Where Is Tom Folwell Now? Unveiling His Life History!

Netflix documentaries have always amazed viewers with their incredible objective. They have always kept the trust of serving audiences with quality series and documentaries. One such worthy documentary series is “Heart of Invictus” which has won the hearts of viewers. It told the audience what sports can do in our lives. May it be a physical or emotional trauma or it is something related to mental health, sports have always helped in providing relief. In this series, we will see amazing stories about military veterans. So what is this Invictus game? Who is Tom Folwell? Where is Tom Folwell now? We will cover these topics in this article. So whoever wants to know these answers or wants to know anything else about the series then read this article.

Where Is Tom Folwell Now?

Currently, Tom is not the coach anymore but he is the captain of the Leicester Tigers Wheelchair Rugby Team. At present, he is an active and professional athlete. He has taken part in the Invictus games and he has been in many virtual Invictus-powered activities. One such activity in which he took part is sitting volleyball. He is now a 38-year-old man who is an active athlete taking part in different tournaments and activities. In a recent update, it is found that he has chosen an Osseointegration life. So for now he doesn’t have to use the regular prosthetics.

He was inspired to be a coach after he became the captain. It was said by himself in the documentary interview. Now he can do anything he wants to and also he has become social. All the quietness inside him has gone and now he is more interactive. He indulges in conversation with other people more now. Also, he has become very good at one-on-one conversation in recent years. As for now, he wants to see his son growing up and also help his wife in running the house. Sports has filled him with so much confidence and enthusiasm that now nothing can stop him ever.

The Story Of Tom Folwell

At the age of 17, he graduated and then he joined the British army. In June 2003, he joined the Digby-Jones Troop to complete his basic training. Now he signed up to be a combatant and then became a plant operator mechanic. It was when he was on a tour of Iraq but later he was called to Afghanistan. But little did he know that a foot patrol would change his life. It was under the Personal Recovery Unit-145 that this happened to him. This happened in June 2012, when Tom stepped into one of the Improvised Explosive Devices. He accidentally put his leg on this, it blew up. He was seen walking for some time and after that, he fell to the ground. Tom couldn’t make out what happened at that time as it was all in a fraction of a second.

After this incident, he was taken to Camp Bastion and later he was shifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. But on his way, he had to stop in Cyprus as a blood clot had formed in his body. He lost the legs and fingers of his left hand in this blast. It was the end of his nine-year-old career.

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Detailed Study On It

Tom was in the hospital under observation for almost two and a half months. It took almost three years for him to become used to his life. There were therapy sessions, rehab, and possible prosthetics in these years. He developed a drinking habit and also lost all his confidence. Now, due to this, his health started declining and this is when his wife told him that he needed to make some changes in lifestyle. After this, with his wife’s support, he took part in wheelchair sports. But it was not easy as he wanted to be alone which created difficulties during team games like rugby. Later on, he took part in games and learned to be in a team and be social.

About The Netflix Documentary

Netflix has filmed a documentary series on such kinds of military veterans. In this, interviews of such disabled military personnel are shown. This documentary shows that Prince Harry established the Invictus Games. Thomas “Tom” Folwell has taken part in this game and proven that he has much more than his wounds. He was in the military and was a Royal Engineer.

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