What’s the Total Area of the Map in GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is more of a gaming trope than an actual game. Backed by the Rockstar Games, the US-based but British-born series has drastically evolved from being a 1997 “dinosaur game” to a modern-age action adventure. As one of the producers of the early-stage GTA franchise, Colin McDonald mentioned, “It [GTA] was called Race ’n’ Chase for a good while. And then someone realised, ’oh, actually we’ll try letting the player get out of the car and run around and jump in and out of other cars’. It was really only at that point it morphed into Grand Theft Auto.” Now, as far as game sagas go, GTA is a trailblazer, morphing counties and countries to immerse the players in what could only be described as a heart-warming experience.

Recently, the Rockstar Games executives confirmed that the sixth instalment in the franchise has been scheduled for a release. They have also released a teaser, which more or less hints at the map of the upcoming GTA 6. If you have your eyes set on this game, here is everything you need to know, starting with its map, of course!

What’s the Total Area of the Map in GTA 6?

What’s the Total Area of the Map in GTA 6?

The teaser is essentially the reason why GTA 6’s map has become an enigmatic concept but not the official one. Before the executives could release the trailer, footage of it was leaked in 2022. This leaked clip set the foundation of the map and all the speculations that keep flourishing. It wasn’t the only snippet though; as far as 90 videos were released by an anonymous “teapotuberhacker” in September of the same year. Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, have gone to greater lengths to track down and immediately have this footage removed. It is worth emphasizing that none of these videos exist now.

This “PR disaster” aside, GTA 6 has undergone a lot–from severe criticism and controversy to complaints regarding the delay. Even now, the creators haven’t yet confirmed the release date of this upcoming game. However, the developers have now confirmed most of the map of GTA 6 sans the total area count. From what the trailer hints at, the developers have gone all in to include as many locations as possible.

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Here is The Actual Map of GTA 6

Despite the staggering count of locations, GTA-6’s maps mostly sprawl across the Vice City, a pseudonym of the real-life Miami. It is set in the 70s and along the realm of several picturesque locations in Miami. With several sandy beaches, neon lights and every flicker of glitter Vice City is made of, the map of GTA 6 has more than 25 locations to its name. The golden cities of Liberty City (the New York equivalent) and San Andreas (inspired by San Francisco) have also been included but not to the extent that of the Vice City.

Several geographical areas of the fictional Vice City have been announced. Some prominent names confirmed are Vice-Dale County, Stockyard and Downtown cities. Also, multiple hotels, nightclubs and local streets have been featured in the trailer. To add a layer of action and grimness, the developers have introduced swampy outskirts and distorted villages.

Despite including these many locations, the creators have mentioned that they will be including more cities after its launch. Rockstar Games’ executives have confirmed that they will keep on adding “new missions and cities on a regular basis” post-release. It is speculated that the GTA 6 would be made available in early 2025. However, a confirmed release date is yet to be announced.

What’s the Total Area of the Map in GTA 6?–FAQs

1. What is GTA Game Series About

It is an action-adventure game series that spans multiple locations and features several characters.

2. What’s the Total Area of the Map in GTA 6?

Yes, most of the locations of GTA 6 have been confirmed.

3. What are the Cities in GTA 6?

Leonida, Liberty City and Vice City are the primary locations for GTA-6.

4. Is a Trailer Available for GTA 6?

Yes, there is a teaser available.

5. When will GTA 6 be Released?

The sixth iteration of the franchise will be launched in 2025. However, a confirmed release date hasn’t been announced yet.

6. On Which Platforms Will GTA 6 Be Released Upon?

GTA 6 would be exclusively available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

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