Is Dahaad Based On A True Story? Unveiling Truth Of The Film

Dahaad is a recent release of the Hindi Bollywood Film Industry. The series is a compilation of crime, revenge, mystery, and thriller scenes. This is one of the most loved series by the people as of now. 

Dahaad has such a great storyline and such fabulous artists rolling in the film that they have made Dahaad the first-ever Indian movie to reach to Berlin International film festival. Dahaad will be listed there in the Berlin film festival and compete with the Berlin films.

Is Dahaad Based On A True Story?

Dahaad is yes a real-life-based series. The series is inspired by the most heart-whelming incident that took place in the Mysore district of Karnataka, India. The film’s story how-so-ever has been modified a bit due to legal points. 

Some of the scenes in the series are found to be inspired by the real-life most wanted murderer Cyanide Mohan and even the storyline of the series is inspired by his case of Mysore, where he kidnapped 20 women and assaulted them badly.

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Let us have a brief look at the series Dahaad.

Story Behind The Series Dahaad.

Dahaad is the series showcasing the young sub-inspector, who is a woman and is investigating the case of twenty-seven lost women in Rajasthan state. Though so many women are lost to date none in the city is bothered about them. 

The cop found the case to be so puzzled up at once but then finds some clues leading to each women’s kidnapping and found it to be pre-planned kidnapping.

Anjali, the head of the cops of the village is from a lower caste family and her mother finds difficulties in Anjali’s marriage, but she didn’t stop anywhere and continued her investigation to get back those 27 girls and save other girls in the state.

Anjali finds that every girl who is lost is from a lower caste and poor family who is not able to give dowry and get married. these girls are lured by men and married and killed. people feel that this is the work of a group of criminals, but Anjali feels it is only one man behind each case. 

She tries hard and investigated to reach the roots of the cases and finds few similarities as well.

The case then took a sudden change when a college lecturer enters the case and is the only culprit of the case. After trying very hard Anjali and her team catches Anand red-handed. He, at last, gives quite unwanted and unacceptable reasons for him taking such a cruel step, and the main reason he says is those girls being of lower caste and even threatening the head cop, Anjali.

Cast Of The Series Dahaad.

Dahaad is a Bollywood series created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti. The series was released on Amazon Prime Video on May 12, 2023.

The series boasts a fabulous star cast including, Sonakshi Sinha staring as Sub-Inspector Anjali Bhaati or Anjali Meghwal, SOhum Shah staring as SI Kailash Parghi, Gulshan Devaiah staring as SHO Devi Lal Singh, Vijay Varma staring as Anand Swarnakar, Zoa Morani staring as Anand’s wife Vandana Swarnakar, Mikhail gandhi staring as Harry, Jayanti Bhatia staring as Anjali’s mother Devki Bhatti, Rajiv Kumar as SP, Manyuu Doshi staring as Anand’s brother Shiv Swarnakar, are all the main crew members of the series Dahaad.

The other supporting stars include, Yogi Singha staring as Murli, Sanghmitra Hitaishi staring as Miriam, Rytasha Rathore staring as Lata, Varad Bhatnagar staring as Kaasim, Waris Ahmed Zaidi staring as Altaf, Vijay Kumar Dogra staring as School principal, Abhishek Bhalerao staring as Mhatre, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee staring as Renuka, and Nirmal Chiraniyan staring as Journalist.

Review Of The Series Dahaad.

Dahaad is one of the must-watch and popular series on Amazon Prime TV. The series shows the story psycho serial killer who kidnapped 27 women of lower caste from a village in Rajasthan and killed them brutally. 

Anjali, the SI along with her team investigated the case with all her strength and mind and finally reached the roots of the case and arrested the main criminal of the story.

The series’ trailer was released on May 3, 2023, and the original show was released on May 12, 2023, with a total of 8 episodes. The series gained popularity in no less time in India. It became the first ever Indian film to compete at the Berlin International film festival. The series is thus a massive hit.

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This is all about the series Dahaad. Stay Tuned with us for further updates about other series, movies, and many more.

  1. 1. Is Dahaad series based on a true story?

    Yes, the Dahaad series is inspired by the real-life event of Cyanide Manoj. but the series makers have done relevant changes too in the story to make it more interesting.

  2. 2. How many episodes of Dahaad series is released?

    The first season of Dahaad was released on May 12, 2023, on Amazon Prime TV with a total of eight episodes.

  3. 3. What’s so special with Dahaad series?

    On one side where Dahaad is a series that shows a female officer saving the life of other girls, on the other hand, Dahaad is the first Indian film to participate in the Berlin International film festival.