Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 Release Date: Will Gaku Die?

When life gives you a chance to do good and be better, won’t you take it? This is what exactly we get to see in Sakamoto Days. In this article, we will talk about Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 release date.

The story is about a contract killer who is highly tactical as well as successful. But the moment he falls in love, his life changes for good. Apart from talking about Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 release date, we will also tell you everything about the manga.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 Release Date: Sooner Than Expected?

Darkness might provide you one step up from all of those around, but it has it’s consequences. When you decide to step down, darkness follows you everywhere you go. It impacts on your friends, your life and your family. No matter how hard you try, the life of darkness will never let you walk free even of you decide to leave it. Sakamoto Days is a shonen manga that revolves around a man who used to be a contract killer. His early days proved to be fruitful and he earned great praise in the underworld. But now that he has loved ones with him, he has opted for a different life.

The man has left all his dark ways to support his family. But destiny had something different written for him and that’s where the real drama intensifies. Sakamoto Days has been successful in its venture – atleast 2 million copies got sold last year. Every page consists of brilliant artworks and wonderful story angles. But the real deal of Sakamoto Days lies in the fight choreography. I have never seen a manga with such beauty in fight choreography till now. That’s why numerous manga critics have praised Sakamoto Days for it’s work.

This manga has left and excellent impression in the minds of all otakus. Till now, we have 152 chapters – so, what is Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 release date? Will the new chapter come out soon? Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 release date is 4th February 2024, Sunday. This will be fixed for United States, Canada, Mexico, and Philippines. However, if you are from Japan, Korea or Australia, for you they have a different date. There, Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 release date is 5th February 2024, Monday.

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Sakamoto Days: When A Hitman Becomes A Family Man

Have you ever wondered what would it take to leave your dark past behind? Trust me, Taro Sakamoto tried his best to do so. He happens to be the main character of this manga, Sakamoto Days. The story tells us about Taro Sakamoto’s life – he spent his younger days being a part of the underworld. Now, if you think that this is a dark tale, be ready to experience some classic Yakuza comedy too. The young Sakamoto was an excellent assassin who never failed his missions.  His tactical skills and skills as a hitman made him a legend. Taro Sakamoto became an icon in the underworld due to his history as an unrivaled ‘John Wick mode’ assassin. 

But life does not remain same for everyone; Sakamoto was not any exception. Soon, he fell in love quite unexpectedly. Not only he fell, Sakamoto was deep in love. As a result, he started to fall off as the legendary hitman and started to plan his future. Instead, he started a humble convenience store joint to support his family in an honest way. Now, Sakamoto has retired, become overweight, and lives in peace. But, his former assassin colleagues and rivals were still out there. The moment they came to know about Taro Sakamoto’s whereabouts, the dark trail followed Sakamoto home. There has been years of quitting this life, but now, Sakamoto must fight. In this war, he has Shin, his employee who will help him with his telepathic skills. Taro Sakamoto must protect his loved ones with his exceptional battle skills.

Everything That Happened In Chapter 152: A Short Recap 

In this chapter, we have seen a breathtaking fight sequence between Gaku and Nagumo. In this battle, Gaku has started to gain some fatal damage. Nagumo being an honourable opponent, gave Gaku a reality check once. But he did not seem to stop – at this point, the fight has become a madness. I bet, the outcome will be horrifying and one of them will die for sure. On the other hand, we see Toramaru and Sakamoto walking together. But will this simple time in the museum will really be a walk in the park for Sakamoto?

What Can We See In Chapter 153 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manga

In the next chapter, we will see the outcome of this walk. It will be interesting to see how Slur’s Gang members will arrive. But right now, we don’t know the exact spoilers to this chapter. Till Sakamoto Days Chapter 153 release date is here, let us wait. If you want to read Sakamoto Days, please head on to Viz Media.

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