Is The Call Based On A True Story? Finding The Truth of The 2013 Film!

Crimes have been increasing daily in all parts of the world. Be it a city, town, or small village, no one is safe here. But when it comes to crime, we first think of females, especially between 18 and 30 years old. Some viewers and fans to being are kidnapped, raped, and even murdered. Well, researchers have always said that they are done by the psychos or the psychopaths, who really are sitting on the horse of sexual feeling, or don’t understand humanity and humane relations. 

There have been many releases from last years that have revolved around such happening in our society. Some are inspired by true events, and some are fictional ones. The film that we are going to discuss today is the 2013 release which was initially decided to be released as a TV series, but then due to its amazing storyline and reviews by the audiences, its writers and directors decided to release it globally on one of the most watched OTT platforms, Netflix. The film we are going to discuss today is “The Call”. 

The film’s plot, cast, and everything is to be discussed today in the article. Above all, there’s one more important thing, that has to be discussed today and that’s the basis and its adaptation. Yes, the fans have been demanding to know, if the series is based on a true incident or some fictional story. So we have come up with the answer to this question after doing great research. So let’s move ahead and know what is the answer to this question. 

Is The Call Based On A True Story?

The film was released on Netflix in 2013. And with its release, the fans loved the plot and acting of its cast very much. But as time passed, and the film increased its viewers, this increased the confusion and questions about its existence and adaptation. Some felt and said, the story of the film was true, while some called it to be a fictional one. 

In answer to this, the makers came out and spoke publicly that the film’s storyline was not based or adapted from any sort of real-life event, or story, instead the film’s plot is completely fictional, and the storyline, written by the imagination of Richard D’Ovidio, and directed by Brad Anderson. So it’s better fans won’t take the scenes and plot to be real, instead just a work of fiction. 

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What Happened In The Film?

The film begins showing the 911 operator in depression mode, for she has missed a call from a 15-year-old girl, and wasn’t able to help her. The film begins as Jordan an operator of 911, receives a call from Leah Tempelton to seek help from her, to save her life as some strange person has entered her home, but the call disconnected. In concern, Jordan called her back, which lured the criminal, and he took over the call saying, “It’s already done”, and hung up the call. 

The next morning she read the news, that Leah was dead. Out of guilt she decided to not work further as an officer and was giving instructions to newly appointed operators. This time, the phone rang again, and since her junior wasn’t able to respond firmly, she took over the call and found a girl, Casey Welson seeking help. Casey called 911 with a burner phone when she said she needed help as she had been kidnapped by a man, in the trunk. Jordan can’t track Casey’s phone so she gives her ideas to seek help from people on the road.

Was Casey Saved?

Casey on her way, tried to knock on the emergency light, which was observed by a female driving on the highway, called 911 but then she was dragged off by the truck driver. Next, Casey tried to give signals, to a gas truck driver, who was also knocked off and put in the same trunk by the criminal. On the other side, Jordan and her husband’s team set out to seek the criminal’s car. And found his name, was Michael, had a wife and children in his house, with a picture of his leprosy attackd sister.

Enrouting his way, Jordan found the place, where Michael had brought up Casey. Casey was tied to a chair and was forced to strip off her clothes. Jordan understood Michael is a sex addict and to cope, with his addiction, he has been kidnapping, sexually harassing, and killing the young girls of his sister’s age, as she’s now in bed. Jordan, choked Michael when he came down to get his cell phones and let Casey free. While coming back, she stabbed Mcuahel’s back with scissors and tied him to the chair. 

Casey and Jordan said, they might have killed him here and told the world about the encounter or his disappearance leaving Casey in a jungle. But they don’t want that. They want him to starve and die. Thus, they tied him in the chair, saying to him his words, “It’s already done”, and left the cottage locking up the door, and warning everyone never to open it. Jordan even finds out that Leah was killed by Michael, and is happy to help and save Casey’s life. 

Where Is The Film Available?

The Call is available on Netflix for fans and audiences to binge on.

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