Saint Seiya Season 3 Release Date Is Still Not Announced!

Been an otaku for quite some time now? then you must have heard of this classic anime series titled Saint Seiya which was just an incredible series and had great hype but that was in the 1980s, and other than that the manga dates back to the same period too. However, we are not here to talk about any classic series, we are here to talk about the latest anime adaption of the same manga series which has been created in a much more innovative way, with better animation and great audio quality. Saint Seiya returned back a few years back with a new series being adapted from the same manga and the hype and the fanbase of the show have been quite huge when it first came out. However, it has been shrinking over the period and maybe it’s just because, the new version couldn’t cope with the last season of the show, and there were many other controversies too in this version of the show, mainly they were regarding the gender swap that took place of the protagonist of the story in the new version. The fan reviews of this show haven’t been very good, quite moderate would be the right word to describe this version of the anime and the critic’s comment regarding the show has also been quite moderate.

Now the main question that has been residing in the minds of the fans for a very long time, is whether the new version of the show will receive a part 3 and if yes, then when will it happen? Now the answer that we have come up with is that there are very less chances of renewal of the anime for a second season. Though it hasn’t been cancelled by Netflix yet if they aren’t able to turn the tables and make this show a successful one then there is a very less chance that we are going to receive a third season for this show.

Saint Seiya Season 3 Release Date

Saint Seiya Season 3 Release Date

The original manga series from which it has been adapted came out in the year 1980 and after a long time since the successful original anime series. This show was again supposed to be adapted into a new version of the anime series and that happened in July months of 2019. The first part with only 6 episodes was received quite well by the audience but by the second season of the show, the fan base completely shrank and the second season which came out in January months of 2020 with 6 seasons, was completely unprofitable for the makers. Now when it comes to the third season of the show, it is a huge maybe, and we shouldn’t have much optimistic approach towards it. based on the delay in season 3 and the unprofitable statistics, it is very less likely to receive a third season and even if it happens, it may end up being in 2023 and not before that for sure.

Name Of The ShowSaint Seiya
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreFantasy, Martial Arts, Mythological
Saint Seiya Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Saint Seiya Season 3 Story

We don’t have many updates on season 3 of the show, and thus it is very unpredictable and depends on the makers whether they are going to continue adapting the original manga series which they haven’t been able to do successfully, or if they are going to make changes in the story and bring their version of the story. if they follow the manga then we will see Seiya going on many more adventures to prove his worth while he aims to become a warrior of goddess Athena and at the same time, we know that sienna’s life has been at risk since the first season, so Seiya is going to get much close to getting her back but the outcome won’t be very successful.

Saint Seiya Season 3 Characters

For the third season of the show, as we have said we don’t know yet what the story is going to be, but some characters are still confirmed and they are sienna and Seiya, then we will have Guraad, and other than that we will also see the other main warriors which include Magnus, Long, Shaun, and Nero.

Where can we watch Saint Seiya Season 3 Online?

If the third season of the show happens, then we are surely going to be able to stream it on the Netflix platform.

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