Anime Releasing In March Of 2023: From Tokyo Revengers To Vinland Saga!

In the recent few years, the anime industry as we all know has been a very growing industry, and the number of people watching animes has also gone up at a large scale. Along with that all the stereotypes regarding animes, have been slowly disappearing and people are starting to consider the fact that animes are actually worth much more than children animated series.

For the entire anime community, 2022 has been a great year, as we have received some of the greatest hits of all time. Fans have received a list of animes, almost all worth a watch, and the same expectations they have for 2023. Now the big question that exists is whether 2023 will be able to maintain the long-running good years for the anime community with its new releases.

2023, has always been the year, where otakus have expected some great changes to come into the anime world, as we all know the animation quality is changing, and with Netflix getting into the anime industry, we see a new wave of animes which are actually not that worth it. However other than that, based on all our reports, many of the big names which were speculated to drop some of the greatest hits of the anime industry, haven’t been confirmed as of now.

Though don’t be upset, from what we have seen in the first few months of 20223, January has given us some big hits such as The Record of Ragnarök and many others which have been waiting for by the fans for a long time. And the same will be seen for the upcoming months of the year. In the march months of 2023, we aren’t getting many big names however whatever we are getting is actually quite worth the watch and some of the best in the entire lot.

Now, down below for all the otakus out there, we have listed the names of all the animes which will be coming out in march 2023, and we have also given you a brief about it so you can select among all the big names that are mentioned down there.

1. Nights With A Cat Season 2

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

The first name on the list is quite an interesting and lovely one. Nights with a cat is not much of a fantasy-based or adventure series, however, it can be treated as one of the most subtle pieces of art that we can find here. It belongs to the slice-of-life genre, which is not really everyone’s cup of tea. Along with that it is not just like any other slice-of-life anime, with great animation or serene views of some sort, it’s a very subtle and cartoonish work, which may seem like not much attention has been paid to the details of animation, but to be honest the simplicity of the anime series. Makes it worth a watch.

 This anime series is adapted from a manga of the same name which is written by Kadokawa Shoten and is basically based on the life of a teenager, who leads a normal life and has got no experience with any kind of pets. However everything changes in his life, or maybe we can say the entire motion of his life, now start revolving around a cat which her sisters bring as she moves in with her. Now every day when Fuuta kun comes back home, he spends the rest of his time with the cat and deals with the different kinds of activities act owner has to go through. The first season has dealt with some casual drama, however, based on our reports this time, there are going to be some conflicts with the main character of the show, and the show will turn a bit more complex than it used to be.

The first season of this anime came out in August 2023 and the second season of this series is ready to make it to us on the 8th of march 2022.

Where to watch: This anime series will be available for streaming on Zoro. tv, 9anime, and many other online anime streaming platforms.

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2. Yomowari Neko

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

Yet, again the cat fever has not gone down and the month of march is all set to receive another anime that has got a cat in it. However, this time the role of the cat is a bit different. It is not a simple cat but the cat has got special abilities. This is again not a very adventurous kind of anime, but belongs to both the fantasy as well as the slice of life genre, as we get to see the lives of various people who our main character is the cat who can detect sad emotions will interact within each of its episodes. This anime series is going to be the first adaptation of the manga series which shares the same name as this series.

The manga series is written by Kaoru Fukuya, and he basically brought us an amazing manga series where we get to discover various characters in almost each and every chapter while our cat whose name is Juro, is basically gifted with a special power, of smelling the smell of tears, and out of his own goodness, whenever someone is crying or has faced something which is making them cry, he would go to that person and try to comfort and motivate them to deal with the problem and move on with life.

The first season of the show will be making it to us on the 14th of march and it will be streamed for three days, we will be getting 5 episodes of 5 minutes each day.

Where to watch: this show will be premiering on the NHK network, and following the release it may be available on some online anime streaming sites.

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3. Heart Cocktail Colorful

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

Now here we are to talk about one of the classics on the list, this anime series is not something that is totally recommended for kids, however, it can be considered worthy of every adult’s watch. The anime series actually shares the title with the manga as well as the tv series which came out many years back and was a great success. Now it can be treated as a slice-of-life anime series, and practically it concentrates truly on the actual gesture of slice-of-life. In each short episode of the series, we get to discover the short momentary emotions of life while the characters are just romancing around to find the solution to the uncanny emotions they feel as a response to various life gestures.

It has got a romantic storyline, where we see that small efforts and gestures can make a person fall in love with another so fast and help a person bring down their inner walls truly. It is always not like a happy relationship, but fights, dates, and spending time together everything makes love quite perfect.

The manga series was written by Seizou Watase and the tv series was actually from 1998, so most otakus out here don’t know much about how great of a show it is going to be. Along with that if the illustration is also kept the same as the old time, we can expect this anime to give us a vintage vibe with a subtle touch of simplicity, something that will touch our emotions and inspire us to fall in love again.

The anime series will make it to us on the 21st of march 2023. Based on how the show has been previously, there will be short episodes with new stories and depictions.

Where to watch:  this show will be premiering on the NHK network, and following the release, it may be available on some online anime streaming sites

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4. Doraemon Movie 42: Nobita To Sora No Utopia

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

From the name of the movie only, it is quite understandable which big hit we are moving forward to, we have got another Doraemon movie, and after the last hit which we received in the form of the 41st movie which is Nobitas little Star Wars, there has been a lot of expectation regarding this anime as the storyline and the everything related to it has just leveled up and turned out to be amazing.

Now almost all of us here have once in our life been a fan of the entire Doraemon franchise, and particularly the movies because none can criticize those, they made our childhood. This time too, Doraemon is actually coming back with a massive hit, and from the name of the movie, it is only very derivable that we have got the land of dreams, Utopia related to the story.

The story has been written by Ryota Kosawa, and this is his first time as a Doraemon writer, we all from what we have seen in the trailer actually expect a lot from the movie and the hype has been really good. In the story of the movie, we basically see Nobita, Doraemon along with their friends embarking on a journey to the world of utopia which exists much above the clouds and when they reach there, everything seems perfect and as perfect as it could be. However, it doesn’t last for long because the entire world of Utopia will fall into danger and it is up to Nobita and his friends to save them.

This movie will make it to us on the 3rd of march 2023. Though the trailer of the show is currently not available, the teaser is available on the YouTube platform.

Where can we watch: This anime movie will make it to us in the theatres at first and then will be available on the Disney platform for streaming.

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5.  Gridman Universe

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

Now many of you may not understand or relate to this name right now, but with one single term, maybe many of you will get to know which anime series this series is a part of. Many of you out here have originally watched a very famous 2021 anime series called SSSS Dynazaemon. Dynazaemon was originally a direct anime series and no manga adaption was there thus it was pretty confusing after the end of the series regarding whether we will be getting any sequels or prequels to the series.

However, after a long time, it was confirmed that the series was actually getting a movie sequel, and since then there has been a lot of hype regarding it. The movie trailer has just made it to us just a few days back and based on how the response of the audience has been it can be concluded that we are going to get one heck of an anime with this.

The genre it belongs to is basically fantasy and science fiction genre, and the story is basically set in the universe of Dynazaemon which we have seen in the earlier continuation of the anime series. However, this time things have changed, Yuta’s world is near to destruction and everything in the different dimensions has got messed up which will soon bring an end to the existence of every being. While Yuta is trying to deal with it, Dynazaemon eater the scene with some other students and offers Yuta a hand of help and asks him to save the world from the upcoming disaster.

This movie based on our reports is all set to make it to us on the 24th of march 2023.

Where to watch: this movie is expected to make it to the theatres first and then be available for streaming on certain online anime streaming platforms however nothing has been confirmed yet.

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6. Argonavis Movie: Axia

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

Here we have got another movie for which there is a huge fan base waiting for quite a long time, Agronavis actually belongs to the anime franchise from agronavis and is basically the story of a band that has been shown in the earlier stages of the anime. We have got an anime series that was quite famous and based on that we have also received a game, which is quite a big thing when it comes to animes.

Soon after that, we get to see that a movie was brought to us from the franchise in 2021 and the response to that just made us sure that this anime series is going to earn some big name in the future. The Agronovis is basically a slice-of-life anime only because we don’t get to see anything mystical or fantasy based, however, we follow the very happening life of the various band members of the Gyroxia.

Now though we haven’t got any source material or anything from which the movie has been adapted, based on the trailer and the teaser we have got a little bit of an idea about the story of the second movie from the franchise. This time things have turned and the band looks in a weird situation.

It didn’t work out between the member and thus they decided to disband themselves and walk on their own in their own particular fields and make name for themselves. However, though everyone is doing pretty well, except the lead vocalist of the band who is going through some issues, starting from his childhood relationship with his father to the fact that he can’t sing anything anymore properly.

Now based on our reports, the movie is actually going to make it to us on the 24th of march 2023.

Where to watch: this movie will most probably premiere on television first and then will be available for streaming on the various online anime streaming platforms.

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7. The Klutzy Witch

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

Many of you out there may not have heard of this anime series and that’s completely fine because this is the first time the franchise is bringing a movie to the market. As of now, there have only been manga volumes, however, all the otakus who have been into mangas, do surely know about this one, because it is quite famous and has been running for a long time.

Almost all of us here are very much attracted to the fantasy genre of animes and thus we have brought to you one of the biggest hits of this year from the fantasy genre. The klutzy witch is basically the story of witches and how they are trained to be witches, with some great characters, who are absolutely adorable, and at some point, the main character of the series may give us a bit of an Anya vibe. From the trailer of the show, which we received just a few days back it is expected that the movie will be quite successful.

Now for those who don’t know anything about the manga or the anime, it is basically set in a world where witches exist and there is a special institution where children from the witch family are sent to learn witchcraft and how to become a witch so that they can be strong witches like their family members and we have also got one cute little character of such sort who wants to be a great witch like her mother but soon somethings don’t go according to plan, and some evil forces bear a risk to her, which she has to deal with, with her friends help.

Overall, it is going to be a great movie and based on our sources it is going to make it to us on the 31st of march 2023.

Where to watch: This movie will be released in the theatres first and then may be available elsewhere for streaming.

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8. Attack On Titan The Final Season Part 2

Anime Releasing In March Of 2023

The long wait is finally coming to an end. The final and the last part of the very famous attack on titan series is finally going to make it to us in the year 2023, and as we all know it will be the biggest competitor to any other anime series this year. For those who don’t know much about the anime series, it is one of the most famous series of all time and has won many awards obvert the years with a massive fan base.

The final season was supposed to be delivered much earlier but then it was divided and laid off for this year and now as the release date is finally coming close, everyone from the entire fan community of attack on titans I very excited.

The manga series has been written by Yasuko Kobayashi and this anime is basically one of the most successful anime out there. The storyline is quite complicated and twisted and there is a whole universe that has been created in the series which has a unique and well-written storyline. Now for the basics, there are titans which exist in this world and they end up eating humans, so for the safety of humans, they live inside walls.

Inside these walls, the titans can’t come, however, everything changes when the walls slowly started breaking down and now humans need to fight off these titans. The story doesn’t stop there as while fighting off the titans, humans come to know the truth behind their existence along with the existence of other humans too.

The anime series is all set to make it to us on the 3rd of march, 2023.

Where to watch: this anime show will be available for streaming on the Crunchyroll platform just like the previous seasons of the show.

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