The Jungle Book 3 Release Date: Most Famous Kid-Show Returning?

The Jungle Book has been an integral part of everyone’s childhood, we have read the book, and we have also seen so many versions of that classic story. We have all seen the animated versions of The Jungle Book but in 2016 a live-action/CGI remake instantly garnered a lot of money, fame, and love. Based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, the 2016 movie grossed $966 million worldwide. Directed by Jon Favreau, The Jungle Book got many prestigious awards such as Academy Awards, Critics Choice Awards, and the British Academy Awards.

The movie was so loved that a sequel is also going to be coming soon, director Jon Favreau and screenplay writer  Justin Marks will be returning for the sequel. Neel Sethi will be returning for his role of Mogli, in 2021 it was revealed that Jungle Book 2 is in development but as of 2022 any new update is not out, it will surely come through. So, a sequel is coming but what about The Jungle Book 3, well we have the answer, let’s just take a look at The Jungle Book 3 release date and more updates about the anticipated movie. 

The Jungle Book 3 Release Date

The Jungle Book 3 Release Date

The Jungle Book is a project that everyone saw fondly, the people who have grown up watching the movies or series watched it for nostalgia and the kids who saw it for the first time watched it because it was actually really amazing. The sequel to The Jungle Book was going to come in 2019 but then Jon Favreau was busy making The Lion King and we all know how great that movie was, a sequel is coming but to be fair any details about The Jungle Book 3 is not out.

Most probably the movie is canceled because as you may The Jungle Book was a live-action/CGI remake of the 1967 animated movie and a sequel of that animated movie came but the third part was canceled. Meaning that there are two animated movies to make a live-action remake but a third movie is not available.

Though we cannot say for sure about anything as any information about The Jungle Book 3 is not available. So, a new movie may or may not come, maybe the creators will bring a new story for the third part even if a third part of the animated movie is not available. If there will be a third movie it will surely be great, let’s see what will be the fate of The Jungle Book 3.

Name of the MovieThe Jungle Book
Part NumberPart 3
GenreAdventure, Drama
The Jungle Book Release Date15 April 2016
The Jungle Book 3 Release DateCanceled
The Jungle Book 3 Overview

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The Jungle Book 3 Story

Every one of us is familiar with the story of The Jungle Book, it is about a boy who mistakenly gets left in the jungle and grew up with a pack of wolves and other wild animals, they all live with love but Shere Khan a Bengal tiger who does not like humans because he got a scar because of human promises to kill Mogli after the drought ends. There is a pact between the animals that every animal will drink the water from the pond without getting afraid of the predator.

The wolf parents of Mogli, Raksha, and Akela decide that he is much better with humans, so Bagheera a black panther decides to take him to the village where humans live. Bagheera drops him in the middle and Mogli promises that he will go to the village but in he gets hypnotized by a snake. Baloo who is a bear saves Mogli from the snake and asks for honey in return, Bagheera gets to know that Mogli is still not out of the jungle. Monkies also kidnap Mogli and the story gets really interesting twists and turns and we get to a happy ending. The creators said that in the sequel we will see the story that is ahead of the Rudyard Kipling one, as the third part is not announced we can’t predict the story right now.

The Jungle Book 3 Cast

The Jungle Book 3 is not confirmed yet so we don’t know anything about the cast but The Jungle Book 2 will have the same cast as The Jungle Book so we can expect that if there will be the third part it will have the same cast of actors such as Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley and more. 

Where To Watch The Jungle Book 3 Online?

The Jungle Book is available on Disney+, if there will be a third part it will release there as well. 

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