The Yellow Birds Ending Explained – What Happened To Daniel Murphy? Where Did He Disappear? 

The frontline warriors are tested the most, especially when the Chief General calls for the war siren. That loss, pain, grief of losing your loved ones, that heart-breaking moment when you can’t save your best friend! It was released six years ago but the epic American war film is still counted among the best movies out there. An excellent creation by Alexandre Moors, depicting the highly renowned story of The Yellow Birds! It will always remain dear to our hearts, after all, the duo, Murph and Bartle are hard to miss. Their friendship will surely melt away your heart. We still can’t get over the ending of the movie and so here is everything we captured from The Yellow Birds! A tale that not only narrates a soldier’s mental state but also portrays what could be the possible outcomes of a deadly war! 

The Yellow Birds Ending Explained

The Yellow Birds Ending Explained - What Happened To Daniel Murphy? Where Did He Disappear? 

If you have followed the movie carefully, then you must have observed the scene when Maureen came to visit Bartle in the prison! Everyone returned from Iraq, but where is her son? This particular question has been troubling her for months now. She knew only one person can help her out, there is only one man who can reveal the whole truth to her. This leads her to Bartle, the man who was supposed to take care of her son. The war in Iraq has taken away everything from her! She had every right to question Bartle! After all, he assured Maureen that he will protect Murph at any cost, he will never leave him alone in danger.

Bartle was supposed to return with Murphy, but yet today he stands near Maureen guilty and alone. What could have possibly gone wrong? What happened to Murph? Why didn’t he return to Virginia? You could see how long she has waited to meet her son! But little did she know that this waiting period is not going to end, she is not going to meet her son ever again! 

This brings us back to Iraq, the war flashback starts. How could Bartle ever forget about the day when the scouts were scanning through the village? Weirdly enough, Murph disappeared. He was tired of living a life where he was supposed to be butchered alive. It was all getting very heavy for him. And then comes the deadly news, suddenly a hermit reaches out to Sergeant Sterling and Bartle. He led them towards a minaret and there he was lying bare naked. He was in a deep, dead sleep. 

Daniel Murphy preferred dying over living a life where he was meant to be tortured regularly, his pain was increasing day by day and thus he decided to give up. There isn’t a single day in Bartle’s life where he doesn’t remember him. His dead face often wakes him up. Bartle was never that close to Murphy, but just like him, he too was struggling somewhere. They had a mutual understanding of pain and grief, both knew one day they would be killed. His worst nightmare came alive when he discovered Murph’s body! Months passed by, but Bartle still couldn’t get over Murphy’s death. And, this was also the sole reason why he decided to leave the war mid-way. 

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Was Murphy Ever Happy In Iraq?

The Yellow Birds Ending Explained - What Happened To Daniel Murphy? Where Did He Disappear? 

This happens to be the very last question that Maureen asked Bartle. When Jenny left them all behind, Murph started thinking that there was no point in living any further. She was the one who kept him going but then came that bomb blast where he lost all joy of his life. In a moment, he was drowned beneath the water. But Bartle had an answer for Maureen; yes, the war zone was full of heat and blood, but there was also a moment when Murph was happy in Iraq.

This brings us back to the holiday party at the base camp. Initially, Murph was too scared to approach Jenny, and finally, his long-time wish came true. Jenny asked him for a cozy dance and thus the two celebrated the silence of love! This was one particular moment of Murph’s life that will always stay alive with Bartle. Now that he has told the truth to Maureen, Bartle too could start looking forward in his life and thus the movie wraps up, with Bartle freeing all the birds out of the cage! 

The Yellow Birds Ending Explained – FAQs

1. Did Daniel die in The Yellow Birds?

Yes, by the end of the movie, it was revealed that Daniel has passed away.

2. Was Bartle responsible for Murph’s death?

No, Bartle wasn’t responsible for Murph’s death.

3. Where was Murph’s dead body?

Sterling and Bartle found Murph’s dead body in a minaret.

4. What happened to Murph’s dead body?

Upon Bartle’s request, Sterling decided to release Murph’s dead body in the river.

5. How did Sterling die?

The CID officer informed Bartle that Sterling has committed suicide.

6. Can you watch The Yellow Birds online?

Yes, the American war film, The Yellow Birds, is available on Prime Video.

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