Who Is Rhea Seehorn Husband?

All of us know about the show Breaking Bad and its spinoff series Better Call Saul, like who is still yet to be a part of the journey of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, both of them have done splendid and the actors in the show have already been very close to our heart and when we are speaking of Better Call Saul’s cast, one of the actors whom we all have fallen is Rhea Seehorn. Now many of us here don’t know her full name, and that’s very common because Rhea is what every guy in the industry has been calling her, however, her full name is Deborah Rhea Seehorn. She has played an amazing role as the supporting actress in Better Call Saul and other than that since 2004, she has gone on working with many named projects that have been close to our hearts, such as The Cooper’s Bar, Franklin and Bash, and many more other works.

Now another thing that many of us don’t know about Rhea is that she is a very able director and she has directed some notable films in her career too. That may be shocking but that’s true. She is one of those artists, whose no other family member has been related to the movie industry, but however we know how much she has struggled and made her way to one of the top names, and her success is very well depicted by the awards she has won.

Now the main question that we have received regarding Rhea Seehorn is related to her husband and her personal life and from what we have seen in her social media accounts and other stuff she isn’t one of those celebrities who update every little bit of details from her personal life to the audience. Now regarding her husband, we have found everything and he surely is one of the very notable names in the industry and most of us will recognize him very well. To know all about the topic and Rhea, continue reading the article until the end.

Rhea Seehorn Husband

Rhea Seehorn Husband

Now regarding Deborah Rhea Seehorn’s husband, as we have said, most of us already know him, and if you don’t then let us brief you a bit about him. Graham Larson is one of the very well-known producers from the industry who has associated him with many praiseworthy works, one of which includes Cougars Inc. Now other than that, he is also a real estate agent, and he is surely one of the big names in the game, which is quite evident from the lavish lifestyle he has got. He has nearly a net worth of nearly 19 million dollars which is huge. Rhea, however, ain’t his first wife and he has already got two sons from his previous wife. However, currently, Graham and Rhea are having a quite successful marriage with their sons. Graham is often spotted with Rhea and from what we have heard, they have been a very jolly couple and love to hang out together and go on vacations.

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Rhea Seehorn Early Life

Now coming to the early life of Rhea, she actually comes from a family, where both her parents are working in the navy. Thus one thing that we can make from it is that she has been to various places all her childhood and had studied in many schools. From other sources, we have found out that Rhea has always been learning music and art which was mainly because of her father’s influence. She was born in Norfolk in Virginia, and when she went to college, her love for theatre was born, she had performed in theatres for many years before her career as a notable actress began in 2004. She has struggled a lot in her own field and another fact about her is that she is an only child and has got no other siblings.

Rhea Seehorn Personal Life

Rhea Seehorn Husband

Rhea was married to Graham in the year 2018 and she has been taking care of her two stepdaughters very well according to reports. She is very loved by her family and she finds out adequate time to spend with them. As we have already said, she is a single child and both her parents are navy professionals, and we don’t have much knowledge regarding her dating history before Graham.

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