Farzi Season 2 Release Date: Will Sunny’s Journey Of Counterfeit Money Continue?

Again welcome to the world of crime! Don’t worry guys, we are not taking you into the physical world of crime but yes, but definitely we are taking you into the virtual world of crime. And once again Kollywood and Bollywood joined hands. In today’s article, we gonna talk about a crime web series that was recently released on Amazon prime videos. The show has the biggest and the most popular faces from Kollywood and Bollywood.

Directed by Raj and DK, the show revolves around the journey of a boy named Sunny and how he entered the world of crime. For your information, we would like to tell you that initially Farzi was meant to be a film but by 2019 it happened to be a web series. Well, if we talk about the streaming platform, then no wonder because Amazon prime always releases the best Indian content. We can also say that, if sometimes we want to watch a desi drama then we can totally or blindly rely upon Amazon prime.

The movie is a black comedy crime thriller which has just released on 10 February 2023, music of the movie is given by Tanishq Bagchi, Sachin Jigar, and Ketan Sodha. Farzi stars Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Kay Kay Menon, Bhuvan Arora, and Raashii Khanna, the main lead of the show, Shahid Kapoor is debuting on the digital platform from this show. If we talk about the budget of the series, then you will get to know that this series is not less than a big-budget movie, the budget is almost Rs.150 crores according to some reports. So, now come to the main point and let me tell you everything about the future of this show.

Farzi Season 2 Release Date

Farzi Season 2 Release Date

Farzi is really a big hit especially because of the star cast of the show and the second reason is the directors of the show. It is directed by the same directors who directed The Family Man, Raj and DK. The show was initially released on 10 February 2023 with 8 episodes, so basically, it’s been only six days since the show was released. But the fans cannot control their curiosity regarding the future of the show. Don’t worry guys, we are here to give you all the latest information regarding Farzi Season 2.

The show is a hit and people liked it, I don’t think that I need to tell you about the popularity that Shahid and Vijay have. And obviously, they both are brilliant actors in their respective industries. But apart from them the show also has a very versatile actor from Bollywood, Kay Kay Menon. So this was the fan-following kind of part because of which the show is a hit. But if we genuinely talk about the story of the show, you will not regret watching this show trust me. Just keep the fan following part on the side and let me just talk about the work of the actors, they will not disappoint you.

The enthusiasm amongst the fans of Farzi regarding the release of the second season is unmatched. Most people think that season 2 will definitely come, but guys, confidence is good and overconfidence may get worse. We are not disappointing you in any way, we are just trying to convey the message that till now it’s only six days and as of 16 February, there is no official information regarding the second part of the show. The makers will take time and observe the performance of the show in the next few months then we can expect the second season if season one goes well.

Name Of The ShowFarzi
Season NumberSeason 2
Farzi Season 1 Release Date10 February 2023
Farzi Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Farzi Season 1 Story

The story of this show revolves around a boy named Sunny (Shahid Kapoor) who is supposed to handle a printing press set up by his grandfather. Sunny was an artist and after tiring of his failures in the printing press and painting he started printing fake money along with his friend Firoz (Bhuvan Arora). Basically, they make counterfeit money, it is money that is produced without legal permission.

And on the other hand, an experienced criminal mastermind who is a king of counterfeit money, Mansoor (Kay Kay Menon) gets to know about Sunny. How is it possible, when there is a criminal but not a police officer? And now comes, Michael (Vijay Sethupathi), a Special Task Force Officer who is in the search of Mansoor. We can say that Michael is unlike the police officers that we used to see in shows or movies. He gets his work done anyhow, by hook or by crook, sometimes he uses threatening phone calls to Ministers and sometimes he even uses counterfeit money. For more information you need to watch the show.

Who Will Be Seen In Farzi Season 2?

Farzi Season 2 Release Date

Well, we have already told you about this that there is no information or confirmation regarding the release of the second season. So we cannot give you any information regarding the upcoming cast as well. But hopefully, the cast of season one may reprise their respective roles as I just said that the popularity and fan following of the stars play a very major role in the success of any show or movie. Let’s see which actor will be seen in which character in season one.

In the show, you will be seeing Shahid Kapoor in the role of Sunny, Vijay Sethupathi as  Michael Vedanayagam, Raashii Khanna as Megha Vyas, Kay Kay Menon in the role of Mansoor Dalal, Chittaranjan Giri will be seen as Yasir, Bhuvan Arora as Firoz, Zakir Hussain as Pawan Gahlot, Kubbra Sait as Saira, Amol Palekar as Madhav, Jaswant Singh Dalal as Shekhar Ahlawat, and Regina Cassandra as Rekha Rao.

Apart from them, the show also has some recurring actors like Vijay Kumar as Jitu Kaka, Priyadarshini Indalkar as MKG Publishing Receptionist, Saurav Chakraborty as Jamal, Vivek Madaan in the role of Arjun Nayyar, Anna Ador as Svetlana, Kavya Thapar as Ananya, Saqib Ayub as Anees, Karan Maan as Commander Murtuza, and Akkshay Gunaawat as Suparn.

Farzi Season 2 Story Possibilities

In the second season of the show, we may get to see the end of this cat-and-mouse race between Mansoor and Michael. Also, sunny sends Firoz far away from the city because of the fear of Michael, now in season 2 we can see the continuation of the story of season one.

But as we all know that there is no information regarding the release of the second season but we can definitely expect it around 2024 if it comes. As of now, the makers need time to observe the growth of the show in the coming months, only then they can decide anything on the future of the show.

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Farzi Season 2 Trailer

Farzi Season 2 Release Date

Sorry for disappointing you guys, but as of now there is no trailer for the second season of Farzi. We can only hope for the best and we need to wait for the official announcement regarding the show’s future. But if you are not aware of this show then you can definitely watch our trailer on YouTube. The trailer of the show will give you a gist and then you can decide whether you want to watch it or not.

Where Can You Watch Farzi?

If you have not watched the show yet there is still time, you can watch it on Amazon prime videos. If you are a true lover of Bollywood and Kollywood movies or shows then definitely you can give it a try. So go now and binge-watch it.


If we talk about the ratings of the show, then you will notice that the show is succeeded in receiving good ratings from India Today, IMDb, and many more trusted websites. India Today rated it 3.5 out of 5, Bollywood Hungama give it 3 stars out of 5, and on IMDb, it received 8.6 stars out of 10.

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Frequently asked questions

How many total episodes are there in Farzi Season 1?

There are total episodes in Farzi Season 1.

Is Farzi based on a true story?

No, the show is not based on a true story.

Is Farzi released?

Yes, the show has been released.

When was Farzi Season 1 released?

It was released on 10th February 2023.

Where can I watch Farzi?

You can definitely watch it on Amazon prime videos.

Who are the main actors in Farzi?

There is Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, and Kay Kay Menon.

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