25 Best FBI and CIA TV Series To Watch in 2022

Who doesn’t love a bit of action and drama? The terms FBI and CIA must definitely ignite a sense of curiosity among you, doesn’t everyone like to watch series like this?  One cannot stop or be satisfied with just one episode while watching a series related to the FBI or CIA. How can they be even? There are so many things in it that are fascinating for normal people like us. Getting a view inside the top secret work and the world in which many aspire to work someday. 

We do have a few perceptions related to the CIA and FBI, right? Like we always envision them to be serious, too serious and preoccupied with the work, and always in the search of the next criminals. They are the ones who put the worst guys ever behind the bars. There is no shortage of content related to it but how do we know which ones are the best? Well, do worry, we have got it covered. We have brought you the top shows related to the FBI and CIA you can binge on either over the weekend or in your free time. These all series are in the order of their IMDB rating, we starting the list with the best tv series one needs to watch in the year 2022. Do not think the first ones are the best ones, all of these series entail to be best and a must-watch.

1. The Sopranos

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

We could not have started this list with a better series. This series which has garnered ratings of nearly 9.2 (JUST IMAGINE!), has been one of the longest-running shows, which was aired for nearly 8 years comprising six seasons. This American TV Show’s plot around Tony Soprano essayed by James Gandolfini. This series which was created by David Chase also stars Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco in vital roles. 

In the tv series which is majorly premised in New Jersey, we get to see the Sopranos family dealing with different issues and then their lives reach their door to doom when the federal agents are involved. FBI is a major threat to Tony who is a mobster, with them issuing various federal throughout the seasons. One cannot stop at just one episode, it is just impossible.

This series which aired its first episode in the year 1999, inspired the writing of Allen Rucker, who in turn wrote three books related to the show during the course of the show’s run. Given the magnificent storyline and acting, it is bound to attract awards, winning several Emmys, setting up a record for the foremost cable show to win ever, and many more milestones. It has just 13 episodes in the first five seasons, so do not forget to watch it on Disney + Hotstar platform.

2. Criminal Minds: Evolution 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This show with a rating of a tremendous 8.8 via IMDB, is a reboot of its previous franchise Criminal Minds which had quite a successful run. Unlike its original series, this one tries to take up a different plotline tactic, with 10 episodes to be aired in its first season. It is a recently released series that has already garnered a better rating than its predecessor, where its first episode premiered on 24 November, the year 2022. 

Here the storyline is on our very courageous and skilled FBI team comprising Joe Mantegna essaying the role of David Rossi, Kirsten Vangsness essaying the role of Penelope Garcia,  A. J. Cook playing Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, and Aisha Tyler essaying the character of Tara Lewis. We also get to see Adam Rodriguez and Paget Brewster playing significant characters in a series investigating the most brutal and horrifying serial killers. This series is going to have just one major case run over the whole case, revealing gruesome details throughout. UnSub network is the prime target of our valourous FBI team here. Do tune into this show every Thursday on the Paramount+ channel.

3. Twin Peaks 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

The third addition to this list is the show again with an 8.8 rating which is one of the oldest tv shows with FBI and CIA, one needs to binge on. This show was created in the era when technology was still developing, especially with everyone having box tv sets but that didn’t deteriorate the storyline which stands out to date. This series comprising two seasons is focused on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper played effortlessly by the amazing actor Kyle MacLachlan.

 When the first episode was aired in the year 1999, the story commenced with the gruesome death of a teenage girl  Laura Palmer. It created quite anxiety and tension all over the locality. The series shows both the agent and the local sheriff working together in Twin Peaks to get this 17-year-old girl justice and bring back faith among the citizens. Even though it had just two seasons, it released 30 episodes that engaged the audience rigorously. This series was created by Mark Frost and David Lynch that explores the genre of Serial drama, Surrealism, and Mystery, do watch it on Voot.

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4. The X-Files

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

The X-Files is a series developed by Chris Carter, which ran for 25 years. Yes, you read it right! For half of the semi-centennial, this series has aired and entertained the audience. There must be a reason that it got renewed for 11 seasons spanning over decades, right? The kind of scenes needed and the development of different storylines at times delayed the release of the next season, thereby making it 11 in total. 

Coming to the plotline of the series is based on two FBI Special agents who come across strange cases. This series which stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in pivotal roles aka the two agents who just want to uncover and solve as many as mysterious possible, aired its first episode on 10 September, the year 1993. It has 218 episodes to date, with numerous spin-offs. What makes the duo stand out is one belief in supernatural forces and one is a strict realist who does not get emotionally attached to cases and believes there is a reason and logic for everything. Watch the series to find out more on Disney+ and Hulu!

5. Daredevil 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This Netflix series created by Drew Goddard is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This show focuses on Charlie Cox our own Daredevil in the disguise of a lawyer during the day namely Matt Murdock. This show is primarily focused on legal things, as Matt who is a lawyer tries to do right and make Wilson Fisk / Kingpin pay for his crimes. 

The FBI comes into the picture in a quest of arresting Wilson. We also get to see an FBI Special Agent being psychopathic who switches sides throughout the show. Isn’t it intriguing to find out what happens in the three seasons of Daredevil comprising 39 episodes in all? The criminal world’s doings, the Hell’s Kitchen, along with our good doer Matt, crime lord Kingpin, and the fearless, a person who does not care about the consequences namely  Frank Castle / Punisher. Also as Matt’s supporter, we get to see his best friend  Franklin “Foggy” Nelson played by Elden Henson. Do give this series a watch which is available on the Netflix streaming platform.

6. Mindhunter 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

One more Netflix series with a rating of 8.6 is derived from the works of John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. This series is set in the 1970s era and it revolves around two FBI Special Agents along with a psychologist. This series grounded on the 1995 true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, definitely includes some horrid serial killer cases that you need to binge on right away if you are a true-crime enthusiast. 

There are a ton of open cases to be solved Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany the two special agents in the FBI’s BSU get to solve it. In this series psychologist’s role is essayed by Anna Torv, we get to see her proper skills being projected, and also her being a closeted lesbian is a vital part of the show. This series has been nominated for many awards, where Jonathan Groff won the Best Actor in a Drama / Genre Series of Satellite Awards 2018. This series comprises 19 episodes, with the proper thrilling experience one can get, thereby it is worth the watch.

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7. Person of Interest

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

The title itself is so intriguing one is curious about what would it entail. This series developed by Jonathan Nolan has got almost 9 amazing wins and 22 nominations. This series can be caught up on the Amazon Prime Video platform, with the very famous tagline of the show “ Ever think you’re being watched?”. The show focuses on an ex-CIA agent and a billionaire software developer. Both of these roles are essayed by Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson.

This series has 5 seasons, with 105 episodes with the last one airing on 21 June, the year 2016. The series showcases both the leads monitoring the developed system of “seeing-all”, segregating few people as “of interest” and in an attempt of reducing terrorist activities. Seeing all machines, spies, and U S Army, this series will give you a full dose of that. We also see Taraji P. Henson playing an important role as a detective namely Joss Carter. This series comes under best crime drama with a rating of 8.5 via IMDB.

8. Hannibal

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

Hannibal series stars Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas, and Hettienne Park in prominent roles. This series showcases everything, right from cannibalism to FBI, criminal profiling to mystery and haunted. This series can make you freak out at night if you’re watching it alone. This series has just 3 seasons which does not justify the storyline, as one craves for more. This series has been consistently winning the best horror series award for years, given its graphic and violent scenes. 

The show starts with the recruitment of a criminal profiler to catch the killer by the FBI but what they are unaware of is that they have a serial killer in midst of them. The lead character Dr. Hannibal Lecter manipulates the whole team with his thirst for cannibalism depicted totally in the show. The extremes to which Lecter goes are seen in the way he bonds with the criminal profiler. The acting is what brings the essence to this show and this show was developed from the books written by Thomas Harris. One can enjoy and binge this thriller on Amazon Prime Video.

9. The Americans 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

Who isn’t aware of this spy drama series which is set in the era of the Cold War? This series which was aired from the year 2013 to the year 2018 resulting in 6 seasons has been rated 8.4 on IMDB. The most captivating part of this series is the way a couple originally Russians, being given one of the most dangerous tasks of spying on another country, especially during the time of the Cold War intrigue people to watch to see what happens to them eventually. 

This series has a few of the established actors like Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, and Maximiliano Hernández in prominent roles. This couple is just like another couple during the day, filled with handling the kids, household work, and the issues ordinary people face. But then comes the night when they totally transform into individuals who pose different roles as required, trying to achieve the task they have been trusted with. This series has won 4 primetime Emmy Awards, with 48 wins all over and 150+ nominations. One can watch The Americans on Hulu online.

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10. Fringe

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

Fringe was developed by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci. This series follows the work of the Fringe Division, which is a Joint Federal Task Force. This series has five seasons(100 episodes) which concluded in 2013 and broke the heart of its fans, who loved it. The show commences with the FBI team trying to crack the “pattern”, from various pieces of evidence of the investigations. 

This series is set in Reiden Lake in New York state. This leads them to a renowned scientist, and they team up to investigate a bit deeper. And to everyone’s surprise, this pattern is cracked by the son of scientists and it turns out to be a big threat, and this thing is instigated by a global company. Fringe can be caught up on Amazon Prime Video, with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, and Lance Reddick in noteworthy roles. This series has in al won eighteen awards, which is a huge achievement.

11. Homeland

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This thriller series first released its first episode on 2 October, the year 2011, and focused on  CIA Agents. The homeland tv series was from the book by Gideon Raff titled Prisoners of War (Israel). The CIA Agent’s role who is bipolar is played by Claire Danes. And the one held hostage is played by Damian Lewis. We also see Mandy Patinkin, David Harewood, and Diego Klattenhoff in significant roles.

This series has received positive responses throughout the time it was aired comprising 8 seasons. This series has received a whopping six Emmy wins, showing the complex duo and the risk to national security. The series commenced with Al-Qaeda releasing its hostage Marine Nicholas Brody, who after her release becomes the CIA’s Agent prime target for supervision. After being away from America for eight years, we see Marine Nicholas trying to adapt to the new environment of being under observation. It is not that easy, we can only imagine. In times of terrorism, how will one survive? Watch this series to find out. One can watch this show on the Showtimes network.

12. White Collar

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This police procedural drama series was first released in the year 2009, and then got renewed for six seasons with the last season airing in 2014. White Collar tv drama has garnered a rating of 8.3 via IMDB, with the cast comprising Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, and many more. 

Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke are the main characters in this fictional series, where Neal for years has been escaping the FBI. But if finally brought in by Peter and getting punished for the crimes he committed. Still, not reformed entirely Neal makes an escape plan which fails and he is again arrested. This time though things are different for him. This time he has got a deal coming though if he complies with doing the work Peter asked him to. Will he get caught while doing it? Are Peter and Neal able to stay amicable and be helpful to each other along with gaining what they desire? Watch this series on Hulu to find out what happens to Neal! 

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13. Criminal Minds 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This series is sort of a prequel to Criminal Minds: Evolution. This series aired its last episode during the commencement of the pandemic, that is in the year 2020 stars Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, and Shemar Moore in prominent roles at the start seasons. The lead roles keep on changing so do the actors. But the fun is nonstop. 

This show unlike the new one, with every episode, focused on a new case and lasted for 16 seasons, which is one of the longest-running series on this list. Given that it run for such a long period, it did not deteriorate in its quality, being rated 8.1 via IMDB. The major kinds of cases received by this FBI Unit comprised gruesome murders and scary serial killers. The whole FBI team comprises experts in different domains that lead to an effective search for a criminal. One can binge all the seasons on Paramount+. This series has been continuously winning a few of the best awards most tv series aim for.

14. The Blacklist 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This is one of the few series in this list that is still being aired annually. The Blacklist aired its first episode in the year 2013 and since then it has been quite a popular thriller series gaining an IMDB rating of  8. This series’s plotline begins with our very courageous and fearless FBI special agent who is dedicated to the force and gave her life to it. Whereas still, she was unable to find one of the mysterious criminals who has haunted her for a long time.

But the tables change when her nemesis turns himself in, voluntarily. He is ready for confession but just to her. The FBI Agent’s role as Elizabeth “Liz” Keen is essayed by Megan Boone, with Raymond Reddington essayed by James Spader. The series just get interesting from this point, with a lot of common things getting discovered and it is still being premiered. One can watch the 10th season in February, of the year 2023 on Netflix.

15. The Looming Tower

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

As the name suggests, this series which is the shortest one in this list is derived from the works of  Lawrence Wright. This book was quite a controversial one, which resulted in ten episodes developed by Dan Futterman, Alex Gibney, and the author himself, Lawrence Wright. This book as well as the series is set in the horrific tragedy of 9/11 and the aftermath. 

The war against Afghanistan and what people went through during this period, everything is vividly depicted. This series even though being a short one, garnered an 8 rating via IMDB. This series has a cast incorporating Jeff Daniels, Tahar Rahim, Wrenn Schmidt, and Bill Camp in vital roles. The show goes through the dangers possessed by al-Qaeda, and how they terrorized people. Also, the conflict between the FBI and CIA is quite vivid, also their miscommunications led to the nation’s security being in danger. Do give this series watch which is available on Prime Video.

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16. Sleeper Cell

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This series had run for a short stint during the years from 2005 to 2006, in which we get to see a few fan-favorite series of FBI agents going undercover for a high-level operation. This series is perfect for those who have less time on their hands and want to watch something in the thriller and crime genre. 

It just has 18 episodes, in which the famous tagline of the first season was “Friends. Neighbors. Husbands. Terrorists.” Darwyn Al-Sayeed the main character in this series, is soon entangled with a deadly terrorist organization. He got in touch with a leader of the Sleeper Cell organization who was planning a huge attack in LA, thereby being in the utmost danger. Darwyn’s well-wishers worry about him way too much but he is totally focused on this job. We see Michael Ealy playing the role of Darwyn al-Sayeed aka Darwyn al-Hakim. We also see Oded Fehr and Henri Lubatti in important roles, one can catch it up on Disney+ and Hulu.

17. Counterpart 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This series is built on Science Fiction and thriller genre, where it released two episodes which resulted in twenty episodes for the fans to enjoy. This series begins with an employee who is quite mediocre with his job and his role and is just going through life without actually enjoying it. He works at an agency and to his surprise, he suddenly discovers it is not an ordinary agency, it works on its way to an altogether different universe. Just imagine you being in the place of this employee. 

This series developed by Justin Marks focuses on spies, cold wars, etc. The two parallel worlds are not in sync with each other nor do they align together. They both send spies utilizing their counterparts. Both the Alpha and Prime worlds have their issues and pandemics, with the FBI agents all set to clean the house. One can enjoy this series rated 8 though IMDB on Prime Video and this series stars J. K. Simmons playing the role of Howard Silk.

18. Bones 


Bones is one such series that had been going on for a long time and still maintained positive reviews consistently, bringing an 8 rating on the IMDB website. This series has a whopping 12 seasons, where it has 246 episodes in all releasing its first episode on 13 September, the year 2005. This series has the dynamic duo of forensic anthropologists and pompous F.B.I. Special Agent. This series is both comedy and sort of thriller genre based, which can give you the perfect blend of entertainment and adrenaline. 

This dynamic duo is in the search of exciting cases to solve but they pretty much get the ordinary ones. We get to see their chemistry and one cannot stop binge-watching this series developed by Hart Hanson.  The cast included Emily Deschanel as Temperance “Bones” Brennan and David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth in the lead roles, where in the gradual seasons we see spine-chilling murder cases. This mystery-filled tv drama can be watched on the ESPN+ and Disney+ platforms.

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19. The Old Man

the old man

One of the most latest series adds to the mystery, the CIA Agent genre, which gives the proper dosage of thrill and excitement. This series is developed from the works of “The Old Man” a novel authored by Thomas Perry. The series broadcasted its first episode on 16 June, the year 2022 and the release of episodes is still ongoing. “The Old Man” TV series has been developed by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, which stars Jeff Bridges playing the role of Dan Chase aka Henry Dixon aka Johnny Kohler, and Bill Heck being his younger version. We also get to see John Lithgow playing the role of Harold Harper and E. J. Bonilla playing the role of Raymond Waters. 

This series was rated 7.7 via IMDB and starts with the retired FBI agent Chase getting entangled in a murder case done due to self-defense and he is on the run. He is being searched by his sort of nemesis, the FBI Assistant Director with whom he had a series of misunderstandings and complications. There is a hit on Chase and one can watch this series on Disney+.

20. Alias


One more science fiction-based thriller series, Alias aired its first episode on 30 September, the year 2001. Sydney Bristow is the main character in the series, which is essayed by renowned and gorgeous actress Jennifer Garner. This series went on for about half a decade, comprising five seasons.

 This is a spy thriller, where Sydney is hired for spying by the CIA. It is not as simple as it seems. Her fiance was killed over her confiding with him of being a spy. She, later on, learns that she was a part of SD-6 which she thought was a part of the CIA, which in reality isn’t. Her life is under threat and we see her surpassing all hurdles. A few other main characters in the series are Arvin Sloane, Michael Vaughn, Marcus Dixon, and Marshall Flinkman. This series has won more than 40 awards. Her revelation that the agency she is part of is believing in extremism as well as has the aim to capture the world, is quite a thrilling experience. One can watch this show on Disney+. 

21. Berlin Station 

berlin station

Berlin Station is based on the drama and spy genre, developed by Olen Steinhauer. This fictional series has about three seasons after which it was canceled due to unknown reasons. We get to a full-fledged CIA team at work throughout the series and as the title suggests, this series is based in Berlin. The team’s surreptitious activities are depicted throughout the series.

 We get to see Richard Armitage essaying the role of Daniel Miller, veteran actor Rhys Ifans essaying the role of Hector DeJean, Leland Orser playing the role of Robert Kirsch, and Michelle Forbes playing the role of Valerie Edwards. The first two characters are a part of the CIA team whereas the last one is stationed at Berlin station. Netflix has all three seasons of this series for fans to watch. This action-packed series comprises lies, deception, and betrayal and connects with an individual emotionally. It has been rated 7.6 via IMDB Website.

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22. Blindspot 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This series began premiered in the year 2015, with its last episode released during the pandemic which is in July, the year 2020. It was released in about 5 seasons, with the main character named Jane Doe, who is suffering from amnesia. Amnesia itself adds a lot of mystery to this series, which is what makes it worth the watch. She with no recollection is found in the middle of Times Square in New York. Can you imagine ever being in such a situation? Not only was she tattooed all over her body, but she was also naked and was found in a bag by the FBI.

 We get to see how she tries to recollect and get her life back(which seems impossible) throughout this series. We see Sullivan Stapleton essaying the role of Kurt Weller, who is an FBI Special Agent involved in the case of a girl suffering from memory loss. But to make the show captivating, Jane turns out to be his long-lost childhood friend. She disappeared when they were young and he never was the same again. One can watch this series on Prime Video, where you can see what Jane aka Taylor played by Jaimie Alexander has been through in her life.

23. Covert Affairs 

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

Covert Affairs’ all five seasons are available on Prime Video, where its first episode was broadcasted on 13 July, the year 2010. We get to see the main characters of this series are Annie Walker and Auggie. Annie is the most recent recruitment of the CIA and her reporting boss is Auggie. Well, things aren’t as pleasant as it seems as she starts suspecting that her talent and skill are not what got her this position. It might be her ex-boyfriend. Covert Affairs tv drama was developed by Matt Corman and Chris Ord and was shot in Toronto. Even though this series has fewer nominations, it has won whatever it had been nominated for. In the CIA Annie was sent to work for the domestic protection sector. This series attained a 7.3 rating on the IMDB website.

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24. The Agency

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

The title of the show itself tells us it is based on the CIA. This series, during the initial years of the 21st century, digs deep into the workings of the CIA, letting the ordinary public know how a fictional CIA works, which was quite similar to the one that exists in real life. It was so good that it got nominated for the Emmys. This series had a decent run from the year 2001 to 2003, releasing two seasons during it. Throughout the series, we get to see Beau Bridges, Ronny Cox, Gil Bellows, and Rocky Carrol in vital roles. It covered quite a few controversial things even including the wrongdoings of the CIA. This show was canceled shortly due to the terrorist attack of 9/11, thereby bringing the CIA into prime focus. One can enjoy The Agency on Prime Video.

25. FBI

Best FBI and CIA TV Series

This series is rated the last in this list but still more significant and entertaining than the rest out there. This series which released its first episode in the year 2018 and is still going strong, even after the huge setback of the pandemic is worth a watch. As the title depicts, it is based on the workings of FBI, which has been released over 5 seasons already and is available to watch on the Voot platform. This series also has a dynamic duo who are FBI Agents, trying to keep New York as safe as possible and eradicate crime from it. This series was developed by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk.

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