13 Movies Like The Kerala Story That Will Shock You!

If you have watched the Kerala Story, you must have liked the film. Who is not supposed to like a film like this? Almost everybody has liked the film Kerala Story because of its intense storyline and the whole cinema altogether. If you are searching for more movies like The Kerala Story then you have come to the right place because we have organized a list of such movies for you all. We have provided the films that have a similar storyline to the Kerala Story or have similarities in general with the mentioned film. Before going into the list, let us first recap the story of the Kerala Story once. 

The Kerala Story is based on three girls who are converted to Islam to make them join ISIS. The three naïve girls, who either belong to Hinduism or Christianity fall under the trap of religion laid out by the members of the terrorist racket. These girls are heavily manipulated and married off to Muslim men which results in their conversion to Islam. They are made to leave the country to join the real ISIS forces in the countries of Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. It is an extremely controversial film and if looked closely, it is highly inspired by certain political propaganda. 

Movies Like The Kerala Story


You must have heard about this film. The Kashmir Files was released in 2022, and if we are thinking of the Kerala Story, the first similar movie that comes to our minds is The Kashmir Files. Made by Vivek Agnihotri, The Kashmir Files was a box-office hit. The film had a similar fate to the Kerala Story. It was banned in several states of India because of the intense controversial politics shown in the movie. 

The film revolves around the story of the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits and their exodus from the state of Kashmir to other parts of India. It shows how the people of a certain religion perpetrated severe atrocities against these Pandits. There are horrifying scenes of murder and killing in the movie. Hence, it is better if you do not watch it with children. The Kashmir Files intensified the feud regarding religion that already happens in the country. Perhaps, this is the only film that is so similar to the Kerala Story in its portrayal of politics surrounding religion.

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2. P.K

Released in 2014, P.K. was directed by none other than Rajkumar Hirani. This movie too was banned in certain states of India because of the religious politics shown on the big screens. Hirani has skillfully portrayed all the fights that happen regarding religion in the country. The film features Aamir Khan as the main protagonist. He is an alien from a different planet who gets lost on Earth. It is during this time that he becomes involved in religious politics as he does not understand which God to worship. As an outsider, he is completely confused and does not understand how to navigate through the various religions of India. 


Padmaavat was released in 2018. Banned in 2-3 states of the country, the story has undertones of religious politics. It is a historical film made on Padmaavati and her marriage to Maharawal Ratan Singh. While she was married to the Rajput ruler, she piqued the interest of Sultan ruler Alauddin Khilji. The film revolves around how the queen saves her modesty from the Sultan ruler who kills her husband in a war by using tricks that the Rajput ruler did not expect. This movie created various controversies throughout the country back in the year when the cinema was released. The real-life family members of Queen Padmaavati were not happy with the film. 

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Directed by Manish Jha, Matrubhoomi is a film that has openly displayed the atrocities that are perpetrated against women in India. The film is a critique of the patriarchal dominant society. It has shown how women are greatly manipulated by the so-called intellectual men of the society like the women of the Kerala Story have been. What will be the condition of the nation without women? The answers have been provided in this cinema.


Starring Naseeruddin Shah in the movie, and being directed by Rahul Dholakia, it is based on the horrific Gujarat Riots of 2002. The story is based on the true incident of how a Parsi couple lost their son in the riots. This shows how riots affect the lives of the innocent. It is spine-chilling and nerve-wracking. The movie was released in 2005. Like the Kerala Story, due to its political aspects, the movie was banned in several states of the country after it was released. However, it is one of the best movies as of now, and you can watch it if you are searching for movies similar to the Kerala Story.


Again, based on the story of a female group comprising 4 members, this movie was marked as controversial by several critics and viewers. Directed by Alankrita Srivastava, this movie revolved around certain controversial themes that resulted in being banned from getting screened on a few platforms. 

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Although it is a bit different from the Kerala Story, Raazi has explicitly shown the politics between India and the Islamic country, Pakistan. Here, the Indian girl is married to the Pakistani officer so that she can spy on the family of the officer and get necessary information about the Pakistani forces and troops. Based on a true story like the Kerala Story, this film was a massive box-office hit in India. Directed by Meghna Gulzar with Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal in the lead roles, Raazi has received immense love and support. Raazi is a patriotic film, and it is guaranteed that you will like the film. 


Released in 2019, this film shows the strike against the terrorist rack based in Uri, Kashmir. Like the Kerala Story, it is also based on a real-life operation that was led by the Indian Army against the terrorists based in Kashmir. Although the girls become victims to the terrorists in the Kerala Story, in this film, we see the officers fighting against the perpetrators. Justice is served in the movie. Not exactly similar to the Kerala Story, but it has loose connections in the fact that terrorist rackets are being dealt with in both films. 


The film has been released on Netflix. The story revolves around a group of three friends during the anti-Shikh riots of 1984. The cinema has been directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. Jogi has displayed the violent political riot that happened due to differences in religion. How religion can be used as a tool to wage wars and bloody fights has been shown in the film. Religion has been used as a pawn as it has been used similarly in the Kerala Story. It is an emotionally wrecking film as it portrays the real-life incidents of the riots. The similarity with the Kerala Story lies in the fact that both films have shown the vulnerability of religion 


The 2020 movie starring Deepika Padukone Chhappak is similar to the Kerala Story since the movie shows the cruelty that women face due to the patriarchal dominance of society. The film is the story of Laxmi Agarwal. Chhappak encapsulates the painful story of a woman who survived an acid attack that was committed against her. This film is also based on a true incident like the Kerala Story.


This film was released in 2016. Sarabjit is based on its eponymous hero, Sarabjit Singh. Just like the Kerala Story, Sarbjit Singh is also a fictionalised account of a true story of a man of the same name who was incarcerated for 22 years of his life. His alleged associations with terrorism have led him to be jailed for so many years of his life. 


Gangubai Kathiawadi is a recent 2022 film with Alia Bhatt as Gangubai. In this film, like the girls of Kerala Story are being sent to different countries, the young Gangubai was also sold to the brothel by her so-called lover. Just like the girls in the Kerala Story were made to leave their families, Gangubai was also made to leave her family. She had to live as a prostitute despite her choices. She was treated like a rag and abused before she became the political leader of her area. Although the film has not shown intense politics, it has shown a similar story of pain that women have to endure like the women of the Kerala Story were made to undergo. 


Released in 2019, Kalank did not receive its deserved appreciation. The film stars various actors and actresses. Even if it does not portray the pain of the female society, the film has clearly shown the religious differences between Zafar and Roop. How religion became a dangerous tool during the partition of India has been displayed skillfully in the movie. 

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