Copycat Killer Season 1 Review And Ending Explained: Battle Between Megalomaniac And A Philanthropist!

Taiwanese suspense thrillers have a unique charm to them, don’t they? The action sequences, gripping plotlines and aesthetic backdrop often lures millions of viewers. A few hours ago, Netflix released another Taiwanese suspense thriller entitled Copycat Killer. It is a whirlwind of mysteries, sinister smirks, countless corpses, and a cat-mouse chase. Centered around a serial killer whose ego is as huge as his obsession to stay eternally recognized, Copycat Killer is a 10-episode-long series.

Adapted from a Taiwanese novel series, Mohohan, by Miyuki Miyabe, Copycat Killer lets us onto the story of a prosecutor, Kuo Hsiao-Chi. He crosses each length he could to catch the serial killer who is populating the city with numerous corpses. In this Copycat Killer Review And Ending Explained, let us cover the story of Hsiao-Chi and whether he can catch the masked killer!

Copycat Killer: The City Is Flooded With Gruesome Murders

Red blaring lights, mocking waves of laughter, and a pool of blood. Copycat Killer begins by introducing us to a savvy prosecutor, Hsiao-Chi, and of course, the havoc the masked serial killer has raised in the city. Be it the news reporters, He-Ping, Ya-Cih, and Yan-Jhen, or the investigative officers, Shang Yong and Da-Chao, everyone is left flabbergasted over the killings. But Hsiao-Chi isn’t just perplexed, he is obsessed with the investigation and the serial killer who seems to wear a white mask and bark orders.

Hsiao-Chi’s investigation is burdened with his past–which the makers don’t reveal to us initially, but rather in tidbits. He keeps searching for shreds of evidence, starts to question people, and joins forces with Yan-Jhen and the officers so that they could help him. Also, Hsiao-Chi meets Tian Cun-Yi who is accused of being a serial killer, in the hopes that he would gather some evidence. But Hsiao-Chi keeps coming across dead ends until he meets Tian Cun-Yi’s therapist, Yun-Huei.

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Kuo Hsiao-Chi Garners A Solid Evidence

Copycat Killer Review And Ending Explained

Despite chasing a dozen people, walking around the street in a haze, and suffering through severe headaches, Hsiao-Chi has achieved nothing. Then he meets Yun-Huei and discovers that her brother, Jian-Ho, is found in a local club snapping photos of him and the corpses. Initially, Jang-Ho claims that he was blackmailed by the masked killer and had to follow his orders. As Hsiao-Chi starts to dig further, Shang-Yong’s daughter has become a target.

Hsiao-Chi discovers a pattern that the killer only targets females who have severed any ties with their families as suggested by the journalist, Yan-Jhen who has lost her friend, Yu-Ping, to the killer. On the other hand, Jang-Ho visits his childhood best friend, Shin Jia-Wun, and asks him whether he is behind the killings. Jia-Wun smartly declines but the cluttering of his fingernails and breathlessness gives him away.

Shin Jia-Wun: A Manipulator Or Another Victim?

Though Jang-Ho believes Jia-Wun, Hsiao-Chi has found a shred of concrete evidence against him. Jia-Wun works at the club as the DJ in the club Jang-Ho was spotted clicking pictures. Da-Chao has compiled an impressive report against him. While Shang-Yong is devastated and is getting desperate with each moment, Hsiao-Chi is getting closer to the serial killer. 

Jia-Wun’s mother, who lost her daughter when she was a toddler, could never overcome her loss. With each passing day, she succumbed more and more to her grief until Jia-Wun was born. What she couldn’t tolerate was that Jia-Wun wasn’t a girl and yet, she chose to ignore the fact. Jia-Wun was often dressed up as a girl, even her name was adapted from his late sister. Her psychopath mother turned him into a serial killer who became obsessed with killing girls who have no ties with their parents.

Shang-Yong’s daughter, Yu-Tong, ends up becoming another prey of Jia-Wun. Though Hsiao-Chi arrests Jia-Wun and tries provoking him to admission. But Jia-Wun’s lawyer saves him at the end moment and releases him on bail. Eventually, Jia-Wun’s mental condition takes a toll on him. And he decides to throw his car off a cliff instead of getting arrested. Not only does Jia-Wun suicide but he also takes Jang-Ho with him but the question remains. Is Jia-Wun the true mastermind behind the kidnappings or was he a victim, too?

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Copycat Killer Ending Explained: The Ultimate Move By Hsiao-Chi Leaves Everyone Dumbfounded

Copycat Killer Review And Ending Explained

Hsiao-Chi has constructed a perfect character sketch of the killer who goes by the name Killer Noh. According to the sketch, Noh is a megalomaniac, has a gigantic ego, and does everything for fame. He wants everyone to know and admire that he can kill anyone anytime. Jia-Wun doesn’t match the profile though, he is a prolific killer who has a motive that isn’t attention. Slowly, Hsiao-Chi’s past catches up with him and he knows it wasn’t Jia-Wun who planned the killings.

Going back in time, Hsiao-Chi reminisces how he fought with his father and threw accusations at him. When he came across a man to whom his father owed money, Hsiao-Chi told him that his father had abundant of it and wasn’t willing to pay the debt off. Hsiao-Chi’s rage-induced admission ended up getting his entire family slaughtered brutally. Ever since Hsiao-Chi is fighting off the guilt and trying to do justice for his late family members.

Hsiao-Chi discovers that Jai-Wun ended up becoming prey to He-Ping, TNB’s leading journalist and reporter. He loses his mind and his love, Yun-Huei, to He-Ping. Hsiao-Chi is arrested as well and has to go through endless troubles when he agrees to interview with He-Ping. In a desperate attempt, Hsiao-Chi arranges a phone call on which the caller claims to be Killer Noh. Hsiao-Chi provokes He-Ping by claiming that Killer Noh isn’t extraordinary and would soon be forgotten. His ultimate strike takes down He-Ping. He-Ping claims that he is Killer Noh and would forever be remembered at the end of Copycat Killer.

Copycat Killer Review: 10 Hours Of Relentless Chasing And Uncovering Secrets Are Worth It

A Taiwanese suspense thriller with a touch of violence and heart-warming emotions, Copycat Killer is Netflix’s latest project. It is a 10-episode-long series in which all the episodes range between 45 minutes to an hour which makes this series nearly 10-hour-long. This mystery thriller has a star-studded cast ensemble that deserves to be complemented. The plot, however, isn’t nearly comparable to the delivery. It is far better and highly intriguing with each second being worth it.

Of course, some episodes seem to drag in the middle and lack substance. But the twists and mysteries surely make up for it. The series will keep you on the edge and the surprise elements the makers keep dropping in won’t make you regret watching the series. Some elements, especially Hsiao-Chi’s relationship with Yun-Huei could have been made better though. Overall, Copycat Killer is worth the 10 hours you will be putting in to watch this Netflix suspense thriller.

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