What’s the Name of the Cities in GTA 6? Here is a Complete List!

The Rockstar Games-backed action-adventure series, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has been dominating the gaming landscape for almost three decades. It is developed by a team of four, Leslie Benzies, Aaron Garbut and the Houser brothers, Dan and Sam. The game was launched in 1997, then in a 2D format, blazing with pseudo cities and a rather intriguing character ensemble. Ever since the franchise has witnessed a steady growth and a massive fan following. Naturally, the sixth instalment in this gaming saga has amassed fascination among the players, especially now that the trailer is finally out after almost a decade.

GTA 6 has been surrounded by dilemma and controversy for a while now. In September 2022, an anonymous person under the sobriquet, “Teapotuberhacker” released over 90 uncensored clips of the game. The publishing agency, Rockstar Games, fought tooth and nail against this anonymous person. Eventually, they managed to catch the real 17-year-old boy, who breached the company’s servers and tried to make quick bucks by blackmailing them.

Ever since those clips have gone viral–now, they have been withdrawn by almost every platform–fans have been trying to get their hands on GTA 6. Now, Rockstar Games has released a teaser and from what it has depicted, the franchise is back with its enigmatic characters and picturesque cities. So, if you are looking forward to knowing the names of the cities in GTA 6, here is a complete list!

Names of Cities in GTA 6

What’s the Name of the Cities in GTA 6?

The GTA series is split into multiple fictional universes, which contain cities named after the prominent locations of the world. The key locations in which the series takes place include Vice City, which has been inspired by Miami, Liberty City based on New York City and Leonida, a redesigned version of Florida. The series has wandered to London, California, Nevada and even San Francisco. But the Vice City is the most prominent location for GTA 6 and contains 4 primary locations.

4. Hotel Dixon (Hotel Victor)

Aside from Miami’s sandy beaches and palm trees, Vice City has more than 8 districts in the game. This tropical city with its vibrant atmosphere has multiple hotels but Hotel Dixton, inspired by the real-life Hotel Victor, stands as a pioneer. Its bold letters inked in neon colour and stylized in an artistic curve will soon capture your eye, as it has captured the trailer.

3. Stockyard and Downtown

The highway sign highlighted in the GTA 6 teaser enunciated two names brazenly–Stockyard and Downtown. While the latter is presumed to refer to Downtown Miami, the reference to Stockyard still remains opaque. Also, one of the two most significant streets of Downtown Miami, Biscayne Boulevard has been referred to as Catalan Boulevard. The skyline of Miami, with its orange dust and subtle blue waves, is replicated in these locations magnificently.

2. Leonard and Kelly County

Similar to the Stockyard district, even Leonard and Kelly Country cannot be mapped to any real Miami location. However, the trailer significantly emphasizes Leonard and Kelly County as a part of Vice City, symbolizing how intricately the map of GTA 6 has been mapped out. Though there are speculations that these counties are parallelly drawn to Monrow and Collier County, tracing them back as a whole isn’t easy.

1. Vice-Dale County

While most of the locations of Vice City and the GTA 6 aren’t traceable yet, Vice-Dale County is an easy estimation. It is obviously inspired by the real Miami-Dade County, where Miami is actually located. As rich as the history of the place is, it is equally quaint and grandiloquent. Also, Vice-Dale County is an eccentric location where nearly half of GTA 6 would take place when it is launched presumably in 2025.

What’s the Name of the Cities in GTA 6?–FAQs

1. What is GTA Game Series About?

It is an action-adventure game series that spans multiple locations and features several characters.

2. Has the GTA 6 Locations Confirmed?

Yes, most of the locations of GTA 6 have been confirmed.

3. What’s the Name of the Cities in GTA 6?

While Leonida and Liberty City are also highly likely to be featured, Vice City is the primary location for GTA-6.

4. Is a Trailer Available for GTA 6?

Yes, there is a teaser available.

5. When will GTA 6 be Released?

The sixth iteration of the franchise will be launched in 2025. However, a confirmed release date hasn’t been announced yet.

6. On Which Platforms Will GTA 6 Be Released Upon?

GTA 6 would be exclusively available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.