Choose Love 2 Release Date: Is There A Chance Of A Renewal Any Soon?

There is huge news for all the Laura Marano fans. Over the years she has created a huge fandom throughout. All her fans were eagerly and anxiously waiting for her new release. Well, she is back on screen with a huge launch and release of another love story: Choose Love. Fans have shown their interest and appreciated the work of the star cast in the movie. However, it could not do so great. Critics have thrown remarks that made it hard not to believe. In case you are wondering to know more about the OTT release and if there is any announcement on Choose Love Season 2 Release Date, we have got you covered. Here in this article, you will get information not only on the speculated release date of the second season but also a detailed study of the first one.

Choose Love 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, we have no updates from the makers or any other sources about the second season release date. Keeping in mind the recent release of the first season, it is quite obvious that the makers are going to take time to decide on the second season. As of now the producers, cast as well as the whole team are waiting and looking forward to the first season. With its recent release on the 31st of August, makers are quite sceptical of the second season. However, we can think positively and hope for a re-launch soon.

There are steps taken by the makers in making the film which makes it stand out of the box. As called by Netflix, it is the first interactive film. So what is all of it about? Who is cast in the film? What is the storyline? In case you are looking for the answers to all such questions, keep on reading!

Choose Love Season 2: Expected Cast

One of the many things that are highly appreciated about the film is the cast. The casting director has been appreciated for choosing the phenomenals from the lot. In season 1 we see Laura Marano playing the role of Cami Conway. She is the protagonist in the film. It is a cute rom-com based on her life. Opposite to her, we see Scott Michael Foster who is Paul in the film. Apparently, he is the dream boyfriend of Cami. We also come across Avan Jogia as Rex Galier, Megan Smart as Amalia, Benjamin Hoetjes as Florian and a lot more.

Keeping the marvellous cast in view, we can expect the same for the next season as well. However, in case we get a renewal, we can expect new plot twists. These twists will surely mark the entry of new faces and characters.

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Choose Love Season 1: Storyline

With the recent release of this film, it has become the talk of the town. If you are considering it to be a regular rom-com, then you must be highly mistaken. We see a sweet love story with perfect comic timing. However, the thing that makes it stand out is it is an interactive film. The story of the film is sweet and simple.

We see Cami Conway whose life the film revolves around. She is shown as an ambitious lady who has a dream job. Like many of us, she faces issues to forget her past mistakes and failures. These stand as obstacles in her future endeavours. Apart from this, she is shown as being happy and leading a perfectly decent life.

The best part of this film is Cami is thrown into situations in which she has to make choices. And do you know who makes the choices for her? You guys! Yes, you heard it right! Viewers get an opportunity to make decisions on behalf of Cami. Although the film has been rated lower than the expectations(5.4/10), it is surely a fun movie. You can give it a watch and rate it yourself.

Where To Watch Choose Love?

Until the time we do not find any news on season 2 of Choose Love, you can watch the first season if you have not watched it yet. In case you are wondering where to watch season 1, we have the answer for you. Season 1 of Choose Love has been made available for you to watch on the OTT Platform Netflix. It is an original Netflix film and hence with a subscription can be watched anytime. So what are you waiting for? In case you have not watched it yet, just head straight to Netflix and enjoy a ‘Sorted Sunday’.

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