Who Is Gerry Cotten Wife, And Where Is She Now?

As you grow up, your relationships with various people increase. Relationships are tricky. Whoever you are with as a friend or a lover, you get influenced by them, and you get drawn into their worlds without even trying. This is the reason why your parents did not allow you to sit with the naughtiest kid in the class. This is also why some parents did not allow their kids to watch Shin-chan. Befriending somebody naughty could have influenced you in a bad manner which is why your parents restricted you. 

However, this parental control does not work anymore once you start growing up. Hence, if you fall in love with someone dangerous or potentially dangerous, you will have to bear the consequences.

Gerald Cotten, also known as Gerry, has been a known name in the world of cryptocurrency since 2014. Using his strategic business policy, he opened one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges back in 2013-14.

The company was named QuadrigaCX. However, after the scandal, and the alleged death of Cotton, his wife Jennifer Robertson got affected. People have been wondering what she is doing and where she is now. We will explore all the news that is there about Gerry Cotten’s wife. 

Who is Gerry Cotten’s Wife?

Gerry Cotten Wife

Jennifer Robertson is the widowed wife of Gerry Cotten. They got married in the year 2018, four years after dating each other. However, a few months later their marriage, when the cryptocurrency market started to crash, and Gerry was found involved in scandalous records, she lost her husband. Jennifer Robertson lost her husband to Crohn’s disease when they came to have their honeymoon, after marriage, in India. As per the rumors, Jennifer is instrumental in hiding the real address of her living husband, but she has denied all such claims. 

Robertson and Cotten had a very conventional love story like many people of this generation. Since the inception of dating apps, many people, all across the world, have got their life partners via those apps. Robertson and Cotten had the same thing as well. The couple met each other through Tinder when Gerry was in his initial stage of business. They were happily in love with each and dated for quite a long period. Gerry and Jennifer were doing good with each other. According to some reports, Gerry had also involved her in his business field. 

Where is Gerry Cotten’s Wife Now?

Gerry Cotten Wife

Jennifer Robertson, after her husband’s death, has been living in Halifax, Canada for quite some years now. There is no exclusive news regarding her as of now, but she made it to the headlines in 2018 after the death of Gerry Cotten in Jaipur, India. 

If you do not know about the scandal that Gerry Cotton was involved in, you can most definitely read the other article regarding Cotten on our website. 

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After the scandal and the sketchy death of Cotten, the whole blame came upon his wife. Like mentioned above, when they fell in love, she did not know that he had the potential to ruin her life and that he was potentially dangerous. As a result of Jennifer’s intimate connection with Gerry as her husband, after his death, the investors who were looking for Gerry came to catch Jennifer. 

She got tangled up in Gerry’s mess even if she did not want to. Like the aforementioned reports, Jennifer became a part of QuadrigaCX. She used to handle some of the investors and the customers, but as per her claims, she never had an understanding of what her husband was up to. She had expressed her sorrow for all the people who lost their money to the company, but she had to face immense backlash from everybody who suffered a massive loss after Gerry’s wrongdoing. 

Gerry Cotten owes $250 million to over 50,000 people according to all the reports. From this massive amount, Jennifer had paid back $12 million from all the property that was left. She has tried her best to overcome the difficulties that her husband left her in, but there is still a big hollow financially that is left to be filled. 

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FAQS About Gerry Cotten And His Wife

1. Who is Gerry Cotten?

Gerry Cotten was the founder of QuadrigaCX, a cryptocurrency company. 

2. What is Jennifer doing now?

Lastly, it was known that Jennifer Robertson was studying to become an elementary school teacher. 

3. Where did Gerry and Jennifer first meet?

Gerry and Jennifer met each other on Tinder. 

4. Where did Gerry die?

Gerry Cotten passed away in Jaipur, India when he went on a honeymoon with his wife after their marriage. 

5. When did Gerry and Jennifer get married?

Gerry and Jennifer got married in 2018. 

6. How much did Jennifer return to the public?

Jennifer Robertson returned $12 million to the public from their property. 

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