Tech Burner Biography And Net Worth: How Much The YouTube Earns?

Time would teach us how to move if we don’t move with it. Shlok Srivastava, one of India’s most famous tech YouTubers, holds this opinion. Which you most likely also recognize as Tech Burner. 

He was born in Delhi on November 22, 1996. He’s now 25 years old (in 2021). His supporters refer to him by another name, which is Takniki Jaywalk. 

His early YouTube videos were produced in English when he first launched the channel. And then, he posted English-language videos on YouTube with photography advice. 

But over time, he added Hindi subtitles to all his videos. He experienced a lot of growth as a result of the adjustment, and

He is currently a well-known YouTuber, ethical hacker, gamer, and social media influencer. His YouTube channel has 4.64 million subscribers, and he also has an Instagram profile with the handle tech burner.

Tech Burner Net Worth

In 2022, Tech Burner’s net worth in Indian rupees will be 14 crores, or $ 2 million. He is one of India’s up-and-coming YouTubers in the tech industry, and it appears that he will rank among the wealthiest in the nation in the following years. The monthly income of Tech Burner increased by 15 lakh rupees. His primary income source is YouTube, where he makes significant money through his channel’s mobile review videos. 

The annual revenue of tech Burner exceeds two crore rupees. Aside from videos, his money comes from live events, for which he is paid well, and commercials for other products. Tech Burner’s net worth is increasing yearly due to his fame in the nation.

Let us introduce you to Tech Burner’s car collection because Shlok Srivastava enjoys living a lavish lifestyle. He purchased a Tata Harrier in 2020 for 30 lakh Indian rupees. He is the owner of this vehicle. On April 6, 2022, Tech Burner finally bought the BMW X5 M Sport, one of the fastest SUVs the company had ever produced. This high-end vehicle has a 5.5-second zero to 100 acceleration time. This SUV costs approximately 1.95 crore Indian rupees.

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Tech Burner Career

 Tech burner When he began his career, he was in the tenth grade and began by making videos. He started his YouTube channel and posted sporadic tech videos there. Tech Burner made his first films on his father’s laptop using his phone’s camera and Mich. 

His YouTube channel experienced several hurdles in its early years, including a copyright dispute that cost Tech Burner $90. He later started a YouTube channel called “Shlok Srivastava” for his daily life vlogs, but after some time, he started a new track called “Tech Burner” for his tech content (2014). 

Shlok started his acting career while he was a college student, but he chose not to pursue a career in movies.

Tech Burner is currently ranked among the top YouTubers in 2022, with an astounding 8 million subscribers. Along with his team, Tech Burner launched several apps besides YouTube. He has a staff of 20 individuals and is also a businessman.

Tech Burner Early Life

He has always been incredibly passionate about technology, video games, etc. When he was in X standard, he began creating videos only for time-pass purposes. At the time, he had not considered producing YouTube videos himself. He attended Delhi Public School for his education and two. After completing his plus two years, he decided to pursue a career in mechanical engineering at the B. Tech level. 

He didn’t do YouTube for money as his top priority. He, therefore, committed his passion, effort, and knowledge to finding a skilled individual. He becomes more self-assured and begs his parents for permission to continue doing what he has been doing for at least two years.

Being particularly interested in technology, he began his mobile and laptop-based YouTube channel in 2014 while he was a second-year B.Tech student. He initially used to post his videos in English to get followers from a global audience, but most of them were from South India. 

To draw in more and more viewers from India, he opted to make his video in Hindi, his native tongue, because he finds it challenging to appear serious in front of the camera due to his sense of humour. He has more than 5.6 million subscribers because of his humorous demeanour and quips.

His review video “seems like a chat between friends explaining everything in an amusing way, which is different from other review channels,” according to him. He tests the device by playing PUBG and other demanding games if it’s a mobile unboxing review. His reviewing videos are all boring.

The best part is that despite being only 26 years old, he managed to amass millions of subscribers and fans because of his dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm, and passion for what he did.

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Tech Burner Personal Life

He is one of four members of a modest, content family. His sister occasionally assists him in holding the camera while he records videos. But his parents are encouraging and provide the motivation he needs to work hard and achieve his goals. 

He is cute; we know that All find him attractive, but for once, just because someone is beautiful doesn’t imply they are dating them. So, if there are any updates regarding his girlfriend, we’ll let you know. 

One in a hundred people nowadays choose YouTube as their career since it appears they are doing it quickly. Still, the reality is that maintaining a YouTube or blog and attracting subscribers and visitors are too demanding tasks.

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