19 Cartoon Characters with Big Noses: From Classic To Contemporary Cartoons!

Presently we are the young generation of this era, however, there was a time when we were kids too. Since our childhood days, there has been one thing that has fascinated us the most. Cartoons! When we were kids, our whole world revolved around cartoons. Starting from Tom & Jerry to Shinchan, we loved to watch cartoons. Do you remember how you used to return from school and sat down to watch that episode of Doraemon or Shinchan or any of your favorite cartoons? Back in those days, the industry of cartoons produced some masterpieces that we will reminisce about today. 

Cartoons have formed a big part of our childhood days. The new gadget of Doraemon’s, or Mr. Bean’s relationship with his teddy has always mesmerized us. When we were kids, we did not have phones or the internet as advanced as today. Hence, our only way to pass time was either by watching television or by playing games with our friends. Unlike today’s kids, our days mostly made us connect to cartoon shows on television. This is probably the reason why we have some knowledge about a variety of cartoons even today. 

In our times, we had multiple cartoon channels with good cartoon screening on them. We had Cartoon Network (CN), Disney, Nickelodeon, Pogo, and the op channel, Hungama. Each channel had its hit show, and we all were hooked to those shows. Missing a single episode was not an option, that would have made us lag, therefore, we avoided missing any episode. CN has been famous for cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Ben 10. If you think back a bit, CN used to telecast cartoons that were mostly made in the United States during those times. Channels like Nickelodeon and Hungama used to telecast cartoons that were mostly made in Japan. There was a richness in cartoon shows back in the day. 

Also, can we forget about our favorite Disney? I guess not. Disney has created some evergreen cartoon characters. During our times, we had the original animated pictures of stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast being telecast on Sundays at 10 A.M. Those characters are still imprinted in our brains, and we will probably never forget that. These animated cartoon films were later remade using computerized animations in later times. Films like Aladdin have also received proper films containing human actors. 

Cartoons are loveable characters because of the way they look and the way they act. The creators spent extremely hard labor behind the creation of these cartoon characters which is why they must be appreciated. Some cartoon characters look funny because of their features, some are cute, and some are cunning. They have big eyes or big noses or big mouths. Any of the facial features have to be made big to give in that required cuteness in their faces. It is a trademark kind of thing. 

In today’s article, we will be discussing cartoon characters with big noses. As you read further, you will find the characters have been drawn with big noses. The thing with noses is a bit hilarious because if you scrutinize, you will notice that sometimes the villains are given no noses at all, and sometimes they are given humungous noses. In this article, we are going to discuss the latter, which is cartoon characters with humungous noses. Some of these characters will be good, but some will be bad, and we will have multiple characters ranging from the ones created by Cartoon Network to Disney. 

1. Billy from Haddi Mere Buddy/The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Did the name ‘Haddi Mere Buddy’ ring a bell? It probably did. Billy and Mandy are best friends, and their characters are opposite to each other. Billy is a confused kid with very little IQ level, whereas, Mandy is a clever girl, and she can be cunning sometimes. However, they are best friends, and they help each other. When they won a limbo contest together against the Grim Reaper, Grim Reaper had to befriend these kids keeping the deal sealed. Since then, there are various weird and adventurous situations that these kids encounter where the Grim Reaper either helps them out or is a supportive and comical figure. Unlike the scary and dark stories that have been created surrounding grim reapers, this Grim Reaper is a super friendly one. You would actually want to meet him and have a nice chat. 

Billy is the character in the cartoon who has a big pink nose and small black eyes. His nose is so big that sometimes you will not be able to figure out his eyes. His pink nose adds to the confused and silly aura that he embodies. He is a sweet kid, and you would love him despite his stupidity which leads him into weird situations. 

2. Mr. Bean from Mr. Bean

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Now, now, we all know who Mr. Bean is. The animated version of Mr. Bean has a big nose with somewhat sleepy eyes and a tilted mouth with a mole above it. Mr. Bean loves Teddy more than anyone else, even more than his girlfriend Irma. Mrs. Wicket (sounds like ‘wicked’) is a wicked, but not too wicked, landlady of Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean’s nose kind of draws attention to this face. His nose is big compared to the other features of his face. 

The cartoon revolves around the life of Mr. Bean and his daily activities. It is quite funny because even if Mr. Bean does not talk much when the time comes, he can be very clever. It is one of the evergreen characters created by Cartoon Network. 

3. Phineas from Phineas and Ferb

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Do you remember this triangle-headed boy? It feels as if his head resembles the first letter of his name. Phineas’ nose is a big triangle-shaped one. Although his nose is pretty big, his eyes are round and quite visible as they always seem to shine with excitement. He is an extremely witty character for him and his step-brother, Ferb, always engages in making marvelous things. Phineas is a genius, and his sister is always annoyed with whatever new invention he and Ferb keep on making.

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4. Ferb from Phineas and Ferb

Ferb from Phineas and Ferb

Ferb is the step-brother of Phineas and Candice and also the best buddy that Phineas can get. Like Phineas, Ferb too has a big nose which is somewhat rectangular in shape. Ferb’s head resembles the letter ‘F’ which is positioned at the start of his name. Unlike Phineas, Ferb is the quitter of the pair. However, he is witty as well. Without him, Phineas would not have been able to complete the inventions. Ferb is the kind of brother that everyone would love to have. 

5. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas Ferb

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Doofenshmirtz is the evil scientist in the cartoon who also has a big and prominent nose. He always has planned how to capture the city and makes inventions in accordance with that. Nevertheless, none of his plans become successful in the end because Perry the Platypus saves the city every time by ruining Doofenshmirtz’s plans. Even if this character is cunning, he is comical and loves his daughter very much. His nose is straight but long and sharp and shaped like a knife. No matter how much he tries to be the big bad, he always ends up making the kids watching the show laugh. 

6. SpongeBob from SpongeBob Squarepants

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

SpongeBob is the main character of SpongeBob Squarepants. He is a yellow-colored square-shaped sponge who had a big yellow nose with big round eyes and wears brown colored trousers. He lives underwater in a pineapple-shaped house. This character has a starfish as his friend. The cartoon mainly revolves around the daily activities of SpongeBob and his adventures. This character always finds himself in some weird situation and the cartoon shows how he comes out of it. 

7. Squidward from SpongeBob Squarepants

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Although named ‘Squid’ward, he is an octopus who lives just beside SpongeBob. There are countless memes about Squidward these days because of his dull and sad character. Squidward is an older character who is turquoise in color and has a big hanging nose. Unlike SpongeBob, Squidward is a gloomy character. It is as if he is very done with his life and nothing excites him. He is also very much annoyed with his neighbor SpongeBob. There have been several incidents where Squidward found himself in a predicament created by the one and only SpongeBob. He is dull, but he is not as silly as SpongeBob. 

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8. Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Dick Dastardly is a character created by William Hannah Joseph Barbera. Dastardly has a big nose and his eyes have an evil look to them. He looks kind of scary and gives off extremely bad person vibes. Dastardly sports mustaches which kind of adds to that evil aura that he exudes. His character has its appearance in many other cartoon shows created by Barbera. He is a trickster and a dishonest man. 

9. Nigel Archibald Thornberry from Wild Thornberrys

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Nigel is a character with a square-shaped face. He is a redhead who has red hair and a red mustache. His nose is pretty big and covers half of his face while his eyes are tiny like an ant’s body. He is one of the main characters of the cartoon show Wild Thornberrys. This character has an innocent look on his face. His face gives off the vibe that he is clueless about everything that is happening around him. He is not at all scary and children will love how he looks. 

10. Mr. Burns from The Simpsons 

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

You must have heard about the cartoon series The Simpsons. Mr. Burns is the main villain in the show. His full name is Charles Montgomery Plantagenet, but he is popularly known as Mr. Burns. He looks evil. He has a big yellow nose and his eyes are drawn closely giving an evil vibe. The way he smiles is extremely creepy. You definitely would not want to go near this character because he is very creepy. He is half bald. Mr. Burn uses his long yellow nose to poke into everyone’s business, and you would not love this character. Anybody creating a ruckus in the lives of the Simpsons is a big NO for all of us. 

11. Captain K’nuckles from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Captain K’nuckles has a body color similar to Squidward’s but not darker. He wears a cap and a big orange-hanging nose. K’nuckles is experienced and he is kind of a teacher or guide to Flapjack. K’nuckles’ hat is red and is like the one that pirates would wear. His appearance is funny and smug. Children would love to have a mentor like him. If only we had a mentor like some cartoon characters. It would have been ‘Marvelous’. 

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12. Ice King from Adventure Times

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Ice King is a hilarious blue-colored character from the cartoon Adventure Times. He is the king of the Ice King and is an old man. He has certain powers of manipulating ice, but he does not put them to something productive. This character is weirdly funny. His love interest is Princess Bubblegum, but Bubblegum never gives him attention.

Consequently, he always tries to kidnap the princess but ends up failing miserably. He is not an extremely cruel villain, but a comical one. Ice King is forgetful and lonely. He is old, but his romantic feelings for a princess about the age of his daughter are something that is a bit disturbing. Nevertheless, the situation is not that serious, but we all know that these feelings are wrong. 

13. Big Nose from Pink Panther

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

In the show Pink Panther, the little man is a funny-looking small character with a big nose and big feet. He gets named ‘Big Nose’ later on because of his humungous nose. This character does not talk in the show. However, Big Nose creates problems for Pink Panther. He is a funny little man who is the antagonist in the show. It is funny how little he is but how big his nose is compared to the little size of his body. This funny little character has enough potential to make you roll with laughter. Big Nose is cute but at the same time mischievous. He is probably the cutest villain that you will encounter. 

14. Hugh Neutron from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Jimmy Neutron’s father is Hugh Neutron. He is another character with a huge nose. As a father, he is quite silly. He is not at all witty and is obsessed with stupid things. Hugh Neutron is portrayed as a ‘dim-witted’ character. He has a long face with brown slicked hair. He wears glasses and has a big round nose. Ducks form one of the obsessions of Mr. Neutron. This guy is also in love with the pies that his wife bakes. He also loves the toasts that she makes. It is a wonder how his son is a genius while he is a dumb man. 

15. The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

The Evil Queen wants to be the most gorgeous in the world. She can go to any extent to achieve godly beauty and cannot tolerate anyone more beautiful than her. Snow White manages to surpass her in beauty which the queen hates. As a result, she takes the disguise of an old lady with a creepy face that has a big nose with a big mole. The appearance of the old lady which the evil queen decides to disguise herself is cunning and can creep you out. The most prominent feature of this disguise is the big and long nose. It looks dirty and obnoxious. 

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16. The Six Dwarfs out of the Seven from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

The Snow White and the seven dwarfs have dwarfs who sport big noses except one. Doopey is the only one out of the seven who does not have a big nose. Other than him, all his brothers have big noses. All six dwarfs are mentioned below:

  1. Doc: Every group must have a leader, without a leader carrying out tasks becomes difficult. The leader of the group is responsible for taking care of the tasks that are being carried out by the other members of the group. Doc is exactly that figure. He is the leader of the seven dwarfs and has a good amount of intellect. He has a big pink nose, and he is short in height, that is, he is a dwarf. The big pink nose adds to the cuteness of his character. 
  2. Grumpy: Another of the seven dwarfs is Grumpy. His name suggests how he is in character. Although he is always grumpy, his big nose makes him look extremely cute. He loves Snow White, and I guess he is always a little less grumpy when he is around her. Grumpy is the angry one of the lot, and he gets angry almost at everything. However, his big nose abates some of the grumpy aurae that he exudes. 
  3. Happy: Opposite of Grumpy is Happy. Happy too sports a big nose. He is always happy, and he is extra happy when Snow White is around. We all love Happy. He is an optimistic dwarf. He always manages to look at the bright side of things. If you are around him, you will also become happy. Happy’s happiness is contagious, and it is a good thing. In our lives, we need someone like Happy who would always make us happy. 
  4. Sneezy: The name of the dwarf itself suggests that Sneezy is named so because he sneezes all the time. His big nose become uncontrollable when it comes to sneezing. He is always sneezing. Whenever the other dwarfs are at work and there is a loud sneezing noise, it is always Sneezy. His big pink nose is a bit problematic because he always sneezes and cannot seem it control it. However, Sneezy is also very cute. Even if his nose cannot control the sneezes, he is still quite adorable. 
  5. Sleepy: Sleepy is another character among the seven dwarfs who is always sleeping. Sleepy has a big nose as well. Sleepy is probably one of those characters with whom we can relate the most since he always feels sleepy. Out of all the dwarfs, he is the least energetic one. If sleepy is absent from work, he is probably sleeping in peace somewhere. 
  6. Bashful: Bashful is probably the cutest one of the seven. He is always very bashful, that is shy. Bashful not only has a big pink nose but also big eyes with beautiful eyelashes. He is extremely shy and turns the shade of tomatoes whenever Snow White compliments him. He is very soft and appears extremely fluffy. Bashful is one such dwarf who will make you want to cuddle him because he is so soft and shy.

17. The Beast from The Beauty and The Beast

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

The Beast in The Beauty and the Beast has a scary appearance. He sports a long mane and a big nose. The nose is that of a lion but if you have noticed carefully, it is quite big. The Beast has an appearance like that because of a curse that was imposed upon him. He can only turn into his human form if a girl he loves kisses him. Beauty is successful in turning him into his human form. However, the beast form of the prince does have a big nose which is prominent on his face. 

18. Jafar from Aladdin 

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Jafar is the main antagonist of the Disney movie Aladdin. He is the cunning king who wants to have Jasmine to himself including Genie. Jafar has a big nose. His dark red clothes and V-shaped thin eyebrows along with mustaches add to his evil look. The big nose of Jafar is quite evident. 

19. Pinocchio from Pinocchio

Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

Last, but not least is Pinocchio. We all know about this little guy who has a big nose. Pinocchio’s big nose has been used as a reference in many situations. His big nose has become a famous meme topic nowadays. 

FAQS About Characters With Big Noses

1. Are there any Disney characters with big noses?

Yes, there are many Disney characters with big noses. They are mentioned above.

2. Does Dr. Doofenshmirtz have a big nose?

Yes! He does have a big nose.

3. Who is Hugh Neutron?

Hugh Neutron is the father of Jimmy Neutron from the cartoon The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Genius Boy.

4. Are Phineas and Ferb step-brothers?

Phineas and Ferb are stepbrothers.

5. Does Doopey have a big nose?

No, Doopey is the only dwarf who does not have a big nose.

6. How many cartoon characters are there with big noses?

There are many, some of which are mentioned above. 

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