An Atrocious Murderer: Where Is Justin Barber Now?

Hailed as the valedictorian of his high school class, Justin Barber was a boisterous and studious student. As his friend and classmate, Amber Mitchell, recalls, Justin was a straight-A student who harboured sky-high ambitions and deep-rooted moral values. Barber was a finance enthusiast but didn’t recline heavily on the trade jargon. He was an avid learner and was ambitious to achieve great heights in both his professional and personal lives. However, instead of working on his ambitions, he began conjuring a devious murder plan.

Despite utilizing his analytics and research skills fully, Barber couldn’t prevent his arrest and eventual prison sentence. Are you curious to know more about a flourishing MBA graduate-turned-gory-killer? Here’s what you need to know about Justin Barber and his current whereabouts!

Where Is Justin Barber Now?

Justin was born in the mid-1970s and has been a kindhearted and polite prodigy all his life. As rich as his academic history is, his morals were equally profuse as well. In the late 1980s, Barber graduated from Oklahoma University and began pursuing a higher degree to upskill himself. In the same timeframe, Justin’s classmate, Mitchell, introduced him to her former schoolmate, April Stacy Lott, who was a Radiology student. After losing her mother to cancer in her early childhood, April began kindling a dream to help people eradicate cancer from their lives.

When the two met for the first time, they hit it off immediately and tied the knot only after a little less than a year. For the first year of their marriage, things sailed smoothly with little to no intervals. However, things soon escalated downward between the Barber couple. However, they tried to camouflage their flailing marriage and tried not to give up.

As NBC’s Dateline: Murder In The Moonlight portrays, Justin and April Barber went to celebrate their third-anniversary dinner when they were supposedly attacked. Barber’s life was altered altogether after the ambush and April passed away the same day, too. Now, almost two decades after the supposed ambuscade and his trial, Justin Barber remains incarcerated at the Marion Correctional Institution in Florida.

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Justin Barner’s Trial And Arrest

According to Barber, after enjoying a pleasant evening, he went for a stroll down the beach with his wife to watch the sunset. They were then held at gunpoint by an anonymous man and assumed him to be a burglar. Justin claimed that the supposed burglar shot April but he couldn’t witness anything because he passed out soon after the strike. When he regained consciousness, the beach was empty sans a floating corpse in the ocean waves. Barber immediately gathered strength and rushed towards the corpse, cradling his bruised shoulders and palm.

Unfortunately, it was April’s dead body floating in the water after being shot to death. Barber tried dragging his wife’s cadaver out but due to his injuries couldn’t pull her out on his own. He sought help from the local townsfolk and the police, who initially considered it as a robbery gone wrong.

Why Did Justin Barber Murder April?

Soon after witnessing a pale and wounded Barber calmly handling the situation, the officers sensed a homicide. They began investigating April’s death as a planned murder and deduced that the murderer was none other than her own husband. With the testimonial and evidence against him, Justin admitted his crime and pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. He was assigned a life sentence in 2006 and has remained behind bars ever since.

When confronted, Justin acknowledged his extramarital affairs and his issue with April’s siblings who began residing with them the same year. Despite portraying himself as a family-oriented man, Justin didn’t want April’s siblings, who considered her as their mother, to stay with them. Conflict arose between the couple due to the same. April then caught Justin’s alleged relationships and was about to divorce him. But before she could file for divorce, Justin shot her brutally.

Where Is Justin Barber Now: FAQs

1. Who Is Justin Barber?

Barber is an MBA graduate and a straight-A student who’s accused of murdering his wife, April.

2. Is Justin Barber Alive?

Yes, the 55-year-old inmate is alive.

3. Did Justin Barber Murder His Wife?

Yes, Barber shot April in 2006, just two days after their third wedding anniversary.

4. Why Did Justin Barber Kill April?

Justin planned April’s homicide because the latter caught a whiff of his alleged relationships and wanted to get away from him.

5. Has Justin Barber Been Granted Parole?

No, Justin has not been granted parole.

6. Where Is Justin Barber Now?

Currently, Barber is fulfilling his life sentence at the Marion Correctional Institution in Florida.

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