Is Sister Death Based On A True Story? Analyzing The Truth Behind Horror Story!

The Hollywood film industry is famous for its exorcist releases of horror films and series. We can count on our fingers the list of horror movies, that they have released but the entire world is scared of. Whenever we would talk about horror films, there are two or three films, that would always strike our brains, “Annabella”, “Conjuring”, and “The Nun”, of course. All of these three films have got their sequels and chapters and everything. And still, stand to the utmost height which none can reach.

After having a good command of horror films, the Spanish film industry has decided to give it a chance by releasing the horror series. In the year 2017, it came up with Veronica as the horror series, and the breathtaking story of the girl named, Veronica. But this time, that it released Sister Death, has some connections with the series Veronica. But what? How are they two interconnected? Are they sisters? Or something else.

Well, to know this you must read our article till the end. But as promised in the title, the series will not just have the plot and connection of the two series, but also the truth behind these horror movies. Every time, that something horror is released, people actually feel that there’s something real about it. So to let you know about this question, we are here. So let’s not wait for a moment, rather move ahead and know everything about the series. 

Is Sister Death Based On A True Story?

On 27th October 2023, the screens of Netflix’s fans were struck with a new horror series, titled “Sister Death”. It had already taken away the breaths of many viewers by its horrifying trailer. But with the emergence of the series, the virews got really excited and were waiting for its release. After the series, made its way to their screens, people were thrilled to watch it. They came up to social media and shared their reviews of the series. 

But at the same time, asked a question, if this series a real one? Well, in answer to that, the series makers have already announced in their interviews that nothing in the series is real or has been inspired by real-life events. Rather everything is a mere, supernatural scene that we have taken up and directed in the series. So, it’s a purpose of entertainment and no fear. 

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Horrific Story Of The Series

The series begins with a horrifying darkness and sound in the background, showing an old girls’ Convent School. Narcisa the female lead of the film, enters the school as a teacher who was greeted and welcomed warmly by Mother Superior and Sister Julia. Narcisa, the job was to teach the girls of sister Ines’ class, who had left the school in the past days. Narcisa was given a room, which was really strange. Not only the room, but the entire school, she heard had some supernatural powers and beings residing in there.

As Narcisa slept she started feeling something strange happening around her. A chair in the room started falling by itself, following the painting of a hung man was seen on one of the walls of her room. The next morning, she finds the girl in her class writing her name on the blackboard, and Narcissa is scared of everything that has happened to her. Later, two girls complained of seeing something strange in the bathroom and supernatural but were punished by Sister Juila, where Rosa was locked in a room. Later when NArcisa visits Rosa, she finds the truth that whoever’s name is written on the board, she is targeted by the spirit that resides in the school with the name, “The Girl”.

During the lectures, Rosa’s name appears on the blackboard, and Narcisa remembers of her words. Narcisa, however, decides not to be here as this is something dangerous place but is caught in the eclipse and she turns blind. This was the time when Narcisa finds out truth about the convent in a state of semi-consciousness. When she returns back to her room, appears in front of her the spirit of Sister Socorro who was locked in this same room, during the war, as she was pregnant. Her daughter and Sister Sorocco were kept separated by Sister Julia and Mother Superior. 

When her daughter was suffering from fever, she insisted on taking her for medical aid, but the two kept it a secret and forced her to take a bath, but her daughter died. Hearing of the news, Sister hung herself. From that time, they both have been locked in a room and her daughter in the bathroom. Narcisa, helps them to reunite their spirits, and after decades, she returns back as Sister Narcisa to take hold of the school and is given the name by students as Sister Death. There she meets Veronica, the mysterious girl from the 2017 film Veronica. 

Where Is The Series Available?

The series is available for the fans to binge on Netflix.

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