Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Season 2 Release Date Recent Updates!

The first episode of the British teen horror series Rebel Cheer Squad aired on BBC iPlayer on February 14, 2022. The series is a spin-off of getting Even (2020), which was also produced by Holly Phillips from Gretchen McNeil’s novel series Don’t Get Mad. Like its predecessor, Rebel Cheer Squad centres on a group of young women who band together to confront bullies at their schools.

A year after Get Even’s BBC iPlayer debut in 2020, work on a related follow-up series got underway. The students from getting Even have graduated, and the DGM serves as role models for the incoming pupils at Bannerman School in the show Rebel Cheer Squad, which the BBC has confirmed will be set in the same school. While “beginning to experience the twists and turns of teenage life,” the BBC revealed that the show would follow friends and cheerleaders Grace, Clara, and Rumi as they took on the role of the new DGM to seek justice for their school. According to Bustle, some Get Even viewers expected a revival of the show and that Rebel Cheer Squad would maintain the same spirit.

Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Season 2 Release Date

In August 2020, Netflix made the purchase and started the international distribution of the program. In February 2022, Rebel Cheer Squad, a brand-new television series, premiered on the BBC. 

Season 2 may air in 2022 if they successfully get a renewal and start shooting shortly. Both streaming providers have been mum about the show’s renewal situation. Fans of getting Even have been demanding a second show season since the first one aired.

Fans, though, don’t need to be concerned. Regarding the show’s inspiration, there is still a lot of ground to cover. Get Even was influenced by a Gretchen McNeil book series. We can only suppose that a sequel book that has already been released will cover the second season’s plot.

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Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Season 1 Recap

One such behaviour that has an impact on the victim’s physical, mental, and emotional health is bullying. The theme of the narrative is bullying and the measures taken to combat it. Grace decides to run for president to have the power to fight malpractice and make the campus of the school a better place to live. 

They discovered disturbing truths like students being drugged during the narrative and fanned the flames in their hearts. They deal with everyday problems, including failed relationships, stress, peer pressure, etc., while battling all the ailments. One day they encounter Mouse, who tries to damage Bannerman’s reputation.

When questioned about the cause of her return, she said that when Viola bullied her, no authority stepped in to help. The Mouse who was attempting to exact retribution is currently pursuing the prey. 

Finally, they identified Mouse by placing a hearing aid to reveal the criminal. They played the audio during the main event, received approval to perform, and ultimately prevailed in the contest. Throughout the course, the three girls honed their sleuthing abilities, investigated suspects, and followed up on leads in creative and original ways. They experienced moral conundrums and changing sands of friendship and love.

You might be wondering what might occur in season 2 now that I’ve refreshed your memory of the season. As the series ended, the plot grew more complicated, and viewers began to wonder what would happen to the ladies next. We were excited to know more about the show’s plot since Season 2 of McNeil’s book had just been published. The second season will likely be based on the author’s second novel. The second book by McNeil has the subtitle “Don’t get mad, get dirty.” The book’s summary hinted at increased risk for DGM and its employees and students.

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Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Filming Location

Although Bannerman School serves as the fictional base for getting Even and the Rebel Cheer Squad, it is a genuine school. According to The Cinemaholic, one of the largest private schools in the nation with graduates, including Sir Ian McKellen, is Bannerman AKA Bolton School in Lancashire. 

The money gained by Bolton School from filming goes directly towards a scholarship program to “open the gates to bright students regardless of their background,” according to The Bolton News. Thus the show benefits from having such a posh and opulent setting. 

The independent school’s blend of “tradition, history, and modernity” has drawn several productions, which it describes as “the ideal site for location filming and photographic shoots.”

According to Cosmopolitan, some tourists have even described it as a “real-life Hogwarts,” and judging by the appearance; they are not mistaken. 

Bolton School served as the setting for numerous films, including the Richard Armitage-starring Netflix series The Stranger and a forthcoming untitled Channel 4/Netflix comedy. However, it wasn’t the only location where Get Even and perhaps Rebel Cheer Squad were filmed. Le Mans Crescent in Bolton, which has been utilized by productions including It’s A Sin and Peaky Blinders, was also used in the first season.

Where To Watch Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even?

Rebel Cheer Squad fans can watch all the episodes of the series on Netflix.

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