizens. Besides telling you if Love Lies Bleeding is based on a true story or not, we will also tell you everything you need to know about this movie.

Is Love Lies Bleeding Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

If you think that just a movie is just another one of the romantic stories you are wrong. Although Love Lies Bleeding begins like other romantic movies as the movie forwards things start to intensify in an unexpected way. The film bases its plot on an exciting piece of love story in the 80s that revolves around two lovers. Love Lies Bleeding revolves around two people who fall in love with one another unexpectedly. Just in case this appears as another normal romantic story, let me tell you. As the movie rolls forward, we get to see a thrilling shift in the storyline in a serious way. 

Although the two of them are romantically interested in it, soon, their lives start to face a crisis. It comes from one of their families, and their connection with the illegal affairs that goes in the underworld. As a result, this romantic movie starts to head on to the way of an intriguing crime thriller. The title of Love Lies Bleeding has already been trending on various social media platforms. According to the schedule, Love Lies Bleeding is supposed to be released by the end of March. After seeing the trailer, the film has managed to make a lot of people curious about its storyline.

Many of you might want to know how genuine the cinema is. They want to know more about the film – is Love Lies Bleeding based on a true story? Does the director depend on any real-life incident to make the film? If you think Love Lies Bleeding is based on a true story, it isn’t. Rose Glass and Weronika Tofilkska created the plot; they are the original people behind the storyline of this entire romance crime thriller movie. Due to the bodybuilding events shown, or, the culture, people might think that real incidents might have inspired this film. But in reality, Love Lies Bleeding is not based on a true story. 

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Love Lies Bleeding: A New Thrilling Kristen Stewart Starrer

Now that you know if Love Lies Bleeding is based on a true story or not, let us proceed further. The directors and screenwriters always think about being creative with their products. This is what ultimately matters to the audience – this is the main reason why films turn out to be creative and seem authentic. Love Lies Bleeding starts with the innovative idea of having a female bodybuilder around. The movie is set in the 1980s which the bodybuilding community refer to as a special age. Jackie happens to be an aspiring bodybuilder who works hard.

On the other hand, Lou is a gym manager who comes from a shady background. These two people were meant to meet with each other one day. Being the manager, Jackie and Lou could see each other while being at the gym. It all started with a low note in the beginning, but as days passed, Lou started to develop feelings. She felt a strong urge to be with Jackie all the time and be around her no matter what the situation was. It was unexpected, but Lou fell in love with the bodybuilder soon. Jackie also felt special and warm while Lou was around her.

It did not take too much time before Lou and Jackie started dating seriously. They were the most electric couple out there – it was a good love story and both of them were supportive. Being an ambitious and dedicated athlete, Jackie focused on winning a trophy in her build. The bodybuilder decided to go to Las Vegas to live her dreams. But a big problem was out there already; Lou’s family had a strong connection to the underworld and illegal trade. They were criminals, but Lou stayed away from everything that went on. Will she be able to save herself and Jackie from her criminal family?

The Team Of Artists Behind Love Lies Bleeding, Official Release Date And More

Kristen Stewart is back on the big screens as Lou, the lonesome and introverted gym manager. On the other hand, Katie O’Brian stars as Jackie, the aspiring female bodybuilder. Other notable cast members of this movie include Jena Malone, Ed Harris, Hillary Flemming, Anna Baryshnikova, Orion Carrington, Stephanie Hill, Jerry G. Angelo, Keith Jardine, Dave Franco, Tait Fletcher, and many more. Lionsgate is going to release this movie on 22nd March 2024. If you want to watch Love Lies Bleeding, please stay tuned on BookMyShow.

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