The Clinton-Lewinsky Fame: Linda Tripp Net Worth! What Assets Did She Leave Behind?

Linda Tripp, the former American civil servant, and politician were one of the most popular politicians. She has served as a politician, a P.R agent, and an advisor for years. She was a woman with dreams and ambitions. She was equally hardworking and dedicated to her work and dreams.

Linda has worked as an advisor to many presidents and has served the White House for more than three decades. She was a millionaire who had multiple sources of income due to her interest in investments.

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Tripp Net Worth

A politician is known to have a stable income, but a popular politician’s income knows no limits. Linda Tripp had a net worth of $40 million at the time of her death in 2020.

Linda has invested in multiple business ventures, served the White House, worked for the Pentagon, and ran a holiday shop with her husband, Dieter Rausch. Her business-minded mind made her a rich woman all on her own. It is speculated that Linda would have made more money with her smart brain had she lived for a few more years.

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Linda Tripp’s Early Life

Linda Rose Coratenuto was born in November 1949 in New Jersey to Albert Carotenuto who was a former soldier turned high school teacher and Inge Carotenuto. After Inge found out about Albert’s shady relationship with his colleague, she divorced him, and Linda had to witness her parent’s split up at a tender age.

It is rumored that Linda had to struggle a bit because of her parent’s divorce, but Linda never mentioned anything of the sort. She was a graduate of Hanover Park High School and joined Army Intelligence soon after.

Linda Tripp’s Personal Life

Linda shared a bitter-sweet relationship with her parents. She was married twice and had two kids with her first husband, Bruce Tripp. Her daughter, Allison Tripp, and son, Ryan Tripp, share a close relationship with their mother. Linda is known to have seven grandchildren, whom she absolutely adores.

Linda’s first-ever boyfriend turned out to be her husband, with whom she shared a 19-year-long bond. Bruce and Linda got divorced in 1990 and separated their paths for the better. The reason for their divorce was not made public; it was a discreet affair that the public didn’t get to witness.

Linda married the German architect, Dieter Rausch, in 2004 and lived with him until she died of pancreatic cancer. Linda also confirmed in an interview that she had breast cancer, but she overcame it. Linda lost the battle with cancer and left the world in April 2020.

Linda Tripp’s Career

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda had a bright political career that was tarnished by a few scandals as well. Linda began her career as an Army intelligence officer and later worked for the White House and Pentagon as well.

She earned a decent amount by working for the White House and as a public relations agent for the Pentagon as well. Linda had political ambitions, and she was not discreet about them. Despite being criticized for her involvement in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, she emerged as a powerful politician who never failed to express her beliefs.

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Linda Tripp’s Involvement In The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

Linda played a prominent role in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal since she was a close friend of Monic Lewinsky. The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal involved Monica Lewinsky and the former US President, Bill Clinton. Monica shared a close relationship with Bill and told her sister-in-law, Linda, about it.

Upon hearing Monica’s confirmation regarding her relationship with Clinton, Linda started recording phone conversations that she had with Monica. When Linda was convinced that she had enough evidence against Clinton, she presented this evidence to the investigator who was investigating Clinton’s impeachment. The investigator, Kenneth Starr, made the recordings public, causing outrage in the US.

Even though Monica publicly announced that she hated Linda for what she did, Linda had no regrets whatsoever. This was the most controversial scandal of the late 1990s and of Linda’s life.

Linda was trolled for her involvement in this scandal by almost everyone in America. Some considered her behavior a betrayal; some accused her of being a mean person. She was fired from her position at the White House because of this scandal as well. Linda worked for the Pentagon after her dramatic exit from the White House.

Linda Tripp was a bold, smart woman who knew her worth. She never shied away from any controversy and bravely faced the trolls. Up until the very end, she remained a working woman and made beautiful relationships with a few people who remained with her forever.

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