Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap And Ending Explained: A Life-Threat Surrounds Jung-Sook Once Again!

With just two more episodes left, Doctor Cha is becoming more and more engrossing. Especially now that the entire family of Jung-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) has discovered the secret affair of her husband, In-Ho (Kim Byung-Chul) and Seung-Hee (Myung Se-Bin). The last episode teased us with Jung-Sook’s mother, Deok-Rye (Kim Mi-Kyung) learning about In-Ho’s alleged affair and a secret daughter, Eun-Seo (So A-Rin). This episode treats us to a spicy fight and an emotional revelation! The dynamics of the relationships between all the characters of Netflix’s Doctor Cha are changing and this time, this change is for good–mostly at least.

Be it Jung-Sook and In-Ho’s son, Jung-Min’s (Song Ji-Ho) patch-up with his girlfriend, So-Ra (Jo Ah-Ram), or Jung-Sook’s decision to divorce Min-Ho, the transformations are indeed engrossing. This episode is laden with emotion-fueled decisions and is set to alter the dynamics of all the relationships Doctor Cha is based upon. The creators, Kim Dae-Jin and Kim Jung-Woo, and the writer, Jung Yeo-Rang, are definitely not taking it easy on Jung-Sook. Doctor Cha Episode 14 proves that!

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap And Ending Explained

The episode commences where the previous one ends, with a pathetic fight between In-Ho’s mother, Ae-Sim (Park Joon-Geum) and his so-called boyfriend’s wife. In this fight, she reveals that In-Ho is having an affair with his first love and has a secret child with her much to Ae-Sim’s dismay. Deok-Rye loses her calm and confronts Jung-Sook, asking for the truth. Meanwhile, In-Ho manages to convince Seung-Hee and Eun-Seo to leave the restaurant without causing a fuss so that he could save face in front of Deok-Rye.

While Deok-Rye is flooding with anger, her health isn’t on her side either. She has to be admitted back where she refuses to get treated by the woman who scorned her daughter. Seung-Hee, however, doesn’t hold a grudge and continues her treatment doing everything she could to help her. It is the doctor in her that refuses to let her patient down and the lover in her that can’t let In-Ho go and these two roles are taking a toll on Seung-Hee’s mental health, too. Hardly anyone is left unaffected by this mess, not even the children Jung-Sook so dearly aspires to protect.

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Jung-Min And I-Rang Are Tremendously Affected

I-Rang (Lee Seo-Yeon), Jung-Sook’s daughter, broke Eun-Seo’s arm. As a result, she unintentionally stole the opportunity for Eun-Seo to join art school this year. Her guilt and the incident with Deok-Rye lead her to Seung-Hee’s office. She asks Seung-Hee to let go of her father and take care of her grandmother. In turn, she will abandon her dream of becoming an art school. Seung-Hee doesn’t accept her offer and yet helps I-Rang’s grandmother as much as she could.

Meanwhile, Jung-Min has decided to enrol himself into the army and fulfil his duty towards the nation. His decision isn’t spontaneous though. The mess with his parents and the blow his career received in the previous episodes have influenced his decision. So, Jung-Min asks So-Ra not to wait for him and continue with her life. Her reaction makes for the highlight of the show! So-Ra refuses to let go of Jung-Min. She throws her arms over his neck in front of the entire hospital, embracing their relationship wholeheartedly. Someone else has accepted his feelings, too!

A Good News Awaits Roy Kim

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap And Ending Explained

Yes, it is Jung-Sook’s surgeon and friend Roy Kim (Min Woo-Hyuk)! As Jung-Sook meets with her best friend Mi-Hee (Joo-Hee) for a round of drinks, Mi-Hee tries to convince her that her divorce from In-Ho is probably for the best. Jung-Sook has filed for the divorce and has it delivered to In-Ho. Mi-Hee tries to make Jung-Sook understand that she has a soft corner for him. However, she withholds the information that Kim has already confessed that he is lying low because of the current circumstances surrounding Jung-Sook.

A pivotal moment occurs for Roy Kim in this episode and it is not a love declaration. In the previous episode, he registered his DNA in the hope of reuniting with his family. In this episode, Kim gets to meet his family! He asks Jung-Sook to come with him and meet his family. If that isn’t a clear indication of his feelings, I don’t know what is. But Kim’s reunion with his family isn’t all hearts and flowers, rather it is a gloomy experience for him.

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Ending Explained: Jung-Sook’s Health Is Endangered

Roy’s mother passed away a while ago and though he has older brothers and sisters, his parents gave him up for adoption. Now, his father is suffering from leukaemia and they are searching for someone to donate his bone marrow. Though they do not specify it, everything points out their selfish intentions. Kim walks out of the room with a blank expression but it is obvious he is in despair. For the first time, it is Jung-Sook helping him out and not the other way around. Running is Kim’s reprieve. Jung-Sook uses this reprieve and challenges him to run 9 kilometres to the hospital before taking him shopping for sports shoes.

Jung-Sook has been split into multiple things, her mother’s health, job, divorce, and kids and though she has been primarily tired, she receives the title of The Resident of the Month. Her neglect towards herself might take a toll on her health since she is caught coughing blood. Jung-Sook’s journey towards self-help began when she was diagnosed with liver disease. The finale feels like a deja vu, doesn’t it? Doctor Cha Episode 15 cannot come faster!

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