The Artful Dodger Season 2 is More of a Demand Than a Plea Now!

A picturesque adaptation of–or more like a sequel to–the 1838 Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist, The Artful Dodger is Hulu’s latest thriller. The eight-part series is a masterpiece developed by an ardent trio of James McNamara, David Maher and David Taylor. There is a fervent aura around such classics, a vibe so intense and authentic you can’t help but be drawn to it. Even this heart-pounding series harbours such effervescence around it, there is no denying its impact on the television and the audience, of course. It doesn’t matter whether you have read Dickens’ novel because the series runs parallel to the original plot. The screenplay writers have infused it with a string of exuberant elements and tropes. 

It was a bold move on their part, one every person who has enjoyed Charles’ sarcastic tale is grateful for. The fresh perspective and the twist in the plot aren’t comparable to Dickens’ but give it a tough competition. This is probably why The Artful Dodger Season 2 is more of a demand than a plea now.

The Artful Dodger Season 2 Updates 

The Artful Dodger Season 2

The screenplay writers, James McNamara, Andrew Knight, Viviene Walshe and Dan Knight began working on The Artful Dodger in late 2022. With Miranda Tapsell as a story consultant, each of these five artists breathed life into the artistic trickster aka the protagonist. Co-produced between Sony Pictures and Beach Roads Pictures, the eight-episode-long series has left a lasting imprint on the viewers, so much so that it can easily pass away as the best series of 2023. Hulu is yet to release it in the United Kingdom and Ireland and has recently scheduled it for January 14.

The creators and the production agencies sold The Artful Dodger as a limited series right from the start. They have even tried to stuff as much as possible into the hour-long episodes and wrapped many loose ends in the finale episode. However, they have also kept multiple loopholes in the plot–multiple loopholes that could easily drive the series for another season. Damon Hermian, who embodies Captain Lucien Gaines, has also expressed interest in a plausible sequel.

He believes there is “definite potential” and that a second iteration is possible. “I don’t know if that decision has been made yet. But I think when you watch the show you absolutely are dying to see what’s going to happen next,” He voiced what every person who has watched the series definitely felt. “Fingers cross it’ll go again,” Gaines concluded.

However, the creators haven’t confirmed anything yet. Chances are that they aren’t planning to continue narrating this classic. But if the series performs well overall, the creators could consider the sequel. Until official acknowledgements are out, we can only assume that a second season is certainly in the cards. The Artful Dodger Season 2 could be scheduled for early 2025 if the production begins in this quarter itself at the earliest.

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The Artful Dodger Artistically Dodges Tribulation in Season 1

The series, set in 1850s Australia, began with a bang or more like a thumping behind a closed door. People are playing poker in the surgical theatre and the leading one amongst them is Jack Dawkins, flawlessly portrayed by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The luck is on his side until Jack’s opponent cheats on him and puts him neck-deep in trouble. As if he wasn’t lucky enough yet, he stumbles across a ghost from his past, Fagin (Dawid Thewlis). Jack’s past crashes down against him, leaving ashes of his past crimes in the wake.

Once, the now pristine doctor and a former Royal Navy surgeon was a pickpocket who used to roam the sumptuous streets of London. He lived a life of crime, wore clothes twice his size and dreamed of a better future. He made it happen by running away from London to Australia, where he is now a reputed A-class citizen. But with Norbert Fagin, the pickpocket legend, back and the substantial amount of debt, Jack’s life is truly in shambles. However, there’s more to the eye here.

The governor, Captain Lucien Gaines’ (Herriman) daughter, Lady Belle Fox (Maia Mitchelle) is a blazing fire threatening to ruin Jack’s life. Well, not literally. They stumble upon each other when Belle’s carriage accidentally injures a young boy and Jack happens to be the surgeon in charge. As Belle observes Jack in action, she develops a rather convoluted idea.

The Artful Dodger Finale Paves the Way For a Sequel

Belle adds a feminist trope to this treachery-induced drama as she bends Jack’s hand into helping her become a surgeon. There is no saying “no” to the governor’s daughter, who happens to be deserving of her dream a hundred times more than anybody else, right? In a chauvinistic society, with rigid rules and set roles, Jack and Belle begin challenging the prejudices albeit secretly. It isn’t the only secret Jack keeps camouflaging though; there is also the situation with his godfather, Fagin. 

His misery multiples tenfold when another shadow from his past flourishes, harbouring a vendetta against Jack. The said shadow is Dickens’ protagonist, Oliver Twist (Hal Cumpston), the pickpocket whom Jack once betrayed and who is also responsible for his downfall. Though Oliver has more of a cameo role, Jack has multiple enemies and situations to deal with. His list of enemies extends to Gaines and Master Darius Cracksworth (Tim Minchin). 

The Artful Dodger hasn’t run out of tricks though. He dodges every situation and continues secretly tutoring medicine to Belle. However, his student soon becomes his patient–and girlfriend for the time being–at the end of the series. Jack successfully saves her while Fagin resorts to his old ways to pay off the debt and now a plethora of options lay ahead for the latter. As for Jack, there are only a few options left.

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The Artful Dodger Season 2 Should Definitely Happen 

As I mentioned earlier, The Artful Dodger Season 2 might not be in the cards but it should be. Even David Thewlis, who embodies Norbert Fagin, has a similar opinion. In an interview with Collider, Thewlis said, “I think there’s no doubt by the time you see Episode 8 that you’re like, “Oh yeah, there’s definitely, definitely more places this could go,” and because the writers are so fantastic, I think they’re just chomping at the bit to give us more.” His statement is all the confirmation we need because the theories and speculations are running wild.

Season 1 concluded on a rather dramatic note with Belle being stable enough and Jack exposed to a hundred questions. While he has proved that his method of surgery is indeed fruitful, Jack would have to prove that he didn’t intentionally put Belle’s life at risk. Convincing Belle’s mother, Lady Jane Fox (Susie Porter), wouldn’t be easier even if the former is team Jack. Moreover, Jane is oblivious to her husband’s alleged relationship with Rosemary “Rotti” Falkirk (Brigid Zengeni). Well, at least she pretends to be oblivious because the Governor has been leaving crumbs of evidence behind him from the start of the series. 

Then, there is Oliver, who may reveal Jack’s formidable secrets and ruin his minimum chances of convincing Belle’s family of their relationship. Though Twist didn’t have much of a role in the debut season, this speculated trope could revive his potential. Also, Fagin, who was as important a character as Jack, deserves his perfect ending. There are multiple cliffhangers left by the debut season that the writers could use and deliver a vintage-style sequel. Hopefully, they won’t take long and The Artful Dodger Season 2 will be released soon.

The Artful Dodger Season 2: FAQs

1. What is the Artful Dodger Series About?

It is a classic thriller set in 1850s Australia and is inspired by the Charles Dickens novel, OliverTwist. The eight-part series chronicles an ex-convict, Jack Dawkins, tale of struggle.

2. Who is the Creator of The Artful Dodger Series?

The Artful Dodger series is created by a trio of James McNamara, David Maher and David Taylor. The screenplay has been helmed by Andrew Knight, Viviene Walshe, James McNamara and Dan Knight.

3. Is The Artful Dodger Season 2 Confirmed?

No, it isn’t officially confirmed yet.

4. When Will The Artful Dodger Season 2 Be Released?

Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, The Artful Dodger Season 2 is expected to be released in early 2025.

5. Is a Trailer Available For The Artful Dodger Season 2?

No, there is no teaser available for the sequel of this classic yet. There is a trailer available for the debut season though.

6. Where to Watch The Artful Dodger Series Online?

You can stream The Artful Dodger online on Hulu.

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