Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

For all those otakus, who are going into the medical profession, the Parallel World Pharmacy anime series is just good news. In the anime industry, we have really lacked a good anime series that would show a medicinal journey in such a fantasy manner, and from what we have seen from the first few episodes, Parallel World Pharmacy has just proved that it is worth the hype. For those who don’t know anything about the series, Parallel World Pharmacy is a fantasy anime series that is adapted from a light novel that shares the same name as the series.

The anime series is written by Wataru Watari and there is also a manga adaption of the light novel series available online. The story mainly focuses on a fantasy where one of the most genius medicine world researchers has been transported after he passed away from overwork and in this new world, he brings in his knowledge of medicines, and combines it with his family’s magical powers and becomes the ablest Pharmacologist in the kingdom. The show has been doing pretty well and along with that, the reviews from the critics regarding this show have also been quite positive.

Now coming to the main topic of the article, as we all know Parallel World Pharmacy has only released 3 episodes now, and the main question that we have received is regarding the fourth episode of the show. Fortunately, the release date has already been out, and thus we won’t have to wait much longer, and also as the story has been adapted directly from the light novel series we have also brought some spoilers regarding episode 4 of the show, so to know all about episodes 4 along with episode 3 recap do read the article till the end.

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Release Date

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Release Date

The light novel series from which this anime has been adapted came out in the year 2016 and is still running in the present, we have received a total of 16 volumes which is just amazing because then there are chances of receiving more seasons for this anime. Now the anime series made its release with the first episode on the 10th of July 2022 and since then every week we have been receiving consecutive episodes. The third episode made its release on the 24th of July and the fourth episode is all set to make its release on the 31st of July 2022. Other than that, it still hasn’t been announced, regarding how many episodes, we are going to get in the first season and we will have to wait for any more updates.

Name Of The ShowParallel World Pharmacy
Episode NumberEpisode 4
Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 1 Release DateJuly 10, 2022
Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Release DateJuly 31, 2022

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Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Story

As this anime is being entirely adapted from the manga series, the fourth episode will mainly concentrate on Pharma and Bruno getting closer and they start studying new things and walking on the path of medicine together. We also see that the empress gets much better and now Pharma is being recognized by all the nobles for his new invention. Other than that, we also see Pharma getting a great gift which ends up making Bruno very proud and nothing of much significance happens in this episode.

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 3 Recap

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Release Date

In the previous episode of the show, we have seen Elizabeth, the queen of the kingdom suffering from tuberculosis and almost everyone had left their hopes down. Whereas we see Pharma stepping up and asking for permission from the queen to let him treat her. After this, we see a long conflict between Bruno and Pharma and he soon understands that Pharma has been blessed by the medicine god and he surpasses almost everyone regarding medicinal knowledge so he lets him continue with the treatment. We also see Pharma introducing the concept of bacteria to everyone in this world and by the end of the episode, Bruno shares a deep bond with Pharma and they decide to walk on the road of medicinal study together.

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Characters

In the fourth episode of the show, we are going to see many characters such as Pharma, Bruno, and Queen Elizabeth. Then we will also see the queen’s son who will be super excited to see Pharma, there won’t is an introduction of any new characters if the manga story is being followed.

Where Can We Watch Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 4 Online?

The fourth episode just like the previous three episodes will be available on the YouTube platform along with various other anime online streaming platforms.

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