Is Manifest Based On A True Story?

The American Supernatural drama manifest has been a big hit ever since it was released in September 2018 on NBC. The drama was created by Jeff Bake and was presented on NBC. The story of this supernatural drama revolves around an airline which disappeared out of nowhere. Five and half years later the passengers of the airline reappears after they were considered dead by their family and friends.

The first season of the drama was released in 2018 on NBC. After the first season became a success another season was ordered and released in 2020. The third season of the show was released in 2021 after which NBC decided that the drama will not be renewed for season 4. The drama was released on Netflix just before being called off by NBC. After its release on Netflix, the drama topped view charts. After the huge success on Netflix, the team decided to renew Manifest for season 4.

Is Manifest Based On A True Story?

Is Manifest Based On A True Story

The plot of the Manifest is speculated to be based on true events which are not true. The main plot of the story of the show is not based on true events however the basic idea of the story is inspired by a true event. This inspiration comes from the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 incident that took place in 2014.

In 2014 Malaysia Airlines was flying to Beijing. Out of Nowhere, the flight got disappeared and the 227 flight members along with 12 crew members were never seen again. No one knew where the flight was even after a lot of research there was no hint of any flight passengers or even the crew members who disappeared suddenly.

The incident is one of the biggest mysteries in history but still wants people. The show makers once revealed that thought of this plot 10 years ago but after the incident took place he became inspired and decided to make a series on the same.

The maker of the show Rake also shares that once I was travelling in a van with his family discussing about family, togetherness, and separating from your loved ones. At that time he got the idea of the plot of manifest but he didn’t think of working on it seriously as it seemed unrealistic. But after the incident of Malaysia Airlines took place everything seemed realistic to him and as the incident got popular he decided to give the story a chance.

Story Behind Malaysia Airline 370

Even after years of the incident took place it is still not digestible for anyone of us that a flight can just disappear out of Nowhere and to date there are no hints of where the flight is. The flight disappear 38 minutes before its landing from air traffic control. According to satellite analysis, it is said that even after its sudden disappearance the flight was flying for 7 hours.

When nothing could be found about what happened to the flight it was assumed that it got crashed in the Indian Ocean. However, there are no hints of this even in the Indian Ocean. The incident is unbelievable for us but even more unbelievable for the ones who lost their family and friends who were travelling on a Malaysian airline flight.

After one month, an incident when everyone assumes that the flight got crashed in Indian ocean the team found the body of the plane resting on the broken ridge over the Indian Ocean. After the plane was found it is believed that the crash was not an accident but an act of terrorism by pilot captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah. It is said that the captain decided to divert the aeroplane and purposely crash it in one of the most secreted places in the world.

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Manifest Aircraft Story

Flight 828 of manifest shares a similar story as Malaysia Airlines. The aircraft disappeared and suddenly after 5 years the passengers and crew members the aeroplane reappears after being announced dead. Can’t have a lot of guesses and theories in their mind about what happened to the airline. Some of the fans believe that the airline time travel into the future,

The last three seasons of the show did not reveal what actually happened to the aeroplane. But there are Great Expectations that season 4 being The Final Season of the show will reveal about what happened to the flight and how did all the people in the flight reappear after five and a half years.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

In 2020 Netflix confirm that they are renewing manifest for season 4 after the high viewership it gained on the platform. Season 4 is all set to release in November 2022. The exact dates are not known but it is confirmed that the show will release in November this year.

Manifest Season 4 Story

Is Manifest Based On A True Story

The exact is not known yet. But there is an official description of the new episodes given by the makers. According to this description, the characters of the series will go on another emotional journey. While people they thought are dead suddenly into their lives again.

The family and friends have moved on to a new chapter of life accepting their death. But after the return, everything changed. It is like their lives have been turned upside down. But they will be given another chance by their loved ones to be a part of their life.

There is also a second part to the story where the characters who returned after five and a half years realize that they are made for something bigger and better. Facing all the difficulties in challenges in the last 5 years they have now realized that there is more to life. It will be interesting to see what this realization will result in.

The story of 4th season will continue from where the third season ended. The writer of the show has revealed that while they were in a meeting with the Netflix team about the story of season 4, the Netflix team was very flexible and wanted the makers to go with the original plan for next season.

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Manifest Season 4 Spoilers

The cast of season 4 has revealed what viewers can expect in the coming season. According to the cast members season 4 will start two years from where season 3 ended. So there is going to be a time jump next season.

Actor Josh Dallas reveals that his character will be going through a lot of internal struggles like he did in previous seasons. He also expressed his gratefulness for another season and how excited he is to meet the audience in season 4.

He revealed that season 4 will have 20 episodes and the ending of the season is going to blow everyone’s mind. After hearing what Josh Dallas has to say we just cannot wait for next season and see what actually happens in the ending and also what happened with the aircraft in these 5 years.

After listening to what makers, cast members, and the Netflix team have to say about season 4 the viewers are even more excited. There are a lot of expectations from season 4 after watching how amazing the previous three Seasons have been. We are sure that the team will not let us down and give the show the ending it deserves. Season 4 will be released one year after season 3 was released.

Where To Watch Manifest?

You can watch all three seasons of Manifest on Netflix and the new season will also be released on the same platform. Initially when the show got cancelled by NBC fans were truly disappointed are season 3 was not a satisfactory ending of the show. Fans flooded Twitter by asking makers to renew the show for another season and give them a good ending to the show. After Netflix finally announced the renewal of the final season fans were more than happy and excited to watch their favourite characters back.

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