Who Is Dev In Brahmastra? What Is The Story Behind This Mysterious Man?

Brahmastra has made its way to the cinema, and no one can keep calm. Though the movie is receiving mixed reviews, we will watch it. The movie’s ending left many questions unanswered, and there will also be part 2. Some of the characters were revealed, but who were they, and what were their powers weren’t.

Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead and Amitabh Bacchan, Mouni Roy, Sharukh Khan, and Nagarjuna as co-stars, the movie has set a benchmark in VFX and sound. Though the fans are complaining about the dialogues and storyline, the powers and Astras showed in the film have improved the film. The movie’s first half describes Shiva and Isha falling in love and Astras as the characters. But, who is Dev the movie has spoken about every time? What power does he hold? Is he have Brahmastra? Let’s explore this in detail.

Who Is Dev In Brahmastra?

Who Is Dev In Brahmastra?

You landed here because you have watched the movie so I will cut to the chase. When Shiva meets his Guruji for the first time, he mentions that he has superior power called ‘Agniastra.’ He asked Shiva to stay in Ashram and work on his abilities, but he declined it as he wanted to return to his home with Isha. Then Guruji tells him you are connected to us because his parents were related to him. Shiva was shocked as he never knew who his parents were and what they used to do. Shiva asks his Guruji who his parents are and how he knows about them. Guruji then tells him that we all are connected somehow, and that’s why we ended up in this Ashram. He tells him that when you can control his powers, only I will tell him the story of his parents. Shiva has no option but to stay in the Ashram and learn his powers.

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Shiva then started to take control of his powers and did this for many days. Finally, the time came when Guruji told him the story of his parents. He stated that back when he was a student, the most potent warrior named Dev, was considered the most superior in Brahmans as he had special abilities and was also called ‘Agniveer’ by others. Dev was the warrior who possessed Agni’s power and controlled the Fire. He had all the powers of Jal, Kavach, and Mind but wanted more. He wanted to have the ability of Brahmastra.

Guruji mentioned he wanted to fight for his Junoon. So he did what he wanted to do. He fought against all the members of brahmans and was on his way to capturing the powers of Brahmastra. When Amrita, who possessed the power of Jal and had ‘Jalastra,’ broke the Brahmastra into three pieces, out of which two were safe, and the last one was never found out.

Guruji finally reveals that Amrita and Dev had loved each other, and Amrita was pregnant before she died. Then Shiva found out that his mother did not die that day. She gave him birth, and then she died. Talking about Dev, he became a statue but was still searching for Brahmastra. Junoon became his apprentice, and she was the one who was going to find out all three broken pieces of Brahmastra and join them into one.

If all the pieces of Brahmastra get joined, the statue of Dev will come to life. This means he did not die that day, but what happened that day has not been revealed in the first part of the movie. At the film’s end, we see that Brahmastra is merged, and the power of Dev finally falls into Earth. The authorities were so strong that the end of the Earth was near. But the power of Shiva controlled Brahmastra and did not make it happen.

Who Is Dev In Brahmastra?

But we see Dev come to life at the end of the movie, so he is seen in the next part of the movie. The second part of the movie is called ‘ Brahmastra part 2- Dev’, which means the film will describe who he was, what powers he had, and how he ended up being a statue. Many questions remain unanswered: Did he gain control of Brahmastra, will he end the world, or will he be a good guy? What will happen when Shiva and Dev meet? They could get into a war or get together, but all these things will be answered in the second part.

In addition, there has been no confirmation who will play the role of Dev in Brahmastra, but there are great chances that Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan could play the part of the warrior.

Who Will Play The Role Of Dev In Brahmastra?

The question is who will play the role of the most mysterious man in the film. Speculations have been made that Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan could play the Dev In Brahmastra. Dev is the strongest warrior who wants to achieve Brahmastra and gain the powers to create and destroy the world. If you ask us, both the actors will look super duper handsome and into the character. There has also been speculation that Deepika Padukone will play the role of Amrita, who is Dev’s wife. So, many fans want the Ranveer-Deepika Duo to bring life to the role. ‘

But seeing Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan together would be dream-like too. In addition, it would be very interesting to see the love story explained in the second part of the movie between Amrita and Dev. Dev is a warrior who holds the power of ‘Agniastra.’ The same power of Agniastra was transferred to his son, Shiva. Shiva is the main character of the film, played by Ranbir Kapoor.

Brahmastra Trailer

Brahmastra’s trailer when released, impressed the audience very much, however, the movie was not that good but yeah I will admit this, the trailer was good. Now we all are waiting for the second part of the movie out of three because only in that part we will be able to know, who is the actual Dev. So, stay tuned with us too if you want more or the latest updates regarding Brahmastra.

Where To Watch Brahmastra Online?

Brahmastra is released online on Disney+Hotstar on 4 November 2022. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet you can watch it on this OTT platform, if you are a paid member of Disney+.

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