AKA Movie Ending Explained And Review: Did Netflix Actually Make It Good?

Now, Netflix has always been a platform that has given us some of the best thrillers currently available. The same goes for the AKA movie, this amazing movie came out just a few hours ago, and has not been very hyped up, however something that is very interesting other than the very hooking storyline and the excellent action scenes, is the fact that Eric Cantona stars in this movie, and many people out there will be very well knowing this football legend. For those wondering what the movie was about and haven’t even watched a bit of the movie yet, stay alert because as we move forward there are going to be more and more spoilers that may ruin the entire movie for you. However, the movie is basically the story of a secret agent, who is sent to infiltrate the forces of a terrorist ally, so that the government can reach the terrorist, however, due to certain reasons, this special agent, decides to know the truth and do what is right instead of listening to his higher up orders.

All over the story moves at a good pace and has some nice action scenes, which is quite hooking and intimidating for all the action lovers out there, but at the same time, those who have watched the movie must have known that there are many questions that we didn’t understand by the end of the movie, and the ending was actually quite mysterious. However, no worries, as you are not the only one, who is facing problems in understanding the ending, and that is why we are going explain the ending as well as give you all a thorough review of the movie.

AKA Ending Explained

AKA Ending Explained And Review!

Now first thing first, as we have seen over some time, Adam though being an infiltrator into the squad of Pastore’s men, became very close to Pastore’s little child, and over time also he has been assigned as his bodyguard who ended up making him so close to the child. However, during the last few scenes, Adam was able to create a link between Moktar and Peewee, whom Adam has been treating as a friend since he got into pastors’ forces. However, he was never suspecting that Peewee could have been a cousin of Moktar. Now as we know Cisko and Mona were always there as a backup to Adam.

Now as we knew the child got kidnapped, and Adam was called while he was on the lead of finding Moktar, however, he decides to go after the child instead of following Moktar and it was Cisko who ended up following Moktar and trying to kill him, however, he was shot dead by Peewee, who is a long-distance cousin of Moktar. Soon Youseff who is basically the right-hand man of Pastore ends up following Adam when he goes to check out the scene of Cisko’s death, and there when he is confronted by police, they let him go which makes Youseff believe that he is a cop.

Soon Mona steps into the plan when Youseff and his men go to kill Adam, and she ends up getting herself shot but eliminates the opposite entire squad, that is when Adam leaves to eliminate Peewee and Moktar, he reaches the base, and soon when Moktar is completely cornered, he hears the story the Moktar was actually not involved in any operation related to terrorism, but he was trying to operate his kid and leave the place in peace.

Everything messed up when the highers decided that they couldn’t give Adam any more time, and sent in two units of commandos, to shoot down everyone, even Adam was included in that. Though Adam ends up saving Peewee and the kid and leaves the place and Moktar dies. Soon everyone in Victor’s family is killed all his men, and the kids are taken away, however, by the end we see that Adam reunites the siblings and leaves with them.

Now Moktar was basically just scammed and brought into France by the minister and there he faces the allegations of terrorism, then we get to see that when Moktar threatens the minister to leak the secret that he was called by the minister himself, he dispatches a team and decides to wipe off everyone related to the case. Adam after realizing how wrong the government is, decides to cut off all links and leave his life as a secret agent.

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AKA Review

Like most other secret agent movies, this one is also very fun and entertaining to watch. We get to see how the world works and how the devils in society can just frame anyone to be wrong to save themselves from any harm, and people do carry out the orders of these devils without even knowing the truths just because they have so much power in their hands. The action scenes are something to die for. The actors all have done their part very well too. The ratings, as well as the comments of the critics regarding this movie, are very nice and something that we can say from our point of view is that anyone who has been a fan of secret agent’s movie can go for this one because it is surely something that will amuse you, and not disappoint at all.  A great watch and surely a huge success for the Netflix platform

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