Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained: Grisha Against Grisha Becomes Quickly Explosive!

You simply cannot enjoy a fantasy series that has such an alluring name. The Shadow and Bone perfectly weave its plotline into those two words and garners our attention. When almost three years back Netflix announced the debut of season 1, we all knew watching Leigh Bardugo’s novel series portrayed cinematically would be a delight. And it was indeed a fun ride watching Shadow and Bone season 1. Now, a few hours ago, after almost 2 years of waiting, we have another season!

The Grishaverse is back in all its aesthetic glory, packed with action, drama and magic–or Small Science as they call it. We were introduced to Alina Starkov in season 1 and got to witness her journey from a map maker to the highly powerful Sun Summoner. And it wouldn’t be a fan-favourite fantasy world if it didn’t contain heart-stopping cliffhangers, right? Shadow And Bone Season 2 is here to answer all of those questions season 1 left us with!

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

While there is nothing as powerful as a Sun Summoner in this magical universe, even she needs amplifiers to strengthen her–well aside from Mal. Alina was a fairly normal human who had her entire life revolving around manifesting maps and Mal Oretsev, her best friend and anchor. When General Kirigan starts to notice her for her unfathomable powers, Alina is at the centre of attention–and that’s so not good. His attention causes Alina’s power to bloom with full might. And makes her a target for everyone who wants Alina’s powers. 

Then, there is the mysterious Shadow Fold that divides the fictional city of Ravka into two. Alina wants to destroy the Fold, reunite the people of Ravka and cause world peace. Now only if that were this easy. At the end of season 1, we got to witness how Alina and Mal embark on the journey to conquer Morozova’s legendary amplifiers; Sea Whip and Firebird. In a different country amid endless enemies, the 20 million Kruge Saint–aka Alina–and Mal have to survive and conquer the Sea Whip. Of course, it goes without saying that it is their life and the future of Ravka at stake. Meanwhile, the Crows aren’t having it easy either.

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Alina’s Obsession With The Fold Gets Deadlier

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

Even though Alina has the ability to conquer the world, the Fold isn’t just any other place. It is a land of mystery, of darkness and of the mighty power that just about destroys everyone. It doesn’t only divide Ravka, it proves to be the source of evil and darkness as well. Manifested by the dark Shadow Summoner a century ago, the Shadow Fold is under his reign. Taking down such a powerful man requires sacrifices. And Alina is ready to do everything–even hide in the shadows to gain the amplifiers she needs.

As season 2 progresses further, we get to witness the Crows getting trapped in a web of danger, accusations and lies. They meet Privateer Sturmhond who manipulates Kaz into revealing Alina’s location. Then he returns to his ship where Alina asks him to help her find Sea Whip, something that lures Sturmhond easily. Paired with Sturmhond and Mal, Alina embarks on a journey to conquer amplifiers and destroy the Fold.

The Darkling Strikes Again

When we watched the huge explosion at the end of Shadow And Bone season 1, we thought the Darkling aka General Kirigan dropped dead. But then, when he woke up with his signature smirk and threw an angry fit, we knew he wasn’t going to go down easily. He has been preparing to take down Alina and use Shadow Fold to destroy Ravka. Now, he is preparing his army for the ultimate war.

Meanwhile, the Crows have defeated his stupendous army but the Darkling is still alive and angry. On the other hand, Alina has conquered both the amplifiers and is gearing up for a fight. Driven by hunger, agony and anger, Alina sets out to stab Darkling with the Neshyenyer–the sword that she has been striving to conquer. But that’s not where the series end, it has left us all a bit baffled.

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Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Leaves Us All Baffled

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

After Alina survives Darkling and kills him, she is left alone to deal with the consequences. Now the Darkling is out of the picture, Nikolai, the Sturmhond, is ready to rule and the Crows have earned abundant gold. Alina orders Darkling’s corpse to be burned instead of cremation so that the chances of his return are eliminated. While Mal is no longer in the picture, Alina is flooded with loneliness but still refuses to be with Nikolai.

The royal assembly has garnered with king Nikolai ruling over and Alina is helping the Ravka become a better city. Alina has always aspired to help Ravka be free of darkness. And like the Sun Summoner she is, she has achieved her dream. But there is a new drug, jurda parem, out in Ravka that threatens Alina’s ambitions. This drug works as an amplifier and helps a Grisha become a hundred times more powerful. While that sounds like something that can only happen in the Shadow And Bone universe, it is surprisingly frightening.

When a Grisha consumes this drug and uses it against Alina and Nikolai in the royal assembly, everything seems to fall apart. Everyone is coughing blood, falling on the ground and nearing death–even Alina and Nikolai. But in the end, as this mysterious Grisha approaches Alina, our Sun Summoner decides to fight. She wins in a few seconds, using her abundant powers. While we wouldn’t have been surprised that Alina has such kind of magical powers, we are indeed left to unravel what Alina’s sinister smirk was hinting at the end of Shadow And Bone season 2.

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