Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Release Date Details!

Most of these days, anime series are generally adapted from manga series which have done exclusively well in their sales, however, there has always been a concept of making anime series that are just written for the sake of being an anime and not a manga series, however, the number is becoming less and less as the days pass. Though we have received an excellent anime series that has been illustrated by some well-known names in the anime industry and follows a fictional historic age of distress in Kyoto city. “Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys!” is actually written by Tetsuo Hirakawa and the animation part of the anime is being done by the renowned Geno studios. For those of you who have always loved samurai-based series, this may actually be the right choice for you.

This show however hasn’t received any IMDb rating as of now. The critic’s comment regarding this show hasn’t been very good, however, none of them have criticized the show very much. Other than this another notable factor of this show is that the animation quality has not been up to the mark. The opening theme and the closing theme of the anime have received a lot of love, and from our point of view sound very nice.

Now coming to the main topic of this article and that is whether we are getting Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2, and the answer unfortunately is still unknown from the maker’s side. It’s a huge maybe, because there isn’t a manga series so we don’t know if there is enough content for the anime to continue, and 0other than that, as of now, the success has been very much regarding this series based on the viewers count so if by the end of 1st season, it ends up being very successful, then we can expect it to have another season.

Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Release Date

Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show made its release on the 8th of July 2022 and the announcements regarding the first season were made during the march months of 2022. However, the work regarding this show has begun by the starting of 2022, from what we have found out. The first season will have a total of 12 episodes and thus it is expected that it will come to an end by September and soon if we found out that the anime series has actually done very well and if the makers end up continuing the story and giving it a complete franchise kind of structure then we are surely getting new seasons, but that isn’t going to happen anyhow before 2023. Thus, for more updates from the makers regarding the second season of the show, we will have to wait for the show to end and leave its mark on the audience because the series is still growing.

Name Of The ShowShine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys!
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreHistorical Fiction
Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 1 Release DateJuly 8, 2022
Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Story

In the second season of the show, if it happens then it will actually be very difficult to predict the story by now, as it completely depends on what note the makers will leave on the first season of the show if the main aim of the Shinsengumi is already satisfied, then we can expect to see how they continue after being the main officers of the new government. Otherwise, we will end up being a part of the journey of the Shinsengumi substitutes while they aim to hunt down the evil shogunate’s officer and turn the government while they take revenge for the previously happened massacre. Everything now depends on the makers and these are the main two possible stories.

Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Characters

Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Release Date

We don’t expect the introduction of many new characters for the second season of the show, the Shinsengumi members are mainly the ones based on whom the series will revolve around, and other than that we have some other high authorities members like the head of the family, which authorizes the Shinsengumi and many other villainous side characters too.

Where Can We Watch Shine On! Bakamastu Bad Boys! Season 2 Online?

Just like the previous season of the show, the second season must also be telecasted first, and then it will be available on many online anime streaming websites.  

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