Is 3 Generations Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out The Facts!

True story-based movies are growing more popular with time. People get connected with these movies very quickly and easily. It is so because the things in the movie have happened for real and also the characters in the movie are real persons. But there are movies which seem to be real but are not fully based on real stories. Now in this article, we are going to talk about “3 Generations” and check its authenticity. After watching the movie, people have many questions in their minds. One of which is, is 3 generations based on a true story? Read the following article to get information about the authenticity of the movie and all other answers about it.

Is 3 Generations Based On A True Story?

It is not based on a real story and also there are no real people which are shown in the movie. This movie seems to be real and it doesn’t feel like a work of fiction. There are many movies which because of their storyline and direction seem to be real. One such movie is this movie titled “3 Generations” which as the name reflects is the story of three girls. This movie has been inspired by the parents of a trans child. It was made by the director of the movie Dellal. This is a movie about the trans boy and the woman of the family.

There is no real trans boy in the movie or the crew members. People and critics loved this movie a lot and gave it very high ratings. Also after the release of this movie a huge fan base has been created. It teaches a lot of things and there is a lot in it. So this movie may be seen as a real story based movie but it is not. This is just a fictional work and not based on a real story.

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3 Generations: What Is This Movie About?

This as the name suggests is the story of three women of three different generations. It is about trans boys and women. Two women are gay in this movie. Now the director meets a man whose child was transitioning and here she decides to include a trans character into the story. This was in 2015 when the movie “About Ray” was delayed and then came onto the screens with a new name “3 Generations”. According to Dellal, she didn’t know much about trans people when she started the movie and she completed the movie with this little knowledge.

But as the movie started filming, she got more knowledge about them through doctors and others. Also, this movie is so real because the director got information from the trans teens. All those who were welcomed by their families and lived with their families gave the director their experience. Every trans teen story is different from each other which made the base of the plot. Through different experiences, this movie’s storyline glittered and became more interesting.

Further Story

What is missing in the real world is the opportunity for trans people to represent themselves directly. They have to share their feelings by secondhand or thirdhand. All the women in the movie who have acted have acquired a lot of talent. This is also due to the that the movie has expanded to a much greater extent. Ray, who is the main character, faces many challenges in his life. Due to his mother, he never gets a chance to be introduced to his father or seeing him. Now Ray feels lied to and is in pain. He wants to start the testosterone shots and for that wants the consent of both parents. In the end, his grandmother becomes ready to welcome a man in the house and so does everyone else.

3 Generations: What About The Cast Members In The Film?

This is a 2015 comedy-drama movie about Ray who is a teenage trans boy. It was directed by Gaby Dellal and its writer is Nikole Beckwith. Stars like Elle Fanning, Susan Sarandon, Sam Trammell, Tate Donovan, Naomi Watts, and many more are in the film. All these actors have gained popularity due to their talent and skills. Due to them, the movie has become more interesting and special. It is a very tough plot for any actor but still, these cast members have done it with perfection. They have done very promising roles and have been successful in giving what was needed.

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