Which BTS Star Has Undergone Plastic Surgery?

BTS also known as Bangtan boys is a K-pop band in South Korea. The band consists of seven members which include J-Hope, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, V, Jin, and Suga. BYS was formed in 2010 and debuted in The band is known for their amazing songs which are written and produced on their own. Some of their most famous work includes Dynamite, Butter, Yet to come, Life goes on and the list can go on and on.

BTS is undoubtedly one of the most popular music bands in the world. We all know how popular this K-pop band is in Gen Z. Ever since the era of K-pop started BTS has gained immense popularity and become one of the strongest and most popular bands in the world has followers from every part of the world who are known as the BTS army. Well, this army is a huge one with very loyal fans of BTS. So it won’t be wrong to say that BTS is one of the most successful music bands in the world.

As these Korean stars have started ruling the world and the hearts of people all around the globe
there are also some negative aspects to getting fame. There are questions, some uncomfortable
questions that are raised about their personal lives and choices and their fans are always very
interesting in knowing more and more about the answers to these questions. As these K-pop stars are
adored and loved for their good looks there have been a lot of questions if BTS members had plastic
surgery or not.

BTS fans love their idols and especially girls who are crazy about their looks and personality. Fans adore the good looks of BTS as much as they adore their songs. But do you know some of the BTS members got plastic surgery to have the perfect face that is loved by people?

RM Got Vocal About His Surgery

Which BTS Star Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

BTS army member RM has been vocal about his plastic surgery since the beginning. He had plastic
surgery for his nose. He has openly accepted that he had surgery on his nose but denies that the surgery
was conducted for cosmetic purposes or for making his looks better. His management has confirmed
that RM had to have this surgery because of a medical necessity. According to his agency, RM had a
deviated septum which affected his breathing and gave him a lot of breathing problems. This is the
reason why RM had to undergo the surgery on his nose to fix the septum default.

RM is known as the leader of the BTS group. He is the one who was in BTS from its start and even the
other members of BTS look at him as an idol of the group many times they have also expressed their
wish to learn more from RM. We can also say that RM has the best English in the BTS group. He says that he has learned English by watching Friends over and over again, well he too loves these iconic shows like most of us. If you have seen some of the English interviews of BTS you will know that most of the time RM is the one who is also translating English for his fellow group members.

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Experts Claimed J-Hope’s Plastic Surgery

Which BTS Star Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Many before and after pictures of J-Hope are making rounds on the internet claiming that J-Hope had
surgery to intensify his facial features better. There are a lot of experts and doctors who have studied
these pictures and have a to say about J-Hope getting surgery on various parts of his face. Many experts claim that J-Hope’s face is not a typical Asian face. There are a lot of features that cannot
be seen in a typical Asian’s face. The nose, eyelids, and jawlines are some of the features which cannot
be seen in an Asian’s face.

“The nose is the first thing you will notice here. You will observe substantial adjustments in both the
bridge, slope contour and overall size.” This is what the expert surgeon said about J-Hope’s face. He also said that it seems like J-Hope had a heavy amount of tooth whitening.

About the jawline, it is said that J-Hope had plastic surgery to make his jawline sharper and more
angular. If we look at J-Hope’s pictures before the surgery we can see the difference in the appearance
of his jawline. His jawline looks more fine and sharp now as compared to his old pictures. In his previous pictures, the jawline has a round beginning and looks a little round but they seem to be sharper now.

It is also said that J-Hope might have had surgery on his earlobes and eyelids. His eyelids seem to be
bigger and more arced than before which gives us a hint about his surgery. However, neither J-Hope’s
agency nor he has ever talked about his surgery openly or mentioned it anywhere.

J-Hope only knows how to radiate energy. He is always energetic, loud, and clear. This guy is never off
the road and always brightens the room no matter where he is. His positive and high energy is what fans love about him. He is also one of the loudest group members having the loudest voice of them all. He has also released a mixtape of his own known as Hope world which has crossed more than 69 million views on YouTube and continues to gain more and more popularity each day.

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Suga’s Widened Eyelids

We all love how good-looking Suga is, it looks like Suga has the perfect set of features. His eyes, nose,
lips, and facial features, everything about his face seems to be complementing each other. If we look at
the before and after pictures of Suga we can say that there is not much of the surgery that he had on his
face as he already has a very aesthetically pleasing face structure but we can say that he might have had a surgery to widen his eyes. His eyes seem to be wider and bigger than before which says that he had surgery for his eyes earlier.

Suga who is also known as Min Yoongi is known to be the most mature member of the group. He always has something good and valuable to say, he speaks quite less but whenever he says something it always adds value to the topic which is being discussed. This is the reason why Suga is known as the Grandpa of the group, he is like a wise old owl of the BTS band. Apart from this, he is also very aware of the mental health struggle and expresses how he is concerned about the mental health struggles of this generation. Well, no wonder we call him a wise owl.

Jin’s Naturally Perfect Face

Which BTS Star Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Jin has a perfect face, if we see the pictures of him from before and after there are no such changes
which can hint at plastic surgery. Although, there is a lot of difference in the skin colour there are a lot of factors like lights, background, and camera used which affect how the skin colour looks in the picture so it cannot be said that he might have had skin lightening for his face or body. According to experts, the pictures of Jim look very similar and they don’t think he had plastic surgery for his face.

Jin is one of the most handsome members of BTS, girls are crazy for his looks and he couldn’t agree
more. He is the eldest of them all but also the funniest one. He will make you go crazy over his sense of humour. No wonder he is the girls’ favourite because which girl doesn’t like the combination of
handsome, funny, and mature?

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Jungkook And His Nose Surgery

Which BTS Star Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

There is some noticeable difference in the nose structure of Jungkook which can be seen easily. The
nose structure of his face seems more arced and angular as compared to earlier. This can also be a result of some weight loss but if it is not weight loss then it can be possible that he had surgery for his nose. Although the surgery isn’t a major one it’s just a minor cosmetic surgery for making his nose structure

Jungkook is the youngest group member, just 21 years old. He is a sketcher and photographer, he is also into filmmaking. He is the one who has the skills for everything and anything. He can be called the young talent of the group. According to some sources, Jungkook had too many offers from different entertainment companies before he joined BTS. But he decided to join BTS and BigHit after he met RM and had a feeling that he has found a perfect leader and band.

Some Interesting Facts You Would Love To Know About BTS

Jungkook has expressed many times that he wanted to be a tattoo artist before entering the K-pop
world. He has said many times in interviews that he had plans to become a tattoo artist and he did not
have any plans to become a member of a band and it happened coincidently to him

BTS was going to name themselves ‘Young Nation’ or ‘Big Kidz’ before being named BTS. Yes, they had different plans about their band name but they ended up with the name BTS. Well, no doubt they ended up with the perfect band name.

J-Hope was into the world of street dancing before becoming a member of BTS. This means J-Hope is
also a dancer and a musician. Not only this, he has been in the world of dancing for a very long time and is one of the best dancers in the BTS group.

Do you know, all the songs of BTS are made by them, each and everything from production to
composing, editing, singing, and writing lyrics. Everything is done by the seven members of BTS
themselves. This means they serve their audience rawest form of their work where they take care of
everything related to their songs.

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The Journey Of BTS

The Initial Years Of BTS

The starting years of BTS were more of a trial and error period where there were a lot of trials and
experiments used to make the group more and more popular. The Big Hit Entertainment was a company which wanted to form a hip-hop group with RM (also known as Kim Namjoon) who was a well-known street rapper at that time. They had a lot of interest in getting RM on board for forming a hip-hop group that was similar to 1TYM. After suffering from some major losses from the albums of BTS that were released it was decided that instead of making BTS a hip-hop group BTS will be an idol group similar to Seo Taiji and Boys. Soon BTS started releasing their albums according to the changes that were decided by the company. In 2013, BTS started gaining fame on social media platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.

The International Fame of BTS

Before BTS gained international fame and success there were a lot of experiments that they did with
their songs and releases. From lyrics to music they have tried to change each and everything to make
their music a big hit. They tried to make the best of their music according to their preferences and
likings of the young generation. Initially, their focus was to win the hearts of the young Korean audience. They wanted to create music which will catch the attention of Koreans instantly.

After getting fame in Korea they started getting international fame and people all around the globe
started enjoying their music. Even without understanding the meaning of their Korean songs people
enjoy their songs which shows how truly talented they are .After gaining their International success BTS never looked back, they kept going on and on just like their song.

They have reached new levels of success. BTS has been listed in 2019 Time Magzine’s 100 most
Influential People. They have been labelled as the “Princes of Pop” by Time Magazine. BTS has also been a part of the United Nations General Assembly because of their influence in the music industry and on the young generation. We can keep going on counting the success and achievements of BTS and it will never end.

It is said that BTS will be taking a break from their band and following their career paths for some time. Fans have been very disappointed and sad after hearing the news BTS had promised that they will return together once again as a band but right now they need some time to follow their paths. We are sure that they will not disappoint their huge army and will come back together after their break and give us the best songs.

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