Citadel Episode 6 Recap And Review: The Finale Episode Ressurects The Sinking Ship By Using Emotional Strings!

The Citadel Spyverse, manifested by Josh Appelbaum, Bryan Oh and David Weil, is a universe weighed down by secrets. Prime Video’s most-watched espionage thriller, Citadel has been a hot topic for us entertainment geeks for over a year now. Spanning multiple countries, languages and actors, Prime Video has invested heavily in this spy saga. Led by Richard Madden as Mason Kane/Kyle Conroe and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh, the Citadel series has now become a family drama wrapped in layers of deceit, secrets, blood and betrayals.

As we all know now, Nadia and Mason share a daughter together, Aasha. She is kidnapped by Citadel’s rival organization, Manticore’s leader, Dahlia Archer (Lesley Manville). Dahlia is using Aasha to destroy the world by unleashing five nuclear missiles hidden in the core of the Pacific Ocean. Did Mason lead the world towards destruction? Find out now!

Citadel Episode 6 Recap

In the last episode, Citadel’s tech genius, Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci), was on the brink of freedom with Ander Silje (Rolland Moller), his captive, ready to release him in exchange for information. Ander wanted to learn the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend, Brielle, but before he could, Dahlia shot him. Now, his brother, Davik Silje (Rolland Moller), is yearning to avenge his twin. So, when Mason enters the submarine in the Pacific Ocean to retrieve the five cores for Dahlia, Davik flips on Dahlia. Instead of executing Dahlia’s monstrous plans, he comes up with an atrocious one on his own. 

Davik directs the missiles at Manticore’s family headquarters, choosing to kill two birds with a stone, after beating Mason into unconsciousness. Davik isn’t only grieving Ander but he’s also aspiring to grab a permanent position at Manticore and for that to happen, Dahlia needs to be on his side. And what better way to make his dream come true than blackmailing his boss who is the master blackmailer?

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Who Is The Mole In Citadel?

There is no guarantee that Dahlia will let Aasha live even if Mason returns with the cores. So, following her motherly instincts, Nadia decides to take matters in her hand. She kills the Manticore agents on the plane with her goal set in front of her. Meanwhile, Mason slowly comes to his senses and gets into a fight with Davik only to find Davik having an upper hand. Nadia rescues him, Mason plunges a knife into Davik and both of them get hit by a wave of nostalgia. Their chemistry sizzles, the past though extinguishes it.

Carter Spence (Osy Ikhile), yet another Citadel spy, helps Mason and Nadia retrieve their daughter alive. Mason hands over the cores to Dahlia, Carter shoots the agent holding Aasha hostage and these Citadel spies save the world and Aasha. But it isn’t the happy ending yet. The main question and the greatest suspense mystery of Prime Video’s espionage thriller are answered now! The mole who brought down Citadel is Mason Kane, not Nadia, who has been our primary suspect.

Citadel Episode 6 Ending Explained: The Future Of The Series Lies In The Hands Of Nadia Now

Citadel Episode 6 Recap And Review

I have already mentioned that Citadel runs alongside emotional baggage here. The finale episode affirms it. Nadia isn’t the only one who carries the weight of her conscience, decisions and past on her shoulders. Mason, too, is weighed down by his past. A few decades back, Mason’s father was killed in Serbia along with over 150 more people. In that bombing, not only does Mason lose his father but is also abandoned by his mother who couldn’t raise him after losing the love of her life. Mason has spent his entire life clutching this memory close to his heart. After Nadia left him because of the Celeste debacle, he lost his conscience and resorted to an ugly decision.

The mother who abandoned Mason is none other than Dahlia Archer, the diplomat, the con and the Manticore leader. Mason joined Citadel to feel a sense of belonging. Dahlia shook hands with Manticore to avenge her dead husband–well, that is what we are told so far. When Mason is unable to locate Nadia, after trying each possible alternative, he goes on knocking at Dahlia’s door. He orchestrates a deal with her in exchange for finding Nadia, now driven by two reasons. Dahlia manipulated Mason into leaking Citadel’s inside information reasoning that it was Citadel and NATO behind the Serbia bombing. She then used this information to kill each of the Citadel spies and burn down the entire organization, betraying her son.

The crux here is Nadia, Bernard, Carter, Mason’s wife, Abby, his daughter, Hendrix and everyone around him is blissfully unaware. Dahlia is on a run and is safe as of now. Though Nadia and Mason are set on different paths, the former with her daughter Aasha and the latter with Hendrix, their paths are bound to collide in Citadel Season 2!

Citadel Episode 6 Review: The Only Episode In The Series That’s Truly Commendable But Not Without Its Flaws

Okay, so here Citadel Season 1 comes to the climax. I wouldn’t say it was an enthralling wild ride since it was mostly too predictable to be compelling. The revelation of Nadia and Mason’s child and the almost ridiculous so-called huge fight between the two doesn’t shout enticing really. Yet, Citadel Season 1 Episode 6 redeems the future of the series by threading Mason, Dahlia and Nadia in a string of interconnected relationships and secrets.

The series so far has been a ball of secrets with a bullet always awaiting either of the protagonists. It might be an espionage thriller but what keeps it going is the emotional elements the creators, Josh Appelbaum, Bryan Oh and David Weil, keeps instilling in the episodes. Citadel Episode 6 stands at 7.5 on 10 for me with the next season being highly anticipated.

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