Extreme Hearts Season 2 Release Date: Cancelled Or Arriving?

Sports animes have always been something that most of us have loved and there actually are many names that haven’t reached the hype they should have reached. However, Extreme Hearts, based on how it is doing with the first season, doesn’t seem like one of those anime, the viewer count is amazing and the fanbase of the show is already spread all over the world. it is kind of logical too because when it comes to the anime world, Masaki Tsuzuki is one of those names that none of us can ignore. He has always been one of the most creative manga and anime writers and has brought to us many unique animes with great stories that we have all showered with our love and maybe Extreme Hearts are the next one on the list.

Now for those who don’t know anything about Extreme Hearts, Extreme Hearts are a story of friends, a story where we see how friendship bond gets stronger with time and company and it is an extremely beautiful depiction of true friendship in all total. We are already receiving new episodes of the first season and the reviews from the critics regarding the show has been great, it has received many praises for the subtle animation and the slow-building story which has interested many viewers who were much hyped for the anime.

Now coming to the main topic, that is whether we are going to receive a second season for this anime, and the answer to this question is a probable “yes”. Based on how the anime has been doing with the first season, it can be considered to be very successful and Masaki never leaves his animes with only one season is what we have witnessed till now. Now, something that is a notable fact when it comes to season 2 is that there is no manga series from which the anime will be supposedly adapted so even if the second season happens, there is going to be a break for quite a long time before we see the new story regarding the hyper sports.

Extreme Hearts Season 2 Release Date

Extreme Hearts Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show has been in making since 2021 and the first episode of the show made it to us on the 10th of July 2022, since then we have received consecutive episodes every week. From what we have heard from the sources, this season is going to have a total of 12 episodes and that will come to an end by September month of 2022. Now coming to the second season of the show, as we have said there is a great for the second season and even if it happens it will be after quite a long break thus we can imagine season 2 of the show coming by the mid of 2023 or after that. However, if Masaki has already started working on the second season, then things may change.

Name Of The ShowExtreme Hearts
Season NumberSeason 2
Extreme Hearts Season 1 Release DateJuly 10, 2022
Extreme Hearts Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Extreme Hearts Season 2 Story

From what we have seen in season, the story has got 4 main characters, Hiyori Hayama, Saki Kodaka, Sumika Maehara and Yukino Tachibana. They are all high school students and, in the world, they live, exists hyper sports where they use extremely advanced sports gear, to play the sports in a much better manner, out of the entire group Hiyori is the only one, who hasn’t got any interest in any form of sports and she is actually a musician, and in the first season we mainly see the story of how these four ends up together and become the closest friends. Now from what we have heard if season 2 of the show happens, it will mainly rely on the addition of new characters and problems within the group of friends along with that there will also be the introduction of family problems to many of the existing characters.

Extreme Hearts Season 2 Characters

Extreme Hearts Season 2 Release Date

From what we have seen, we can say that the previous four characters, Hiyori Hayama, Saki Kodaka, Sumiko Maehara, and Yukino Tachibana, will again be a part of season 2, which is mostly confirmed. Other than that season 2 will have an introduction to many new characters for the continuation of the story.

Extreme Hearts Season 2 Trailer

As season 2 of the show isn’t confirmed yet, we also haven’t received a trailer for season 2. However, the season 1 trailer is currently available online.

Where Can We Watch Extreme Hearts Season 2 Online?

Just like the first season of the show, it is going to be telecasted on a Japanese channel at first and then it will be available on mostly all online anime streaming platforms.

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