12 Manga Like Him, Him & Him You Should Read Right Now!

There are times when you become bored with the conventional genres that pervade the world of entertainment. To break away from the monotony of the conventional genres, you might want to read or see something spicy, hiding them away from your parents’ notice of course! These pieces of entertainment are made sheerly to be enjoyed alone, but if you want to enjoy them with your company (you know what I mean), you most definitely can. This is secretive, and beware of your parents when you are indulging in these. They should NOT catch you by any chance. 

If you have been craving to read something spicy and hot, have you tried reading Him, Him & Him? Sounds a lot like the Bollywood film, Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karu, does it not? Haha! It of course does. Him, Him & Him was first released in 2021. The manga has presently come to an end. It ended last year with a total of 16 chapters and 6 sides to it. The manga has been written by Byun Lee, Lee Nae Ri, and Seong. 

This manga deals with a very unconventional plot. Here, the protagonist, Yoo Se-Ah is in a polyamorous relationship with 3 men. How did this happen? Well, she is 26 years old and is a working lady. She has a hectic work schedule, and she too wants to break away from the monotony of her life. To do so, she goes partying and clubbing, and like many other people, she has a lot of sexual activities with various people. It happens that she gets a chance to be in a polyamorous relationship with 3 men, and she does not let it go. 

If you have read the manga, you know just how good and exciting it is. It completely falls under the mature theme with lots of smut and romance. Does Yoo Se-Ah fall in true love with any of those men, or does she keep on engaging in random sexual activities? You will have to read the manga to know more. After finishing it, you are/will be probably craving more such content. To satisfy your search, we are providing you with some similar manga that will be successful in satisfying your cravings. Listed below are the manga that will keep you hooked: 

1. Lady & Maid

 The term ‘Maid’ probably reminds you of many things for sure. One thing that this term reminds me of is the ‘maid cafes’ in Japan. There the women dress up as maids and serve their customers. This term also probably reminds you of ‘role play’ that is sometimes involved in sexual activities. Most of the time, the woman takes up the role of the maid, and the man acts as the master. However, in this manga, these roles get reversed. Here, the master is a female and her maids are male. Yeon Hwa, the protagonist, has five male maids to serve her. She is extremely rich, and these maids are always at her service. Some are cute, and some are hot and sexy. Our female lead wants to have a taste of all of them. What will she do now that she cannot resist her urges? You will have to read and find out!

This manga has 32 chapters, and it ran in the year 2020.

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2. Bride of Elysion-

‘Elysion’, reminds me of the Greek Eleusinian mysteries, where they believed they could have the experience about what happens after death. Hence, it is not difficult to figure out that this manga has some elements of fantasy in it. This manga has gained massive popularity mostly because of its intermix of fantasy and smut. In this, the female lead, Ina Yoo gets transported to another world a world of fantasy. In that world, the men engage in sexual relationships with human female figures which in turn makes the females powerful due to the males’ semen, which is termed as ‘mana’. Ina becomes one such female, and she engages in multiple relationships that make her immensely powerful, but she has rivals too. What will Ina do when she faces her rivals who are trying to take away all her powers? 

This manga has 50 chapters in total. It ran from 2020 to 2021.

3. Polyamory- 

From the name itself, you can understand that the protagonists of this manga are like Yoo Se-Ah. The protagonists move away from the conventional monogamous relationship to pursue a polyamorous one. They engage in multiple sexual relationships with various people because they are not happy with their partners. What is the outcome of such relationships? Will our protagonists be happy with their fleeting relationships? Will they be happy without permanency in their lives? To know more, you will have to read the manga. 

The manga has 15 chapters. 

4. Keloid-

Keloid deals with a married couple who are not happy. The husband, Cha Hanjoo is a doctor, and he loves his wife. However, sometimes platonic love is not enough to sustain a romantic relationship. We are humans, and we need touch constantly. Without sexual stimulation, life is bland, and it is natural for any person to crave such intimacy from their romantic partner which Hanjoo’s wife does not get from her husband. She craves sexual stimulation from her husband, but she does not get satisfied. As a result, they engage in sexual relationships that include other people. What will be the outcome of this? To know what happens with Mr. and Mrs. Hanjoo, you will have to read the manga. 

It has 58 chapters, and it ran from 2020-2021. 

5. What’s Wrong- 

There are many things that you do, and then question ‘what’s wrong?’ The protagonist of this manga takes this question in another sense. They do not find it wrong to have multiple sexual relationships. Well, it is their choice of course. However, how long can a person go with having so many sexual encounters? Can they not fall in true love with any one of their ‘bedmates’? If so, how do they accept or overcome such a fact? To know more you will have to read this manga. 

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6. Double Trouble-

‘Double Trouble’ essentially indicates there are two lovers who create trouble for the protagonist, Stan. But, Stan loves this trouble. He enjoys having sexual climaxes with both his lovers, but he also thinks about what would happen if they come across each other. This manga is exciting and has explicit adult scenes that are going to keep you hooked. 

This manga has 28 chapters. It was released in 2017, and it ran up till 2018. 

7. Dirty Reverie-

‘Reverie,’ means daydreaming. You cannot deny that you do not get lost while daydreaming about some of your dirty fantasies. This manga brings all that on screen just for you to enjoy and scream and giggle. The protagonist of the drama is a succubus. She has the potential to attract anybody toward her, but she has become a virgin under some forceful circumstances. This time, her attention has fallen upon a virgin college student. She wants him, but will he give in to her charms like everyone else? To know in detail, you will have to read this manga.

The manga has 50 chapters. It ended in 2022. 

8. Two Wives- 

The protagonist has his wife and his wife’s best friend to engage in sexual relationships with. One is his official wife, and the other serves as his unofficial wife. Hence, John is in a polyamorous relationship with two women. However, they are faced with problems now and then. What is the result of this whole triangle? To know the results, read Two Wives which is available on the internet. 

This manga was released in 2018 and has 33 chapters. 

9. Osananajimi Was Ichiransei No Kemono: Super Darling Futago to Torotoro 3-nin Seikatsu-

The protagonist has two childhood friends who are twins. After she returns to her hometown, she gets some ‘favors’ from both of them. She wants to stop them by thinking it’s wrong, but at the same time, they become her escape. They make her feel so good that she does not want to stop them. She wants them to play with her more. 

This manga has 20+ chapters as of now and it is an ongoing one. 

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10. Carnal Karma-

Eun Chae-Yi comes across two of her lovers from her past life. Now, you know that this manga has elements of fantasy as well. She becomes coveted by a Hollywood star and a prince. How will she decide to choose between both when she gets pleasured to levels of ecstasy by both? She engages in explicit sexual relationships with them and does not know what to do about it. 

This manga is an ongoing one and has 106+ chapters presently. 

11. Sharing Is Caring: I have Two Boyfriends- 

From the name itself, you can understand that Natsuko has two boyfriends. She encountered them when she shifted to an apartment given by her company as a place to stay when her house was getting renovated. How will she let go of the relationship that she has with two of these handsome apartment mates? Does she want to let them go? You will get answers to your questions when you read the manga. 

This is a short manga with only 6 chapters that was released in 2015. 

12. UP Gossip- 

UP Gossip is another manga that deals with explicit sexual relationships, gossip, and polyamory. 

This manga has 54 chapters and was released in 2015. 

FAQS About Manga Like Him, Him & Him

1. Is Him, Him & Him okay for 16+?

No, the manga has an age rating of 18+.

2. Is Him, Him & Him ongoing?

Him, Him & Him is not an ongoing manga. 

3. Who is the protagonist of Him, Him & Him?

Him, Him & Him’s protagonist is Yoo Se-Ah. 

4. Are there manga like Him, Him & Him?

Yes, there are. They have been mentioned above. 

5. What is Carnal Karma about?

Carnal Karma has elements of fantasy with explicit sex and mature scenes. It deals with the female protagonist coming across her lovers from her past life. 

6. What is Elysion?

Elysion is a fantasy place where the manga Bride of Elysion takes place. 

7. Is Lady & Maid good?

Yes, Lady & Maid is good. 

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