What Exactly Do Transformers Eat? Here’s The Answer!

Transformers are creatures that can transform themselves into anybody- a robot, objects, different kinds of vehicles etc. Even though they are completely mechanical, they still act like biological beings on certain levels and consume food. Transformers are extremely popular in modern pop culture. From kids to adults, everybody is aware of them. But what exactly do these popular robotic transformers consume in the name of food? Let’s Find Out!

Basically, Transformers have something known as Energon as their food. But they don’t really “eat” it. As we all know they are mechanical beings, so it’s a very simple logic that we can apply here. Just like our computers and mobile phones or any other electric object don’t need actual food but they need fuel/energy to charge up and work, transformers need their Energon. Transformers are not real or organic human beings despite some of their biological behaviour, thus, they don’t need food to eat but just this energy to fuel them up. Without it, they won’t have any power and will be shut down forever. To make it simpler, We can also compare Energon to oxygen. We as human beings need oxygen every day to stay alive but do we “eat” oxygen? No, right? That’s exactly what Energon is for them. They don’t eat it but it’s essential for them to stay active. So what does Energon taste like?

It is said that different types of fuels consumed by transformers taste different to them. As far as Energon is concerned, in the Transformers: Exodus Novel, Megatron felt that the taste of the dark Energon was extremely sweet. 

What Do Transformers Eat?

But you must be wondering that the exact information is unclear as we still don’t know what they eat. Well, to bring it to your notice, some Transformers don’t have a mouth or an eating organ to devour food which is why you will rarely see them eating anything. However, some of them can have substances that are analogous to food. But there is a specific menu that they choose from, known as “Cybertronian food”. It is the kind of food that suits their bodies and they seem to have adapted to it over the years. Some of the Cybertronian food and beverages consumed by them include-

Engex, Liquid Energon, Oil, Visco, Energon Wine (which is actually said to intoxicate and faint the ones who are not strong enough to handle it), High-octane juice, Botropolis, Garbage O’s, K-Juices, etc. Their main dishes include Chrome-alloy pies and entrees like salads, space carrots, Cesium Salami and Plutonium pepperoni along with Energon cake, oil cake, Chocolate covered wheel drums, chocolate overload nutty and chrome alloy cake for desserts. They also seem to have seasonings like some flavourful Iron filings, grated gears, Mercury sauce and Lead sulfide crystals. Some transformers also enjoy a good cup of afternoon tea after performing some morally unethical/evil experiments.

Amongst some non-organic food that Transformers consume, we have Metalic apples, Jam, Chase chips and cyber-grapefruit. All the items listed above are some of the things that they consume and considering the fact that they are not humans (even though they demonstrate human behaviour at times) they consume these very items into energy. But the most important thing for their survival still remains Energon. They don’t need a lot of energy from food as they are robots so they can still do without it. But they cannot do without Energon. In “Transformations Prime”, it was made clear that transformers need nutrients that they get after ingesting them in their bodies. They showed us that the TFs have veins through which they transport Energon, with at least one heart-pumping that Energon. As a result, the nutrients get dissolved in their veins just like they get dissolved in our blood. 

Can Transformers Eat Organic Food?

Can Transformers Eat Organic Food?

Transformers are different from human beings, yet they are similar to us in some aspects. One of the major reasons why they refer to themselves as “Robotic Organisms” and not just Robots. According to a lot of transformer movies, they have metabolism and are made out of billions of nanomachines (just like we are made out of cells). 

They can also heal themselves after getting damaged. To answer the main question- yes! Transformers can consume organic food.

According to the information that’s available, when they first arrived on earth, they had to adapt to organic food. However, the majority of the organic food is consumed by Maximals and Predacons because they transform themselves into animals and it’s needless to say that animals consume organic food. During the Beasts arc, they were said to have consumed an entire dinosaur, rats, rodents and other birds and bats but also some organic food like apple, spinach and beans. Apart from them, there are quite a few regular transformers that eat organic food. 

Skullcruncher, a known transformer, is however an exception as he is said to have consumed an entire human. And as disgusting as it sounds to us, there are other Decepticons who are disgusted by this particular practice too. It seems inappropriate for their standards as well. 

That was all about the Transformer’s food consumption. Read further to know more about these fascinating creatures.

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Do Transformers Have Gender?

What Exactly Do Transformers Eat

To give a straight and simple answer- No! Transformers don’t have any gender. Since they don’t sexually reproduce at all, they cannot be Male or Female. However, most of them are referred to as “He” since they have more male characteristics when it comes to physicality. Having said that, we can come across some rare female transformers as well who are referred to as “She”. 

What Is The Actual Lifespan Of Transformers? Do They Get Old?

An average lifespan of a Transformer is unknown. In some cases, they have lived millions and millions of years without ageing one bit or going through a major change. However, in the US, the analysts say that the average age of a transformer is 35 years. Under real circumstances, they are expected to live for 30-40 years with a guaranteed life expectancy of 25 years. On the other hand, Skydive in comic 2 has also stated that out of warfare their life was practically immortal. 

 So, it’s a must say that Transformers are quite intriguing organisms. 

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