Duke Pendragon Chapter 79 Release Date: Detailed Study On Release Date, Speculated Storyline And Platform To Watch!

Manga series are the series that have a huge fan base and are loved by readers. Kakao is a platform that has a lot of quality manga series to serve the readers. One such popular series is “Duke Pendragon” which we will talk about in this article. It has become the new fan favorite and people have loved all the 78 chapters released till now. All chapters are available both in raw form and translated versions. In this article, you will get to know about Duke Pendragon chapter 79 release date. Also, this article will contain information about the series and a recap of previous chapters. So give this article a thorough read to know everything about this series. Also, people who want to read a quality manga should read this article fully.

 Duke Pendragon Chapter 79 Release Date

Fans can now relax as their long-awaited chapter will be released soon. It has been confirmed by the publishers and the platform where you can read this series. So the release date of chapter 79 of the series is set to be on 7 September 2023. Fans can visit KakaoPage for the raw scan of this chapter on this date.

For the translated version of the chapter, fans have to wait for some time. All who are seeking to read something fresh and interesting should visit KakaoPage and read this amazing series. Every chapter of the series is available on this platform and the translated chapters are available on Tapas. Also, readers have to know the timing for their regions as the release timing will be varying according to the regions.

About Duke Pendragon

This is a manga series that is full of adventure, action, and fantasy. It is a manga series written by Kim Hyungjun. The artwork and illustrations are done by Sumishiro. Now this is about Raven who is the lead character of this series. He is the unloved son of a low-ranking nobleman. Now he has been given a chance to take away his charges of treason. It is possible for redemption in exchange for helping the “Rakshasa”. He has survived and has surprised everyone as everyone here passes away within a year. Now he has to do one last task before moving free.

This task is meeting Eren Pendragon who is an heir of the illustrious principality of Pendragon. But this task has made an unexpected turn in his life. Now after this meeting, there will be many more challenges and occurrences that will make life difficult for him.

He doesn’t know about this twist in life. Now Raven and Eren have to get ready for a life full of dangers and mysteries. But these things will bring bravery and commitment to them. So this is a manga series that will provide readers with knowledge about bravery and also there will be many friendships formed on this journey. Also, it has shown very clearly that when there is a huge danger in front of people the line between a friend and foe disappears.

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Recap Of Chapter 78

At the start of this chapter, we see that our characters explore the unique taste of beer. Eren feels that this world lacks something. In this chapter, readers can read that the Twilight Tower owner will have to face a challenge. Eren is seen comparing Leu’s beer and Pendragon’s beer. There is a heated conversation between the both during this time. Vincent Ron is also compared to the railroad in this chapter. It is the population disparity between the Leus and Pendragon which is the foundation of the problem.

Leus are more than the Pendragon and also the territory of the Pendragon is smaller than the Leus. This growth of Pendragon has been affected by demographic mismatch. In the end, Eren is seen providing a solution for the poverty that immigrants experience. This chapter mainly covers population increase, land management, and a line between the needs of people and effective leadership. Eren is seen in a new role which makes him face new challenges but he lays the framework for the future. This framework provided by him is unexpected which will bring development in the future. Read this chapter before reading chapter 79 as the new chapter will continue the story from this chapter’s end.

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