Citadel Episode 5 Recap And Review: The Penultimate Episode Sets Solid Ground For The Final Explosion!

Another week, another episode of Prime Video’s popular series, Citadel. When the first episode introduced us to the sensation couple, Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), it was evident they shared a deeper connection. The penultimate episode of Citadel establishes our belief firmly. The connection between the Citadel spies, Mason and Nadia runs deep and it wouldn’t be long before it ruins it all. This episode lays the foundation of the ultimate clash between two global organizations, Citadel and Manticore. It has opened the Pandora’s box and bombarded us with secrets and betrayals.

The secrets and betrayals are the foundation of Prime Video’s Citadel, isn’t it? Ever since the series began with highlighting Nadia and Mason being caught in an explosion, the secrets have kept flowing seamlessly. The previous episode left us with a major question along with several others. Why Nadia manipulated Celeste Graham (Ashleigh Cummings) to steal the Oz Key? Citadel Episode 5 answers this question along with a few others!

Citadel Episode 5 Recap

Citadel Episode 5 Recap And Review

Now living a dual-life as Mason Kane and Kyle Conroy, the Citadel commander has a lot on his plate. Though he has put Abby aka Celeste and his kid, Hendrix into a safe house, his other lover is in dire need of protection. As much as Dahlia Archer (Lesley Manville) and Manticore, Nadia need protection from her trust issues, too. These issues led Nadia and Mason to break up a decade ago. With a new Citadel spy, Carter Spence (Osy Ikhile), in the picture and Mason’s latest discoveries, things are heated at the moment between the couple.

Nadia is cornered by Mason, forcing her to reveal her true intention behind stealing the Oz Key. She did it so that she could protect such a significant case from being in anyone’s hands, despite Mason being the only one to control it. But then, Nadia discovered Mason wiping Celeste off her memories because he believed Nadia to be a mole and everything went downhill. Nadia, who previously agreed to marry Mason, flips on her statement and picks up a mission far away from him. She put this distance between them since Mason supposedly broke her trust by trying to protect her from Celeste revealing her secret.

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Who Is Rahi? What Is His Connection With Nadia?

It is Carter who came into the lives of Mason and Nadia with a plethora of accusations, didn’t he? Another accusation he has under his belt, aimed at Nadia, is Rahi’s connection with her. Rahi, who is a world-recognized terrorist, is in touch with Nadia. Now Carter believes Nadia and Rahi are taking the world closer to destruction in association with Citadel’s rival organization, Manticore. However, the truth is far more entangled.

Remember, Citadel Episode 1? Yes, the episode in which Nadia and Mason were flirting with each other as if some long-lost lovers reunited? Well, that’s because they reunited almost a year back after Nadia left Citadel and the organization crumbled down. She was with her father, Rahi, in Valencia, giving birth to her and Mason’s daughter. Yes, Mason is a father to two girls now. The only issue is neither Nadia nor Mason has met their little girl and the love triangle has gotten more complicated.

Citadel Episode 5 Ending: It Isn’t Only Mason Who Explores The Valencia Secret

Citadel Episode 5 Recap And Review

When Nadia reveals her precious secret, Carter is still wary of her. Mason is flabbergasted and Nadia is holding onto her overflowing emotions. Meanwhile, Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci)–who is still in Dahlia’s captivity–is on the verge of revealing a secret as well. The Silje brothers, who act as executioners for Manticore, were assigned the task to make Bernard speak. And when Bernard spoke, Ander Silje (Roland Moller) was left speechless. He told him about Brielle, Ander’s ex-girlfriend who still holds a key to his heart. Brielle is none other than Celeste aka Mason’s wife, Abby.

Now Bernard wants to exchange his freedom instead of revealing Brielle’s current whereabouts. But before Ander could agree, Dahlia shoots him and blackmails Bernard to reveal the password. She has a missile set to destroy the safe house in which Abby, Hendrix and Bernard’s family are residing. But even after receiving the information, Dahlia is left empty-handed since her mission can only be accomplished by Mason Kane, the ex-commander of Citadel.

Dahlia, being the megalomaniac sadist she is, resorts to using Mason and Nadia’s daughter against them. This Manticore agent has a mission–supposedly to destroy the world–and she is all prepared to go all the way out to accomplish her mission. With Dahlia having the upper hand in this cat-mouse game, Nadia and Mason have no option but to play puppets.

Citadel Episode 5 Review: A Redundant Tale With Cliche Storyline

First of all, how many of you guessed that Nadia was hiding a secret child? Well, most of us did. It was such a generic secret to withhold, isn’t it? Citadel began with a bang, claiming to be an adventurous spy saga. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive series to be manifested. Sadly, it is just the suspense that keeps Citadel going with half of the secrets being too predictable.

This episode is no better than the rest with its super-fast pace and redundant storyline. If the makers don’t up their ante for the finale, Citadel might end up being another spy saga with nothing notable but explosions and banter. Citadel Episode 5 stands at a mere 6 on 10.

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