How Many Seasons Of Overlord Are There?

One fine day, you wake up and find yourself in a mysterious land and as you dig further into this mysterious tale, you realize that you are trapped in your favorite online game! Well, this might sound a bit scary, but how can you overlook those challenges which are waiting for you? All those high-tech graphics which you have been seeing on your computer screen are now happening in reality! 

Exciting and terrifying adventurous challenges are waiting for you, it is all happening for real, but somehow it continues to feel like a worst nightmare to you! This brings us to the most famous anime series of all time, the epic Overlord series! The story is not over yet, we might soon witness another exciting season of the show. Before we tell you more about the upcoming season of Overlord, let’s quickly go through all the exclusive seasons of the show.

How Many Seasons Of Overlord Are There?

We are still looking forward to Overlord Season 5! Let’s hope the popular anime series soon gets a green signal from the production house! All eyes are currently stuck on the renowned director of the anime! But it seems like Naoyuki Itō is still not ready to update us on the fifth season of the show. As the episodes are passing by, the story is getting even more dark and complex! This brings us to the main discussion of the day! Here is a quick review of all the seasons of Overlord. 

4. Overlord Season 1

How many seasons of Overlord are there?

Let’s start with the first and foremost season of Overlord! You will be shocked to know that the first season of the show wasn’t that much popular out there. Yes, you heard it right, Overlord Season 1 failed to impress us. It all starts with YGGDRASIL, the famous multiplayer online game! As we move ahead in the plot of Overlord Season 1, we will see how the gaming system has suddenly crashed down and how all the people who last logged onto the game are stuck inside of the terrifying gaming world! It was here when we first learned about Momonga and his entire guild. 

3. Overlord Season 2

How many seasons of Overlord are there?

Season 1 might have disappointed us, but Season 2 changed the whole game for the anime series. This time the story mainly focused on the mystery surrounding Ainz Ooal Gown. The mysterious riddles were not over yet! We were about to explore more interesting lands of the online game! It got messier now, it would be fair to say that the plot of Season 2 was very much organized and better than the plot of Overlord Season 1. He is no longer seen as Momon, but he is now transformed into the epic ruler of the Great Tomb! Get ready to explore all about Ainz’s intense relationship with Nazarick.

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2. Overlord Season 3

How many seasons of Overlord are there?

Next on our list would be Overlord Season 3! The anime series was back with another intriguing storyline for us. Get ready to see the deadliest clash of all time! It all comes down on Ainz’s shoulders, he must act wisely, as his one wrong move might risk the lives of all the players surviving in the game. Can Lord Ainz Ooal Gown hold the great mantle of Overlord? He must catch up with the other players from YGGDRASIL! That being said, to know further about Overlord Season 3 and to know what lies in Ainz’s future, you have to head to Crunchyroll, all the episodes of the show are listed on Crunchyroll. 

1. Overlord Season 4

How many seasons of Overlord are there?

Last but not the least, we come to the latest season of the show, Overlord Season 4! Just like Season 2 and Season 3, Overlord Season 4 as well impressed us a lot. We are stunned by the highs and lows incorporated in the tale. Get ready to explore more about E-Rantel! It seems like the city is in danger! Ainz must do something to control the stressed situation! It will become even worse than he ever imagined. The capital city of the Sorcerer Kingdom never had to think about the lack of resources but it seems like the scenarios have changed now. It will be interesting to see how Ainz will handle this situation, after all the king must be the sole savior of the people. 

How Many Seasons Of “Overlord” Are There? – FAQs

1. Is Overlord Season 5 canceled?

No, as of now, we haven’t heard anything about the cancellation of Overlord Season 5.

2. Is Overlord renewed for Season 5?

No, Overlord is yet not renewed for Season 5.

3. How many total episodes are there in Overlord?

As of March 2023, Overlord has a total of 52 episodes.

4. How many episodes will be there in Overlord Season 5?

As per our estimates, Overlord Season 5 will also hold a total of 13 episodes.

5. Can you watch Overlord online?

Yes, all the episodes of Overlord are present on Crunchyroll.

6. Do we have a trailer for Overlord Season 5?

No, as of now, we don’t have any trailer for Overlord Season 5.

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