Where Is Kasper Holm Henriksen Now? Unravelling His Life History!

Netflix has provided a lot of quality content and one of them is “Heart Of Invictus“. It shows how disabled military veterans change their lives and deal with the limitations they have. One of such veterans is Kasper Holm Henriksen. He has taken part in the 2022 Invictus games. This article talks about him. Also, it will tell you answers to some questions like where is Kasper Holm Henriksen now? In this article, we have shared everything he has given in the interview in the series. All his difficulties, challenges, traumas, and struggles to fight are shared in this article. So read this article if you want to know more about Kasper and Invictus games.

Where Is Kasper Holm Henriksen Now?

Currently, Kasper is going to take part in the Invictus games of 2023. Also, he will participate in this game being the captain of Denmark’s team. This time the Invictus games are going to take place in Germany. His team members are very happy and satisfied knowing that he will lead them. They believe that they will perform better under his captaincy. And they all are looking forward to seeing if he can again amaze everyone with his game like the previous time. Also, Kasper is building a good relationship with people he loves.

It can be seen in the Netflix series too when he showed his love for his daughters. He is always in touch with them by video calls whenever he is in training. And in the interview, he also talked about his wish that he want to spend a good amount of time with them and not just a day. Kasper is also trying to improve his mental health for this day. He is residing in Denmark as of now doing his training.

In April 2022, he took part in the Invictus Games that were held in the Netherlands. During his participation in the Invictus games, he amazed everyone with his phenomenal performance. He won the silver medal in the Time Trial category and also the bronze medal in the Road Race category in these games. Also, in these games, he was in the IRB3 class. Now this was not the end. He took part in the indoor rowing event and also won a silver medal in this game. This medal was given for his endurance.

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About Kasper Holm Henriksen

Kasper is from Denmark and he joined the military to serve his nation. Also, he wanted to create a difference in the world. He was among one of the soldiers in the batches deployed to Iraq. This was in 2004 when his country sent these troops. It was an unexpected moment for Kasper that has happened in his career. On this tour, he also had to run through the battlefield. This experience was shared in the interview by him. He did this to provide ammunition to his troop mates.

Kasper is having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is caused by the close bullet shots that he heard during this incident. He had to run through an active battlefield in Al Qurnah where the bullets passed very close to him. Also, there were bombings in front of him which added to this trauma. He has almost recovered from his physical injuries but still, his fight with PTSD is going on.

His mental health is deteriorating with each passing day. As an impact of this, he has been divorced and also is not allowed to spend much time with his two daughters. He knows that this meeting could harm his daughters so many times he lies that he is not coping with PTSD. There are pictures of him after his service in which he has an empty smile. These things are shared in the Netflix series by him. But he dealt with all of this and now he has taken part in the Invictus games which has motivated him to live his life.

About This Documentary

Netflix has provided a documentary showing the Invictus games. This documentary is titled “Heart of Invictus” and is about the veterans. It is a must-watch documentary where one can get motivated to fight against all disabilities. People from the armed forces with disabilities have done a wonderful job. They have shown that they don’t have any limits and they can do anything.

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