Who Became The Crowned King At Last In Ponniyin Selvan?- The Main Question After Watching The Movie

Ponniyin Selvan is a historic Indian movie that is in the Tamil language. It is directed and written by Mani Ratnam. It revolves around the South Indian crowned prince of the Chola Dynasty and his two sons, and their struggle to seize power. The two parts of the movie shows the struggle and political conspiracy against the prince and its family. The story ends with a suspense on the both the parts to make audience await for the upcoming of the next part of the movie.

Who Became The Crowned King At Last In Ponniyin Selvan?

The Ponniyin Selvan movie first part starts with a great drama and setting the stage on fire. It intriduces the audience with the main characters of the movie. The story of first part is a love story and full of conspiracy .

The story opens with the news that the reigning crowned prince of Chola Dynasty has fallen ill and it is quiet unlike that he would ever recover from his illness. This leads to the stuggle between his two sons Aditya Karikalan and Arulmozhi Varman to sieze the powers of the throne and to become the crowned prince.

Arulmozhi Varman the younger son, also known as Ponniyin Selvan, is the protagonist of the whole story. He along with his very loyal friend and the commander of the troop Vandiyathevan decided to go and meet the crowned prince Aditya Karikalan and pledged to support him in his decisions.

During their journey they met with many awkard incidents and encountered several mysterious characters on their way. Here, they meet Nandhini, the beautiful queen and lady with misterious character and full of magical powers. She was present there along with her conspirators to distract Arulmozhi Varman and Vandiyathevan and make thwm turn against their own family so that they can get the rein over the Chola Dynasty.

Nandhini, tries to seduce Arulmozhi Varman so that he gets attracted to her and turns against his own family. But he refuses to do so and continues with his journey.

The part 1 ends with the shocking revealation of the death of Aditya Karikalan. His younger brother Arulmozhi Varman was made to flee soon from the place and get hidden somewhere so that he isnt punished and prisoned. All the blame of Aditya Karikalan murder was put in the heads of Vandiyathevan. This was the point which was kept as suspense to the audience and left for the second part of the plot.

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The second part of the movie continues the story set in 10th century of Chola Dynasty with Arulmozhi Varman, also known as Ponniyin Selvan, now as the only successor to the crowned prince of Chola Dynasty. The news comes up that Arulmozhi Varman’s loyal friend Vandiyathevan is now dead. This part shows the wrong deeds of the king’s mother.

Meanwhile, the queen Nandhini along with her conspirators has entered the place and forced king’s daughter Kundavai to get married to one of their conspirators and help them to seize power of the king. The daughter however soon understands their agenda and joins the forces with Arulmozhi Varman and his army to stop them on doing so.

Suddenly, while fighting for the power Arulmozhi Varman discovers that his mother was part of conspiracy. He confronts her and comes to know everything about the past. This makes him more forced to win the fight against the conspirators.

In the end of the movie the conspirators were defeated and Arulmozhi Varman was now the crowned king of Chola Dynasty. Still, he realises that somewhere his fight for the power is not over and there are still some external threats waiting for him. 

The movie is full of twists and turns and with the best performances and visuals. It is a story of love, betrayal, and political conspiracy. The movie ends with hint of possibility for the third part of the movie.

After the death of the elder son Aditya Karikalan of the king, his younger son Arulmozhi Varman was the only left successor of the throne of Chola Dynasty.  

After killing and winning the fight against the conspirators of queen Nandhini, Arulmozhi Varman was left out. Thus, Arulmozhi Varman is the crowned king of the Chola Dynasty at last.

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  1. 1. What is the plot of Ponniyin Selvan?

    The plot of Ponniyin Selvan follows the story of Arulmozhivarman, the prince of the Chola dynasty, and his journey to become the next king. The story is set in the 10th century and features political conspiracy, romance, and war.

  2. 2. Who are the main characters in Ponniyin Selvan?

    The main characters in Ponniyin Selvan include Arulmozhi Varman, the protagonist, Nandini, the antagonist, Vandiyathevan Arulmozhi Varman's friend, and Aditya Karikalan, Arulmozhi Varman's elder brother.

  3. 3. What is the language in which Ponniyin Selvan book is written?

    Ponniyin Selvan's book is originally written in Tamil, but it has been translated into many other languages, including English.

  4. 4. What language is the movie Ponniyin Selvan released in?

    The movie “Ponniyin Selvan” is released in the Tamil language.

  5. 5. Is there a chance of getting the part 3 of the movie released?

    As the makers have not announced anything thus we can't say anything. But the end of the second part somewhere depicts the release of part 3 as well.