Unseen Review And Ending Explained: Who Killed Esulu? What Happens To Zenzi In The End?

How often do we forget that the people working for us, our cleaners and maids, have a distinct life of their own? And they aren’t invisible? Too often. Netflix’s latest crime drama thriller, Unseen, explores the life of a cleaner, Zenzi Mwale, who often goes unseen and is considered to be invisible. Amid a severe life crisis, with no one to turn to, Zenzi finds herself submerged in a pool of blood. With a harsh threat looming over her, Mwale has only one choice. She could either push forward or end up falling prey to the hungry vultures out there.

In this Unseen Review and Ending Explained, let’s explore what choices Zenzi make. Do these choices get her out of trouble and help her attain freedom? Or does Zenzi becomes another corpse lying out there?

Unseen Ending Explained

Zenzi Mwale is a simple cleaner who stays at a rental house in the hope that one day her life would go back to normal. She pushes through the days, working as much as she could so that she would have food on her table at the end of the day. Zenzi lives with one purpose only; to get her husband, Maxwell, out of the prison. When that day finally arrives and Zenzi awaits Max outside the prison, she is greeted by another shock.

Max has disappeared out of the blue. Here begins Zenzi’s struggle to find her husband and it is nothing short of stealing a piece of steak from the lion’s den. Zenzi doesn’t realize what kind of monsters and dangers await her. She begins her search with Raymond Hendricks, Max’s boss who owns a butcher shop where he doesn’t only slaughter animals. But she doesn’t get much information, only a name; Jackson Thom. She gets something more as well though–a gun and a few hundred dollars. Only, if she could have realised what stealing these would mean for her.

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Zenzi Starts To Get Deeper Into Max’s Mess

Unseen Review And Ending Explained

Zenzi is an open target, meat for most people out there. As she ventures into Thom’s warehouse, Zenzi is quick to realize that. Like everyone else Zenzi meets, even Jackson wants to take advantage of her. Especially after knowing that she is Max’s wife. In a moment of panic, Zenzi pulls out the gun, aims it over Thom’s head and ends up committing her first murder, the first of many. Of course, no one suspects the cleaning lady with an innocent face and a heart-wrenching backstory.

But Raymond does and so he sends one of his men, Ernie, behind Zenzi. Ernie offers Zenzi a position to work for him, sweep the men he demands and in turn lead a stable life. When he calls her out on her bloodlust, Ernie becomes another target. Soon, Zenzi becomes a cold-blooded killer in search of her husband. As she keeps going forward, Zenzi gets to know more about how Max got involved with the wrong people and how those people have become a reason for her despair.

Zenzi Finally Finds Max: An Endeavour She Would Regret Forever

After killing Blessing Jali, a drug-addict leader of a crime syndicate, Zenzi finds herself becoming a target. Detective Morkel and his team are getting suspicious of all the murders happening in the town and link them with Zenzi. They realize Zenzi is a mere cleaner but when evidence starts to scream her name, Morkel has no option but to believe those. On her quest to find her husband, Zenzi has fallen into a deadly trap. On a run from the police, Zenzi is rescued by Joseph, Max’s so-called best friend and Raymond’s other puppet.

Of course, Joseph has an ulterior motive. He wants to fetch the gun Zenzi has been using to murder people, the gun that’s licensed under Raymond’s name. Zenzi has become quite smart in this game though, she refuses to hand over the gun unless Joseph reveals where Max is.

Zenzi’s struggles finally lead her to Max, her refusal to start anew when her sister, Naledi, and employer, Lufono Njesi were adamant on it has paid off. Max, who took the fall for Yazid’s murder, was hiding in a small town so that he wouldn’t drag trouble to Zenzi’s doorstep. But how wrong he was.

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Who Killed Esulu?

Unseen Review And Ending Explained

The final twist in the series occurs when Max and Zenzi come across Farouk Williams, Yazid’s best friend who still blames Max for killing Yazid. Somehow, they convince Farouk to hear them out. When Blessing approached Max to take the blame for Yazid’s murder, Max agreed on the condition that his wife and son would be provided for. But why did Jali kill Yazid? 

Farouk, as a bank administrator, found out that Jali was involved in money laundering. He decided to take Jali’s case to the police but Yazid stopped him and started blackmailing Jali. He wanted to have bucketloads of cash but ended up being another skeleton in Jali’s extensive closet. Raymond kills Farouk and tries taking down Max and Zenzi, too, after hearing Farouk’s story. But Zenzi escapes him and Max is shot dead by the police officers who consider Max a threat to them.

As Unseen nears its ending, we discover how Zenzi is arrested by the federals. Naledi and Njesi team up to help Zenzi who tricks the police officers and runs away. She saunters back to Jali’s club where Ruben Theron has captured Raymond. Theron, the supposed lawyer who fought Max’s case, is the head of the syndicate. Theron, with his partner, Andrew Harting runs the show and the crime syndicate behind the covers. As Zenzi learns about Raymond being the killer of her son, Esulu, she leaves him to burn and then jumps off the same building. It isn’t clear if Zenzi is finally dead though.

Unseen Review: Not The Finest Tale Of Espionage But Still Worth Watching

Unseen chronicles an alluring tale of revenge and struggle wherein emotions run high and secrets keep popping out. This South African tale is brimming with mysteries and shocks, it certainly does justice to the crime drama genre. The cast members, especially our main protagonist, Zenzi, steal the show each time she’s on screen. The plot is gripping but not baked properly. The makers have put in a lot of effort but the ending of the series doesn’t sit well.

Of course, they might be paving way for Unseen season 2. But as for season 1, watching Zenzi jump off the building makes little sense. Yes, she is emotionally disturbed and doesn’t want to continue living without Max and Esulu. Why would she want to stay with someone who cost her everything remains beyond our grasp. Zenzi and Max lack chemistry but Zenzi as a revenge-driven mother lifts the series and makes it worth watching.

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