Invisible City Season 2 Ending Explained: Shocking Truth About Debora Revealed!

When mystery meets magic, when the forces of nature come along to serve their respective purposes, this is where the story begins. The popular Portuguese series is back with Season 2 and we can’t wait to see what lies within the second installment of Invisible City. Henceforth, the story intensifies, and the tale becomes even more complicated now.

He lost his wife and now he stays apart from his daughter! He is not an ordinary human, he is just like one among them who is destined to save the invisible land but will he accept his truth? Will he ever find out the reason behind his wife’s death? The investigation continues while Luna wonders what to do next. On one hand, she is looking out for her father while on the other hand, his father wants to protect her from these strange magical forces. The mythical creatures are back to entertain us. 

Invisible City Season 2 Ending Explained

Invisible City Season 2 - Review And Ending Explained

We say don’t skip it. Invisible City Season 2 truly took us by surprise. Eric is no longer an ordinary being, he has been transformed into an entity. Cuca was the one who left him beneath the water. He has been healed by the forces of Marangatu but the main question is can he control his powers now? For the past two years, Luna has been looking for her father. All this while she has been under the guidance of Cuca! Luckily, in the first episode itself, we saw their reunion, but the story has just begun now. The Castros are going wild over their mission. They are still looking for the forbidden gold. They are searching for the sole key which will lead them to the forbidden land of Marangatu. 

But everything comes for a pay, it all starts when Luna makes a pact with Matinta. The wise witch owl reunited the father and the daughter, but in return, Luna had to pay her back. Just when Eric thought he would take Luna back to city life, exactly that time Matinta knocked at their door. The wise owl took her to the Castros but little did Débora know that she too had to do something for Matinta. In the meantime, we will also see how Eric knowingly starts capturing others’ powers. He is not just the son of waters, but now he also holds the power of the wolf! This will bring us to Bento, who was once cursed by mystical forces. A lot of things happened in the second installment of the show! A shocking truth was also revealed about Débora and this twist truly changed the whole plot of the series. 

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Invisible City Season 2 - Review And Ending Explained

The father has been reunited with his daughter, but the quest is not over yet. Lazo, Bento, and Luna, all three have been captured in the cells. Débora knows the truth, she knows very well that Luna is not an ordinary soul but a very powerful entity. She is the only one who made it through Marangatu. It all comes down to the search of the forbidden land and guess what Eric will no longer stay as a good entity! He holds a very strong power within himself, and he starts stealing everyone’s strength and that’s when the people knew that Eric has to die! There was a scene where we saw Eric, Luna, and Jaciara standing still in the magical waters of Marangatu! Eric has been reunited with his dead wife. 

Luna has delivered the amulet to Caninana. By the end of the tale, everyone got their mystical powers back! Most importantly, the Castros were sentenced for their wrong deeds. Débora went back to her original life, she finally realized her mistakes. Everything went well but how could we forget about the fact that Cuca died in the last episode of the show? Unknowingly, Eric stole Cuca’s powers and thus the 200-year-old entity lost herself. This was the most heartbreaking scene of the show. But what ends well is well, Invisible City Season 2 is filled with adventurous roller coasters. The quest, the mysteries, the magical powers, and the mystical creatures truly impressed us a lot. All five episodes of the Invisible City Season 2 are now streaming on Netflix

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