Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery- Why Was Amiya Kidnapped?

From the most talented team of Indian cinephiles arrives a new satirical dramedy only on Netflix! The streaming giant’s most awaited Indian Hindi-language-based socio-political drama is centred around a bizarre scenario. As the name of the movie suggests, it is centred around a jackfruit. Set in the small fictional town of Moba, Kathal: The Jackfruit Mystery commences with a reflection on the nature of Indian government officials and gender biases. The plot revolves around a female inspector, Mahima Basor (Saniya Malhotra) who lays a trap to capture a most-wanted criminal. 

After days of hard work, she manages to capture this thief but her senior officer, Angrez (Gurpaal Singh), eats up the credit in front of the media. Meanwhile, Mahima stands in a corner, watching the drama unfold. She doesn’t hold a grudge but the gender biassing does hit somewhere deep–to me, too, and will probably encompass you as well. Now, only if this were the only issue left in the bold officer’s life. As interesting as Yashowardhan Mishra’s satirical dramedy is, it leaves us with 6 major questions all answered below for you!

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery Plot Synopsis

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery

After the whole media debacle, Angrez, Mahima and the team run towards MLA Munnala Pateria (Vijay Raaz) to solve a sensational theft case. What’s stolen? Yes, two jackfruits of the Uncle Hong breed. Correction: two unripe jackfruits of the Uncle Hong breed. Now, Pateria wants the police to find out his jackfruits before they ripen. Angrez orders Mahima to take over the case and find out the jackfruits before the politician loses his mind and does some lasting damage.

Mahima, with her team Mishra (Govind Pandey), Kunti Parihar (Neha Saraf) and Saurabh Dwivedi (Anant Joshi), the latter is her love interest, too. Here ensues a silly yet comical search for the jackfruits with Mahima and her team running away constantly to save their jobs and fulfil a politician’s duty. The investigation leads Mahima to Pateria’s gardener, Birwa, who was fired two days prior to the theft and is now a prime suspect.

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A Prime Suspect: Who Is Amiya?

After struggling to catch Birwa and failing immensely, Mahima and her team return to the station–only to find out Birwa standing in front of them in the flesh. He is here to file a missing person’s complaint but instead, he falls victim to the poor legislature. Birwa’s daughter is AWOL and instead of listening to him, Saurabh pushes him inside a prison cell and whips him to oblivion. This leads to a heated conflict between Mahima and Saurabh with the former making the latter realize his aversion towards the poor.

When Mahima reports the incident to Angrez, he orders her to put the blame on Birwa and free him of the burden. However, when Mahima sits down for a media conference, she doesn’t obey him. She claims that Birwa has confirmed that his missing daughter, Amiya, is the one behind the jackfruit theft. The snoopy yet savvy journalist, Anuj (Rajpal Yadav), however, catches the drift and realizes that Mahima has forced Birwa to give that statement.

Why Was Anuj Arrested?

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery

Mahima strives to get ahold of a young teenager, Amiya, who hails from a poor locality. When the investigation begins, Mahima finds out that Amiya is of a modern mindset–and with this, the local people mean she is not tamed properly–and that she is an addict. But that’s not the only thing Mahima finds out. Amiya isn’t the only one to be abducted suspiciously but rather there are over 40 girls who went missing. The common link between them is their poor background.

Anuj is gearing up to broadcast Birwa’s statement in which he claims that Mahima forced him to accept that Amiya is the thief. But before he could air it on his channel, Moba News, Mahima stops him and feeds him another sensational news so that he wouldn’t air Birwa’s statement. Sadly, when Anuj broadcasts the news of 40 missing girls, Mahima is forced to arrest him on her senior’s order for defamation.

Who Is Gulab Seth? Why Was Amiya Kidnapped?

Amiya was lured by a gang of local randy teenagers who engage in women trafficking. Amiya was kidnapped so that she could be traded like a piece of cattle. Gulab Seth is the dealer and ringmaster. He wears the facade of being a sweets dealer but on the inside, he is the one to engage in women trafficking. In fact, he is the leader and the dealer who buys and sells women as if they were a piece of ornament. 

He is the one who almost buys Amiya but Mahima stops it a minute before it could happen. Here ensues a dramatic fight between the two, Mahima and Gulab Seth. At one point, he holds a gun over Mahima’s head and before he could end her, she steps away and Gulab Seth falls from the terrace.

And yes, Mishra’s stolen pink nano is finally found but is crushed under Gulab Seth’s weight when he falls from his terrace.

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