Karmma Calling Season 2 Release Date Confirmed – Is The Mystery Thriller Officially Renewed? 

After a really long time, the very gorgeous, talented and renowned Bollywood actress, Raveena Tandon is back on our screens. We must admit that the refined actor undoubtedly nailed the role of Indrani Kothari. The gripping storyline of the recently launched thriller drama has surely impressed us a lot. But guess what, how can we not talk about the dramatic ending of Karmma Calling Season 1? With so many unanswered questions, the audience is keenly looking forward to the very next instalment of this show. 

All eyes are currently stuck on the official renewal announcement. It seems like fans are super curious to learn all about Karmma Calling Season 2! Ambika must stay alert as her one wrong move might truly cost her a lot. Again, we cannot forget that her real identity is yet to be revealed to everyone. The Kothari family is on the edge of being destroyed and we can’t wait to discuss more about it. 

Karmma Calling Season 2 Release Date Confirmed – Is The Mystery Thriller Officially Renewed? 

Karmma Calling Season 2 Release Date Confirmed - Is The Mystery Thriller Officially Renewed? 

Directed by Ruchi Narain, we must say that the captivating plot of this thriller is pretty hard to skip. Not to forget, slowly and steadily, the whole thriller boils up into a riveting drama series. Filled with a bunch of twists and turns, Karmma Calling is surely worth bingeing once. Speaking of the renewal announcement, Disney Plus Hotstar is yet to show the green flag for Season 2. Again, the continuation of this drama series also depends on the ending of Season 1. After so many things going wrong, we doubt that Indrani would still like to stay married to Kaushal. Moreover, we cannot forget that Ahaan has decided to walk away from Karma! 

On the other hand, both Dolly and Ambika are coming down to have a nice chat with Karma. If you have carefully observed the trailer of Season 1, then you must have noticed a scene where Karma and Ahaan were about to get engaged! Well, this particular moment was nowhere to be found in the first seven episodes of Karmma Calling. Thus, we can say for sure that the thriller will soon be back with Season 2. As per our guesses, Karmma Calling Season 2 might roll out somewhere in 2025 or 2026. 

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Karmma Calling Season 1 Ending Explained – Did Dolly Come Out Of Coma? Is Ambika’s Real Identity At Risk? 

A bunch of things happened in Karmma Calling Season 1. We were quite intrigued to see how Indrani’s trustworthy bouncer, Sameer, nearly killed Dolly! Thankfully, she survived somehow, but now that she is in a coma, the story dynamics changed rapidly. Moreover, you must not ignore that Dolly had a very special relationship with Kaushal! No wonder, why she was desperately trying to be in Indrani’s good books. 

The next target of Karma was obviously Dayama, the warden who tried her best to brainwash Ambika! Karma was smart enough to handle her wisely. Eventually, with all the recordings going viral, Dayama lost all her clients. To make things even more complex, Karma kidnapped Dayama and tried to frame Indrani behind all these unfortunate incidents! As a result of this, the Kotharis were held liable and with their long-time reputation coming at stake, their destruction process started in full swing. 

The other two persons Karma wanted to make suffer were Nikhil Sethia and Muzammil Sayyed. By simply using Zane’s name, Karma convinced Nikhil to invest in real estate! And guess what, he not only lost all the money he had once but also ended up losing his clients forever. Next, we come down to the political leader. It was quite easy for Karma to find out his weak point. His illegal relationship with a minor directly made him a sound criminal. Due to all the blackmail he had faced so far, Muzammil Sayyed’s political career was destroyed to a huge extent! 

Was Sameer Killed By Ambika? Is Dolly Out Of Coma? Is Ahaan Still Planning To Marry Karma?

We all saw how Sameer was just a few minutes away from spilling the ultimate truth to Indrani. By connecting all the dots, he finally managed to find out that Karma happens to be someone else. But again, at the right moment, with a deadly hit on his head, Ambika managed to kill him forever. Given the scenario, Ambika is now desperate to directly communicate with Karma. She must meet her timely in Alibaug. On the other hand, Dolly is now out of the hospital. It seems like she is no longer in a coma, and thus both Ambika’s real motives and identity are again at the risk of being disclosed. 

Meanwhile, Ahaan who was once deeply in love with Karma, has decided to cut her off from his life. It was quite interesting to see how Ahaan’s extremely sweet nature and behaviour were slowly changing Karma’s mindset. Initially, she wasn’t taking the relationship seriously, but it seems like the tables have turned now. Given that he is Indrani Kothari’s beloved son, this love story surely caught our attention a lot. Unfortunately, after knowing that Karma strongly feels for Vedang there was a visible change in Ahaan’s body language. 

But do you think that Karma will stay quiet after knowing that Dash has come in between her and Ahaan? We have already seen how cruel she can be. She was smart enough to tell Zane to take good care of Krish and thus, very easily he was able to see right through him. With all her plans falling in place, now she has managed to know that Krish had been lying completely about his family background and wealth! Given that she knows all about his weaknesses, she will definitely use this information against him! 

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What Will Happen Next In Karmma Calling Season 2? The Revenge Game Continues! 

We were indeed a bit confused by the dramatic ending of Karmma Calling Season 1. We still don’t know whether Karma will ever have the guts to tell all the truth to Ahaan or not. Moreover, Dolly’s unannounced return to the story will surely make this thriller even more complex and compelling. That’s not all, but fans are excited to see whether Ambika will be able to complete her revenge or not. It was quite shocking to see how Indrani destroyed Satyajit’s whole life. 

Now that her daughter is determined to ruin the Kotharis, we do think that the upcoming red target will be placed on the main culprit. We all know who happens to be the main mastermind of this game. But you must not forget that Indrani Kothari is not only a woman with elegance but also the boss lady who rules most of Alibaug. Her strong personality is what makes her different from the others. 

Again, Ambika’s hands are now dipped into blood. Do you think that the secret of her killing Sameer will never come into the picture? As per our estimates, Karmma Calling Season 2 will mostly focus on Ambika and Indrani’s face-off! Hopefully, in the coming months, we will get more such information on the second instalment of the show. That’s all for now, to get further details about the newly launched drama series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Karmma Calling Season 2 Release Date Confirmed – Is The Mystery Thriller Officially Renewed? – FAQs

1. Is the popular thriller, Karmma Calling coming back with Season 2?

As of now, the popular thriller, Karmma Calling has not been officially renewed for Season 2. 

2. Who killed Sameer in Karmma Calling Season 1? 

Unfortunately, Sameer was murdered by Ambika in Karmma Calling Season 1. 

3. Is Dolly Bhatia out of danger? 

Shockingly enough, Dolly Bhatia is no longer in a coma. 

4. Is Karma in love with Ahaan? 

The audience surely didn’t see this coming, but it seems like there is a good chance that Karma is also in love with Ahaan. 

5. When will Karma Calling Season 2 premiere?

As per our estimates, Karma Calling Season 2 premiere might premiere somewhere in 2025 or 2026. 

6. Is Indrani ready to divorce Kaushal?

Given the stringent circumstances, we doubt that Indrani would want to continue her marriage with Kaushal. 

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